November 2022

Eco-Reps are Hiring!

Are you looking for a fun, impactful, on-campus job? If you feel passionate about promoting transportation options or contributing to waste efforts on campus and are a student living in CCRH, WDW, Millis, or McAuley, then applying for Eco-Reps sounds right for you!

Learn more and apply here.

Ride Share Board

Are you driving home this break with empty seats? Post them on the Eco-Rep Rideshare Board and green your commute, while making new friends! Drivers who post seats by 11/16 get entered into a raffle for a $20 gift certificate to a local business of their choice! 

Transit Options Home

Did you know we have busses and trains that will take you to smaller cities Albany, Springfield, Concord, and Mount Laurel? Check out all of the options on our Long Distance Travel Page. We make getting from campus to transit providers easy by running shuttles service to and from stations at the beginning and end of break! 

Not a Winter Bike Rider?

Did you bring a bike to campus but are not planning on biking this winter? Please consider bringing your bike home to make sure bike rooms and racks are open for our winter bike riders. It will also save you money on expensive repairs needed when bikes sit out in the elements all winter. Thanks for keeping our campus bike friendly year-round!

America Recycles Day!

Join us on America Recycles Day in the Davis Center Atrium and Rosa Parks room from 10:00am-4:00pm on Tuesday, November 15 for our Zero Waste Resource Fair. There will be lots of giveaways!

From 4:15pm-6:15pm in Lafayette Hall 108, we will be hosting a screening of the documentary “The Story of Plastic.” There will be FREE PIZZA and all attendees will be entered into a raffle for a larger sustainable giveaway!

Weigh the Waste Results

The Eco-Reps held their annual Weigh the Waste event at Redstone Dining Hall from 10/24-10/27. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness about food waste in the dining halls, and to encourage students to reduce their personal food waste of edible foods. Eco-Reps encouraged and reminded students that they can always grab more food if they’re not sure how much they will eat in order to reduce their individual waste.

Eco-reps measured solid edible waste, liquid waste, and non-edible waste. The daily average of edible waste for this year was 1.61 ounces per person, adding up to a total average of 99 pounds per day, and the daily average of all waste was 2.81 ounces per person. The average amount of edible waste this year is nearly identical to the average in 2021.

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