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Introducing Our 11 New Members

Events could not be held in the chapter house.  Like last year, the formal rush period started at the start of classes, forcing brothers and rushees to balance the requirements of rush and the kickoff of spring classes.  Since some health and safety protocols were in place, nearly all communications between actives and rushees occurred through social media or over direct communications channels like Zoom.  Despite all of these challenges, I am thrilled to announce that our undergraduate brothers, led by Rush Chairs Adam Bleustein ’23, and Teddy George '24 successfully recruited 11 new DKE members this Spring!  This is the third consecutive double-digit rush class delivered by the organized and dedicated hard work of the brothers.  

The education efforts of the chapter are led by Brother Pi, Richie Berlinghof and supported by an energized group of brothers.  The new members have also had the opportunity to learn from some notable Deke alumni from past decades about their experiences and traditions via zoom.  The new members will finish their education shortly, culminating in a meaningful Initiation.

And now, our new brothers:

Santosh Adhikari
Hey, I’m Santosh Adhikari, a sophomore from Myanmar. I grew up in Mogok, a region known for its rubies, but I lived in Yangon for the past 10 years. I recently transferred into ILR from Fine Arts. I am still super passionate about the arts though and like to paint in my free time. I want to go art business like auctions houses here in the US and also want to get into NFTs. I’m excited to be a part of DKE and hang out with people with very different interests and backgrounds.
Aadarsh Balireddy
 Hi, my name is Aadarsh Balireddy and I am a freshman studying CS and Music as a double major. I'm originally from Texas, and I'm a really big foodie. Mexican food, Korean food and Japanese food are some favorites. I love video games, movies, and classical music. I'm really interested in making video games, from modeling to programming the scripts, and I hope to go into that field as a career. My hobbies include playing the saxophone, composing music, and trying new restaurants.
Lourenço Belleau-Bhowmik
Hi, my name’s Lourenço Belleau-Bhowmik. I’m a freshman studying computer science and classics in the college of Arts and Sciences. I’m hoping to go into data science when I graduate, and I’m currently an analyst for Cornell Business Analytics. I’m a big Star Wars and soccer fan, favorite clubs being Arsenal and Marseille, which is where I’m from in the south of France. I’m also half French and half India, and I’m from Lexington, Massachusetts. During my time at Cornell, I’m hoping to explore more career clubs, take a course or two on wines, and throw a few raves at Deke.
John Francis Browning
Hello, my name is John Francis Browning. I am from St. Louis, Missouri, and transferred into Cornell last year as a Sophomore from the University of Dayton. Currently, I am a junior majoring in Philosophy with a minor in business and play inside linebacker for the sprint football team here at Cornell. I identify as a dead head, where the grass ain’t greener, wine ain’t sweeter, either side of the hill. Recently I have been learning to play electric guitar, however Dylan is significantly better at it than I am. Some of my other hobbies include, going snowboarding, working out, weekend warrior golfer, cooking, pitchers at CTB, and reading science fiction.
Jackson William Carlberg
Hi! My name is Jackson Carlberg, and I am a Freshman (Class of 2025) in the College of Engineering from Sanbornville, NH. I came to Cornell intending to be an Engineering Physics major, but have since switched to an Operations Research track, and will probably go a minor in Computer Science. Academically I am most interested in math and programming courses, and I am a member of the Engineering subteam of the Engineers in Action project team at Cornell. Outside of class, I enjoy playing the guitar (I have been playing since my freshman year of high school), exploring Ithaca with my friends, training with the Cornell Karate Club, and just generally spending as much time as possible with the people closest to me. One of my favorite things to do on a weekend is to just take some friends and go for a drive to see where we end up and just make the most of every experience that we have together. I am thrilled to become more involved with DKE, and hope to get to know all the brothers, both the ones currently at Cornell and the alumni, much throughout this entire process and beyond.
Kevi Elezi
 Hey! My name is Kevi Elezi and I am a freshman studying Economics at the College of Arts and Sciences. I was born in Albania and raised in Brooklyn, New York for the majority of my life. The jump from Brooklyn to Ithaca was difficult at first but since arriving on campus I feel much more comfortable thanks to some of the amazing people I’ve met at Cornell. Some of my interests include sports, video games, and exploring the outdoors. I played both basketball and tennis in high school and currently still love watching the NBA daily. I ran an outdoors club in high school where I took field trips in the New York State area. These trips would include hiking in nature trails and rock climbing. More recently I've gained an interest in going to the gym and have been consistent for a little more than a month. I’m excited to be more involved with DKE and can’t wait to hang out with the brothers.

Allen Jay Gelfond

Hey! My name’s Allen Jay Gelfond, but I go by just Allen. I am a freshman plant science major (business minor) here at Cornell. I grew up in Buffalo, NY so having four distinct seasons and access to snow have been pretty much a lifelong constant for me. I’m relatively passionate about spending a good portion of my time outside and getting out and doing things. In high school, I did track, cross country, and swim. In terms of interests and hobbies, I like to keep my portfolio rather diverse and am always interested in seeking out new experiences. I’m a lifelong skiing, hiking, and climbing enthusiast. Spring for me means maple syrup production. On campus, I’m involved in the Sustainable Landscape Team, running club, and work in a lab. I also have experience collecting wild mushrooms and edibles and have developed a fairly strong sense for northeast region plant ID. Given my interest in hiking and backpacking, knowing what's edible has come in handy in the past. Excited about being a part of DKE, getting to know everyone there, and destroying everyone in table tennis! Also, looking forward to trying to get the house looking nicer!

Kevin Kim

Hello, my name is Kevin Kim. I'm from Troy, Michigan, and I'm a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Economics and Government. I love playing soccer and running track, and I played as a left middle for soccer and ran the 400m for track. I love watching movies and hanging out with my friends. I'm excited to join DKE and learn more about the fraternity and my brothers.

Logan Kraver
Hi my name is Logan Kraver, and I am a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences studying math and computer science, but I also have a major interest in finance, blockchain, and business. I am from Phoenix, Arizona, so it has been super interesting to adjust to the cold weather and the snow. Other than the weather, I really have enjoyed my time so far at Cornell, as I live by work hard play hard! On campus, I am involved with Cornell Taekwondo, as I am a 1st dan black belt, and I am also a part of Cornell Hedgefund and Cornell Business Analytics. Other than school, I love walking and exploring, going on road trips, and spending time with friends. I look forward to being a part of DKE, getting to know more about the brothers, and having lots and lots of fun!

Dylan Lee

Hello, my name is Dylan Lee, and I am a freshman electrical and computer engineering major (computer science minor). I am from Westchester, NY (Pelham) and am of Taiwanese descent. When not doing schoolwork, several nerdy hobbies take up my time, including music, audio, mechanical keyboards, and video games, and I play the guitar, cello, piano, and more recently, taiko drums. I am part of several clubs and extracurriculars at Cornell including Yamatai (Japanese taiko), Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (project team), and club lacrosse. I am really looking forward to living in the house with all of my future brothers and spending a good, fun, four years together while working hard.
Eric Sun
Hi, I’m Eric Sun from Acton, Massachusetts. I’m double majoring in computer science and electrical engineering with a minor in business. My short-term career goal is to found my second tech startup and to suck money from the stock market as a algorithmic trader. In addition to DKE as a social fraternity, I previously joined AKPsi, a professional business fraternity. In my free time I can be found at the gym, fencing, or playing poker.

In the bonds,



Mike Furman ‘79

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