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From now on, you’ll be able to get the very last updates about what is going on here, in India. This includes information about Conference and Convergence programme, our speakers who are doing amazing work around the globe, daily activities at the Convergence venue, other events offering many more occasions to skill up your permaculture competences, volunteering opportunities… In a nutshell, any interesting news concerning this big coming event!

This first newsletter will be dedicated to one our our subtheme for the Conference:
“Women as agents of change”.

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Narsanna & Padma Koppula
IPC India 2017 hosts
Aranya Agricultural Alternatives

Just leaving March behind, we wanted to share with you our joy of celebrating the International Women’s Day and introduce you one of IPC main subthemes:  “Women as agents of change”.

On March 8th, Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, who has always put women empowerment at the heart of their battle, invited women farmers from the neighbouring village Bidakanne and its surroundings to gather and celebrate together their achievements at the NGO’s farm. Activities like talking circles and games around traditional farming practices were organised all along this pleasant day in nature.

Why focus on women this year in India?

According to the 2014 FAO report on The State of Food and Agriculture, women make up 43% of the world’s agricultural labor force, which rises to 70% in some countries. Yet rural women are on average poorer than their male neighbours. Many obstacles still prevent them to exercise their full rights and notably access to land, which leave them with a huge knowledge being unheard. Their activities as farmers are often being discredited for not providing proper livelihoods. May they try to grab employment opportunities in cities, discrimination brings a majority of them into urban poverty.

In her captivating book Ancient Future, Helena Norbert Hodge reminds how some traditional societies used to value women as much as men before capitalist globalisation reached their region. The well known anthropologist has observed the evolution of the Ladakhi society for years :

“Ladakh [...] is a place of few resources and an extreme climate. Yet for more than a thousand years, it has been home to a thriving culture. […] Everyone had enough to eat; families and communities were strong; the status of women was high. Then came 'development'. Now in the modern sector one finds pollution and divisiveness, inflation and unemployment, intolerance and greed.”

Anyone could easily recognize the issues that the Ladakhis face nowadays, simply because we see them increasing wherever we live. Far from being idealized, the example of this former community and local-based way of living underlines the causal link between the strong role of women in a society, and the balanced and healthy state of that society. That’s the idea we want to bring in and discuss about this year during IPC. Because Permaculture is based on the ethics of people care and fair share, it is one of the most important responsibilities of the permaculture community to reintroduce women empowerment in creating progressive societies.

“Women as agents of change” is a crucial basis of an alternative way to finally reduce poverty, promote the health, education, protection and the well-being of girls and boys.

18 speakers have registered for IPC already, with among them 9 women and 9 men…that’s what we call gender equality!

As organisers, we are amazed by the diversity of areas in which permaculturists work on the ground. Speakers will cover topics as various as growing a food forest in extreme climates, permaculture in Syrian refugee camps, integrating beekeeping in an urban environment and climate change activism. And these are only few examples, can you imagine? Can’t wait to listen to them during the event!

Know our speakers

Since August 2015, Aranya Agricultural Alternatives has helped in the design and development of Polam, a 96-acre farm situated 85 kms away from Hyderabad.
Polam farm will be the central venue of the five-day residential Convergence which will gather Permaculture practitioners from around the world. But more than that, it is also the place where we are currently growing the healthy and delicious food which will be served to all IPC delegates throughout the event!

March has brought summer here in India, and temperature are already reaching 40 degrees celsius. a busy period at the farm with everyone joyfully and patiently working to achieve these ambitious goals before the sun gets too strong: saving seeds for the next generation, pampering the youngsters in the nursery,... and enlarging their growth space in our beautiful Mandala garden by adding petals to it The veggies garden has also been expanded raising Hugelkultur beds.

In addition, the team built up cob seating areas under beautiful neem trees. All that giving tempo to daily life at Polam farm!
Discover our venue

This year in India, permaculture practice will start even earlier than IPC at the Convergence farm! Aranya Agricultural Alternatives along with a team of renowned permies is organizing 2 very special Pre-IPC courses before welcoming all Convergence delegates.

Permaculture Design Course

A 20-day PDC gathering 10 guest teachers from all over the world.
In addition to the traditional 72-hour curriculum, 4 thematic streams will allow students to benefit from 
their expertise in very diverse permaculture topics.
Teacher training

Addressing more experienced permies, this  8-day course focuses on design and teaching methods and tools.

A great occasion to exchange
knowledge, experiences and tips
with educators working in different contexts.

Watch out for the next newsletters for more information about the expert teachers and topics of our Pre-IPC courses!

Find all details now
Since IPC is a self-funded event, sponsors are an invaluable support to make this event a success. We’re very happy and thankful to already collaborate with Lush, and International Permaculture Magazine!

Lush Cosmetics has recognised the need to support the development of traceable, transparent, ecological and ethical supply lines, which do not damage the earth, or the small famers which care for it. We have seen the relationship between peak oil, climate change, ecological degradation and conventional farming systems. Long and opaque supply chains with many middle men hide degrading spirals of social injustice and ecological destruction. We do not want to be a part of this.
The Sustainable Lush Fund was developed in 2010 to support agro-ecology, food sovereignty, biodiversity and reliance against climate change. Since 2014 we have had a happy relationship with Aranya Agricultural Alternatives and are delighted that they will host the 2017 International Permaculture Convergence.
2017 is the 25th Anniversary Year of our friends and IPC India partners, Permaculture magazine. Did you know that a print subscription to the magazine now includes FREE digital access to all of their back editions, that is over 90 issues and 25 years worth of permaculture solutions and inspiration at your fingertips! The search engine is first class, so it is easy to find the subjects you are specifically interested in. The magazine started with 600 readers, but now more than 100,000 people read each issue and they have over 300,000 Facebook Followers. Their website is updated daily. 
To celebrate their distinguished anniversary, Permaculture is offering subscribers (subscribe here: the magazine is great in itself and you can then take part in this fabulous offer) this super special offer of 10 Lucky Dip permaculture books (worth over £140) for just £25! The Lucky Dip package is full of quality books, including titles which take in sustainable technology, community, food and drink, farming, green building, sustainable land use, Fair Trade and wellbeing. These are timeless resources for you and excellent introductions to permaculture if you wish to gift copies to friends. 
Ordering direct from Permaculture’s Green Shopping online store is the permaculture equivalent of ‘buying locally’ and helps keep revenues in the permaculture community. They ask you to pay the postage and to ensure that the courier has a daytime address and telephone number where someone will be able to sign for the books. A list of Permaculture's Permanent Publication books can be viewed here:
Get involved as a volunteer !

IPC gives permaculture lovers this great opportunity to gather, not only for the 10 days of Conference and Convergence, but much sooner by involving in the organisation of the event. Whichever are your nationality, background or skills, you will always be much welcome to join and mingle with the volunteers' team, meet new cultures and learn from others... while taking part in a wide project bringing hope, ideas and stronger connexions between citizens from all over the word.
Get in touch and embark for this exciting journey towards IPC!

Women also get the place of honour among the volunteers this month introducing you Swati and Victoria! Both of them did their PDC with Narsanna Koppula, and soon after committed for IPC. Swati (North India) got involved at the farm since August 2016, and will remain with us until IPC. Victoria (UK) spent the month of February at Polam and now plans to come back in September after the monsoon! Their wonderful contribution makes it clear:  we have agents of change in the team!

See volunteering opportunities
Become a sponsor!
As an individual, an association or a company, you have the possibility to increase the access to IPC for people who can’t afford it. You can support the participation of permaculturists or farmers from all over the world who can’t pay for a full price ticket or their travel to India. Make it happen, sponsor them!
More details


April will be a turning point with the launch of our crowdfunding campaign on 15th. This campaign will allow us to build a scholarship fund and support the participation of more farmers and permaculturists from across the globe.

Stay tuned!

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