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Our Dear Friends,

I am writing words of both encouragement, and of dread today. As the world has been introduced to COVD-19 we knew it was only a matter of time until it reached the little country of Haiti. That day has arrived. The words of encouragement are that we now understand all of the preventive measures we can take and how the virus is spread – facts that other countries had to figure out before us. The dread is: It is estimated there is only one doctor or nurse per 3,000 people, only 200 hospital beds in the whole country, and only 14 ventilators to accommodate 12 million people. The potential is absolutely staggering!

We are doing everything we can to prepare for this crisis: Making sure the children we take responsibility for have food and supplies now, and by spending our resources to purchase fuel and replenish medical supplies at our country property. We expect that we will be under Marshall Law quickly, so we are acting accordingly to care for all those under our wings.

I know many of you have lost jobs and are experiencing very difficult times yourselves. Your donations have opened doors for our work in Haiti that we never thought possible. We stand firm to continue our efforts to bring the message of salvation in Jesus to this impoverished part of the world. 
My team has lived without electricity for the last nine months in order to funnel all our funds into the most critical areas of need. Where possible, if at all possible, please continue to support us financially as we meet this crisis head on.  

We will be praying for your safety and health as I know you will be praying for us.

Jonathan Euler, Executive Director
The Beehive Haiti

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