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Newsletter July 2018

We've written and published some fantastic articles on our website during the last month. If you've missed them Catch up on our latest articles on below.

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Viruses in Food : The Things You Don’t Want To Know About Stomach Flu

A virus is micro-organism that is designed to infect its host. The primary purpose on this micro-organism  Is to ‘deliver’ its DNA / RNA into a host cell. 
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How To Implement A Food Safety System

Before any food safety system can be implemented, you have to start with the basics of food safety. This means awareness, understanding and then implementation.
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Check out our ultimate thermometer review here to see why we recommend this thermometer! 
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Food Safety For The Kitchen

Food Safety for the Kitchen paperback covers the basics on bacteria in the food environment. Concepts should as defining bacteria, how bacteria grow, what is needed to prevent the growth of bacteria are discussed.


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