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May 24 - 30, 2021
Indivisible Evanston has officially joined the 21st century! You can now support our organizing work by making a donation online through Indivisible's national fundraising program. It's that easy!  And through the end of May, all donations (up to $500) will be matched by Indivisible. Can you help us out by making a $25 donation today?

This fundraising tool will be a huge help in keeping up our volunteer-led momentum as we prepare for the 2022 Midterms. We are already working hard to prepare for the fight to maintain our Democratic trifecta. And a BIG thanks to everyone who has already donated -- we appreciate each and every donation, and any amount makes a difference. Thank you!
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We need to keep the pressure on! 

We need to get the For the People Act passed now to give it time to be implemented before the mid term elections!  Contact your representatives now!  And sign up to phone bank as well! (see below) 

Phone Banking For the People:

Join us every Wednesday!

☎️ Indivisible Chicago has partnered with Common Cause to host phone banks supporting the For the People Act (HR1/S1). This groundbreaking democracy bill will end partisan gerrymandering, expand and protect everyone's right to vote, limit the role of big money in our politics, and hold elected officials to high ethical standards. It's a crucial counter to the voter suppression efforts underway across the country.

📲 Who are we calling? Voters in target states such as Arizona and Maine, asking them to call their senators to support this legislation. We'll give you all the tools and training you need to engage people and connect them directly with their senators' offices. If you've phone banked with ICA before, you'll find the same friendly format, leaders and resources, and fun group of committed volunteers!

Sign Up to Phone Bank with Indivisible and Common Cause 
Join us for a discussion of "The Ones We've Been Waiting For," by TIME correspondent Charlotte Alter. In this book, she defines the class of young leaders who are remaking the nation -- how grappling with 9/11 as teens, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, occupying Wall Street, protesting with Black Lives Matter, and shouldering their way into a financially rigged political system has shaped the people who will govern the future.

Through the experiences of millennial leaders -- from progressive firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg and even Republican up-and-comer Elise Stefanik -- Alter gives the big-picture look at how this generation governs differently than their elders, and how they may drag us out of our current political despair.

Discussion will be moderated by IE Co-Leader Laura Tanner on Zoom. The link will be sent out to attendees upon registration. Registration is required to attend.
Register for June 30 Book Group on Zoom
Order "The Ones We've been Waiting For" from Page 1 Books

2021 Postcards to Swing States

Indivisible Evanston has once again partnering with Postcards to Swing States to write postcards to voters. This time, we're writing to likely Democratic voters in key swing states that have U.S. Senate races in 2022.

🗳 Who are we writing? Voters who cast their ballots for the first time in 2020. With these handwritten postcards, we're thanking them for voting and keeping them engaged now, so they vote again (and vote Democratic!) in 2022.  

🖊 Supplies: Indivisible Evanston will provide you with packs of 100 postcards, voter names/addresses and instructions.  You just write the cards and add the $.36 postage stamp. It’s that easy!

📬 Mailing Date: these postcards can be mailed as soon as they are completed, but they must be mailed no later than July 1, 2021.

Postcard Pick Up: you can pick postcard packs seven days a week in two Evanston locations from 10 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Sign Up: click below to select the day, time and location that works best for you to pick up cards.

💻 Zoom Postcard Parties: our popular Zoom postcard parties are back every Monday night from 7-9 p.m. Click below to sign up.

🤔 Questions? Contact our postcarding coordinator Rosie Rees 

Have friends outside of the Chicago area? They can order cards directly from Postcards to Swing States HERE.
SIGN UP to Pick Up Postcards in Evanston
SIGN UP for Monday Zoom Postcard Parties

Phone Banking: VA Neighborhood Letters

☎️ Calling all phone bankers! Our friends at Postcards to Swing States and Progressive Turnout Project need our help making phone calls to postcard writers in Virginia! The goal of these calls is to recruit them to deliver personalized letters to their neighbors ahead of the upcoming VA primary elections on June 8th. We're only calling volunteers who have written postcards with us, so they're very friendly and it's so much fun connecting with them!

📬 Why Letters? The idea of these "neighborhood letters" is to provide a template letter so that any volunteer in a 2022 battleground district or State can personalize, print out and deliver to the doors of likely Democrats in their neighborhood to increase turnout. It's basically what precinct captains for the Party should be doing (and in some cases actually do).

🤔 Questions? Click HERE for more information about the Virginia Neighborhood Letters program, or check out this video from organizer Reid McCollum. Postcards to Swing States and Progressive Turnout Project will be measuring the effectiveness of this exciting tactic in Virginia, and they hope to expand it to every competitive House and Senate race nationwide in 2022. We need to help them recruit about 750 additional volunteers in Virginia to really measure its impact. So please sign up to help!

🙌 Interested? Yay! All you need to do is to sign up and Postcards to Swing States will follow up and get you set up to make calls from home around your schedule. We'll give you a script and all the information you need. They will also be doing some Zoom phone banks soon, so stay tuned.

Additional questions: Contact Reid McCollum with Postcards to Swing States.

SIGN UP to CALL VA Postcarders to Write Letters!

Rural IL Saturday Phone Banks: 4-5:30 p.m. 

☎️ Please join Indivisible Illinois Rural Group this and every Saturday, from 4-5:30 pm for a Zoom Phone Bank! You'll receive training and will call voters in IL-13 to ask them to call their House Rep. Rodney Davis to vote for HR603 -- Raise the Wage Act of 2021.
💰 Davis, of all people, should fight for a living wage for minimum wage workers, as his family owns multiple McDonald's franchises. We'll also be reminding those voters that he did not vote for the American Relief Plan that put money in their pockets and vaccines in their arms. LET'S PUSH RODNEY DAVIS TO VOTE FOR THE $15/HR MINIMUM WAGE!
Sign Up for Rural IL Saturday Phone Banks
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Indivisible Evanston Mission Statement

  • To continue to resist the ongoing threat of Trumpism to our democracy.
  • To ensure Democrats take advantage of their control of the three branches of the federal government to make meaningful, progressive change in our country.
  • To increase the number of progressive legislators in Congress.

We do not expect our members or our allies to agree on all issues, but we invite those who agree progressive change is needed to work together on issues of common concern. We seek to be as inclusive and diverse as possible, and we are committed to non-violence in all our actions.

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