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March 10, 2017

Today I'll be participating in the Wilmette Public Library staff day, giving a short presentation on the basics of an ILS migration. What is it? When it is happening? How will it work?

At this point, we can provide high-level answers to these questions and are happy to do so. As we move from contract negotiations to project planning, we'll develop more detailed answers to the how's and when's of the migration.

If you're interested in a similar presentation at your library, contact Rebecca or Debra to schedule.

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Migration Portal

Our migration portal is live! The portal is in its early stages now, as is our project. As we have more information to share, we will pull it all together at 

Because it will contain proprietary information from our vendor, it is password protected. 

The migration portal will contain:

  • Archives of these emails
  • Training calendar and registration
  • Documentation and training videos
  • Project schedules and information
  • FAQ (send your questions to
and other migration related resources. Content will be added as our project develops. Send us your suggestions for content and other feedback.

Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations continue. Our contract will cover everything from the security Innovative provides in our hosted environment to the number of days of training we'll receive to the language options we'll see in our OPAC, not to mention the cost for all of these pieces.

Because it is such a vital part of our organization, we want to ensure we give the process the time and attention it needs. We are all eager to get to work on the project itself, and I appreciate your patience as we finalize this important element.

eCommerce Integration Call and Survey

On our March 3 call with Polaris, we learned:

  • Comprise and Envisonware are both integrated with Polaris and PowerPac
  • Neither is integrated today with Leap, the web client
  • Leap integration with at least one of those vendors is expected by the end of this calendar year

We can help influence which of those vendors will be integrated with Leap first, and/or if another vendor should be considered. Share your current eCommerce setup with us by March 13. 

Becase credit card payment integration will be included in our Polaris contract for all libraries, we do not need to decide which vendor to select at this time. Or even if all libraries will use the same vendor as is the case now.

Our next step in this part of the process will be to set up informational calls with both Comprise and Envisionware so we can learn more about their products and fees. As is the case with our current vendor, libraries will incur fees from the third party they select to process those payments, and there will be no additional fees from Polaris.

Share your current eCommerce setup with us by March 13. 

How to Prepare

Each week we'll share a suggestion of something you can do in your library to help us prepare for the project or ensure a smooth transition. All of these suggestions and related instructions will be archived on our portal. This week...

Favorite Your Top Reports

Help us identify the most-loved Web Reports by using the Favorite feature. This will just get our planning started, and will spark the first of many conversations about reporting needs. The more we understand about your reporting needs, the better able we'll be to appropriately prioritize recreating them in Polaris.

General & Emergency Contact Information

Please refer to System Status for real time monitoring and subscribe to our system-status list.

Main Line: 847-483-8600
Evening and Weekend Support: 847-483-8600, press 0 for immediate assistance.

Beth Stoneburner Operations Manager 1-847-483-8603
Rebecca Malinowski Executive Director 1-847-483-8604
Joel Hahn Database Manager 1-847-483-8605
Virginia Seward Data Services Librarian 1-847-483-8625
Debra Wischmeyer Member Services Manager 1-847-483-8659
Robert Barth System Administrator 1-847-483-8639
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