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Newsletter June 2018

We've writing and publishing some fantastic articles on our website during the last month. If you've missed them Catch up on our latest articles on below.
We also have a special offer on a Test Thermometer!

Food Storage In The Fridge Could Be Your Biggest Risk In Food Safety

Food storage in the fridge is one of the most important principles in food safety. 
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Receiving Procedure For The Kitchen (What You Should Know)

The receiving procedure for kitchen is one of the first steps in the food safety system. 
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We've also provided a free copy of the food safe receiving procedure! Look out for it in the article

Does The Microwave Kill Bacteria? How Dangerous Can A Dirty Microwave Be?

Does the microwave kill bacteria? What do we actually know about microwaves? 
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R 1,700

Testo’s ultimate penetration thermometer is ideal for quick and uncomplicated, core temperature checks, in all areas of food production, preparation and storage.

Penetration thermometer including TopSafe waterproof protection case, probe protection cap, wall bracket/belt clip and battery. Dishwasher-proof TopSafe protection case for easy cleaning (IP 67). Wide measuring range with high accuracy. Fast measurement rate (2 measurements per second). User adjustable high and low alarms.

Belt clip and wall bracket included. BS EN 13485 compliant when used with TopSafe protection case. Measuring range: -50 to 275 degree C.

Accuracy /-1 digit: /-1 degree C ( 100 to 275 degree C); /-1 digit /-0.5 degree C (-30 to 99.9 degree C); /-1 degree C (-50 to 30.1 degree C). Resolution: 0.1 degree C. Sensor type: NTC. 350 hours battery life.
Check out our ultimate thermometer review here to see why we recommend this thermometer! 
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We've launched our new FAQ's page

Our FAQ's page answers all frequently asked questions. 

Hey, if you don't have a question listed for you. We'll be happy to answer anything you've got to throw at us. 


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The Food Safety Pillars : 2nd Edition

The 2nd edition of this paperback book includes updates on the procedures for cleaning & sanitising for clean-as-you-go as well as for the cutting board procedures.


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