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June 15 - 21, 2020
141 Days Until November 3, 2020

As Indivisible leaders, we are committed to listening, educating ourselves, and to taking action in support of organizations and BIPOC leaders that are fighting for people and communities who are the most impacted by racism and police violence. However, nothing is going to truly get better in this country unless we get Trump out of the White House, take back the Senate majority from the GOP and help Democrats hold the House majority.

Voting is our power, and we have less than five months to do the work to make this happen. Then the work will begin to hold our elected Democrats accountable for making tangible changes nationally to show us that they stand behind Black Lives Matter as more than just a campaign platform. We are committed to doing the work, but we need your help. Please take a moment to read our last newsletter for our calls to action for racial justice and against police violence, sign up for one of our actions in this newsletter, or visit our Take Action page and get involved today. Thank you.



Evanston's Juneteenth 
Friday, June 19th at 6 p.m.
Livestreamed on Facebook, YouTube and Website

More Evanston Present and Future's Juneteenth Events

The first annual Evanston Juneteenth Parade cannot happen in person this year due to public health risks from the pandemic. Regardless, Kemone Hendricks of Evanston Present and Future is presenting the Evanston Juneteenth Celebration 2020 from June 1-30 with both virtual events occurring online and in the community through informal activities families and friends can participate in from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Juneteenth, which is also called Emancipation Day, Juneteenth Independence Day, or Freedom Day, commemorates the end of slavery in the United States and is observed every year on June 19. Juneteenth honors the date federal troops arrived in Texas on June 19, 1865 and brought news of freedom to America’s remaining slaves. The Emancipation Proclamation had been issued over two years prior, but the order to free slaves wasn’t followed in parts of the deep South.

Kemone Hendricks, Founder and President of Evanston Present and Future, is proud to bring the first Evanston Juneteenth Celebration to the City of Evanston. The event will kicked off with “30 Days of Juneteenth” that honors the late Hecky Powell and activities will be posted to the group’s Facebook event every Friday throughout June. The posts will also commemorate Powell’s legacy and are meant to engage with the community. Read more here about Kemone and the Juneteenth events that will virtually honor Evanston's Black residents amid the pandemic.

Join Evanston's Juneteenth Celebration on Facebook
Evanston's Juneteenth Parade Website

Six Nineteen: Defend Black Lives
Juneteenth Weekend 2020

In response to the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless other Black people who have been killed at the hands of vigilantes or law enforcement, millions have taken to the streets with a clear and distinct call to end police violence and to defund police. Combined with COVID-19 and four years of Trumpism, Black communities are demanding: justice; accountability; a divestment from policing; and an investment in healthy, sustainable communities.

To honor our ancestors and to lay a path to freedom for future generations, Black Lives Matter is calling for the sixnineteen mobilization on Juneteenth weekend, June 19–21, 2020. We invite you to join us in solidarity with Movement for Black Lives by taking action from home, in your community, or in Washington, D.C.

The millions of us are here to remind lawmakers that we are bigger than monied interests, including police unions and right-wing think tanks. We know the path away from this disaster. After years of anti-Black violence and animosity for Black life, we demand the defunding of police and an investment in Black communities. We also call for the resignation of Donald Trump, who met our calls for justice with a brutal wave of repression that has added fuel to the fire of racism and systemic inequity. MORE INFORMATION & DEMANDS 

Sign Up for Six Nineteen
Take Six Nineteen Action on Social Media

We're calling folks to check in to see how they are doing, and if they will support Casten this November. We worked hard for these seats in 2018, and we'll need to work even harder to keep them for 2020!
Sign up on June 16 at 6pm & June 17 at noon for training with folks from Indivisible Evanston & other Casten supporters.
Sign up for Casten Phone Bank Training & Calls


Phone Banking is easier than you think...
And we can prove it to you with just 30 minutes of training!

We can't canvass in the midst of a pandemic, so we have to do the next best thing, which is phone banking. It's easy! Let us show you how. On June 23, our friends at Indivisible Chicago will conduct a 30-minute class that will tell you the secrets, show you the ropes, and answer all your questions. Then we'll do some role play with Daniel Biss!

READ MORE about this meeting and the importance of phone banking on our BLOG.

Meeting Registration, Confirmation & Question Submission

  • Register for the meeting with the link below. This registration link will not get you into the meeting, you must first register to get the meeting link. 
  • Confirmation: once you register, you’ll get an email confirmation from Zoom with the link and login information to the meeting. We strongly recommend you either add the link to your calendar, or save the confirmation email so you can easily find it at the time of the meeting. 
  • Questions: you can submit a question ahead of time, and you will also be able to post questions in the chat box during the meeting. Given our time constraints, we will do our best to get to everyone's questions but may not be able to do so.
Register for Our June 23 Monthly Meeting on Zoom
Submit A Question for our June 23 Phone Bank Training
Turning Wisconsin BLUE Depends on YOU!
Wisconsin Wednesdays Virtual Phone Banks: 
Wednesday, June 24, July 8, July 22, 6 - 8pm
The road to the White House runs right through Wisconsin. We are renewing the fight to turn Wisconsin BLUE in November.

We will be calling into targeted areas identified by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to engage voters well ahead of the election. We will be helping identify Democratic voters NOW so we can efficiently get out the vote in November.

We make phone banking easy! Our phone banks begin with a Zoom call orientation and end with the opportunity to debrief. Along the way, our phone bank leaders are available to help you with any problems. After you sign up, we'll get back in touch with all the information you need to connect. We're with you every step of the way!

Sign up today for our Wisconsin Wednesdays Phone Banking from 6 - 8pm.
First time caller or need a refresher? Sign up for a phone bank training session 30 minutes before the phone bank.

And as it happens, Indivisible Evanston’s June 23rd members’ meeting  - the evening prior to the our first virtual phonebank - will be a phonebank training meeting. Perfect timing to get ready and excited for calling voters in Wisconsin!

Questions on the Wednesday virtual phone banks? Email
Sign Up for Wisconsin Wednesdays PHONE BANKS June 24, July 8, July 24
New to Phone Banking? Need a Refresher? Sign up for 30 minute Phone Bank TRAINING
Indivisible Evanston Book Club
June 24 | 7-9 PM on ZOOM
New Book: Unrigged: How Americans Are Battling Back to Save Democracy by David Daley

If recent primary election debacles in WI and just last week in GA have you concerned about having a safer elections in November and beyond, then please join our discussion of "Unrigged" next week. Sign up for the book group below and we will send the Zoom link out to attendees the day of the event!

READ more about our next meeting and book on our BLOG.

Page 1 Books: Black Lives Matter Reading List: 100% of our profits from the sale of books on this list will go to support the Black Lives Matter organization, the ACLU, and NAACP’s Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

Sign Up for the June Book Group
Order Your Book Now
Support Lauren Underwood’s Re-Election - IL14
Weekly Virtual Phonebank Parties Begin Thurs, June 25th  
As you know,
 Lauren Underwood is running for re-election to the US House in Illinois’ 14th district. And though November is some months away, there are some events we can do now to support her campaign.  
In a joint effort with the campaign itself to re-kindle the camaraderie of canvassing and phonebank parties in person, Indivisible Evanston will be hosting weekly virtual phonebank parties with members on Thursdays beginning June 25th!
  • Parties will last from 5-8pm CDT
  • Hosted by the campaign; a member of the campaign will be on the call and offer training in the first 15-20 minutes and then ‘hang out’ for the duration, answering any questions—about the phonebank system and the script or if one of your call recipients has a question about Rep. Underwood that is not in the script and you’re unable to answer 
  • After signing up, you’ll get an invite to the actual event once it’s available; you’ll also get reminders prior to June 25th
  • Note that the link will not be publicly available on the Events page as it’s a private event.
And as it happens, Indivisible Evanston’s June 23rd members’ meeting  - 2 days prior to the our first virtual phonebank party - will be a phonebank training meeting. Perfect timing to get ready and excited for calling voters in the 14th district!
Note: if you can’t make Thursdays, you can always phonebank on your own remotely. You can sign up on the Underwood Events page here.

Questions on the Thursday virtual phonebank parties? Email
And stay tuned for more details on the following additional activities to support Rep. Underwood in November, including texting and postcards.
 Be sure to check the campaign’s Events page on a regular basis this summer as they add more and more events.
Sign up for Underwood Phone Bank Parties on Thursdays 5 - 8pm

Evanston Postcards to Wisconsin and Michigan

Join Indivisible Evanston to write postcards to likely Democratic voters in Wisconsin and Michigan, encouraging them to vote in the November Presidential election. We will supply the postcards, names and addresses and script. You just supply the postage (and support the post office at the same time)! We have packets of 100 cards and materials available for pick up seven days a week at three locations in Evanston. You can also sign up to pick up cards in Chicago with Indivisible Chicago, or order directly online to have them shipped to you if you are outside of the Chicagoland area.

Our goal when we started this project was to write 100,000 postcards. The response has been amazing! We’ve already distributed almost all 70,000 Wisconsin postcards. So now we have 30,000 Michigan postcards to distribute. Same script, same instructions. Just different postcards. Once we distribute all the Wisconsin postcards, we will start distributing the Michigan postcards, so on’t be surprised if your next pack of cards is for Michigan.

Even though we can't meet in person, the next best thing is meeting up with your fellow activists on Zoom! So, on Monday nights we are also hosting weekly Postcard Parties on Zoom until we mail our postcards in October! You can help us reach our goal of 100k postcards and have fun doing it. The best thing about Zoom parties is that you can get your friends and family anywhere to write cards and join the parties, too. Sign up and join us!

You will get a confirmation with a link to join the parties once you have registered and been verified. You can use that same link going forward for any of our Indivisible Evanston weekly Monday night postcard parties. If you need postcards for a Monday night party, you can still pick them up on Monday if you
SIGN UP before 10 a.m. on Sundays.

  • How many cards can I get?
    • For ease of distribution, cards will be available only in packs of 100. But you have six months to complete them. Share them with friends!
  • How do I get stamps?
    • We are not providing stamps. If you don't want to go to the post office to buy stamps, just order them online. CLICK HERE.
    • If you have trouble ordering online, please contact Candace Davis.
  • When are we mailing the cards?
    • All cards will be mailed at the end of October. Due to issues surrounding the deadline for absentee ballots, we cannot yet identify the mailing date. We will notify you of the required mailing date closer to the election. 
  • What do I do with the cards once I am done writing them?
    • You can hold onto the completed cards and mail them yourself on the specified October mailing date.
    • You can also bring the completed cards back to where you picked them up, and we will mail them for you in WI or MI in October.
    • PLEASE do not return cards to us without postage. Thank you!
Thank you for joining us! Together we will turn Wisconsin, Michigan, the White House, and Congress Blue!
Sign Up for Evanston Postcard Packets
Register for a Monday Zoom Postcard Party Now
Indivisible Evanston Celebrates Pride Month!

🌈❤️ 🌈🧡 🌈💛 🌈💚 🌈💙 🌈

Although Evanston's first annual Pride Parade was cancelled due to the pandemic, June is officially "Pride Month" and the civic center is proudly flying the rainbow flag. As Pride Month continues, we wanted to share this  Daily Northwestern update from the Evanston parade organizers. Even though the parade and festival are cancelled, the City of Evanston is celebrating pride virtually and staying safe. We can't wait for June 2021 to celebrate and march in person with our LGBTQ+ community in Evanston Pride!

We are also celebrating today's amazing news that, in a landmark case, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-3 today that LGBTQ workers are protected from job disrimination. The Court ruled that existing federal law forbids job discrimination on the basis of 
sexual orientation or transgender status, a major victory for advocates of gay rights and for the nascent transgender rights movement — and a surprising one from an increasingly conservative court. It upheld rulings from lower courts that said sexual orientation discrimination was a form of sex discrimination. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
In solidarity with the giant yellow letters painted on the newly named "Black Lives Matter Plaza" in Washington, DC, "All Black Lives Matter" is painted on Hollywood boulevard ahead of the recent Los Angeles  All Black Lives Matter march, organized by a Black Advisory Board made up of Black LGBTQ+ leaders and organizations took place in West Hollywood. On the event’s website, the board posted a statement announcing a protest “in direct response to racial injustice, systemic racism, and all forms of oppression.” Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

Reminder: Black Trans Women Started the Gay Liberation Movement

Biden Presidential Campaign:
What Can We Be Doing Now?

In coming months, we will be getting more involved with taking action for the Biden campaign in IL, WI and MI, especially after the August 17 Democratic convention. Keep in mind that although Biden may be ahead in the polls rights now, we learned in 2016 that polls don't tell the whole story. Our plan is to campaign -- hard -- like Biden is behind Trump until the polling places close on November 3rd. And chances are we won't be doing it in person, so we all will need to be phone banking, text banking and talking to friends and family about Joe (in person and online). So keep checking this space for suggestions and information about how we can all so our part to boost the campaign of the presumptive Democratic nominee and to help Joe Biden win and take back our country in November!
This year, it's not enough to vote. In 2020, we all have to act. And we can still stay safe and take action from home.
In 2020, Indivisible Evanston is working hard to win back the White House, the Senate, Wisconsin and to keep our gains in the House and here in Illinois. 

Thank you for reading our weekly newsletters, following us on FB and visiting our website for a full list of our 2020 actions. 

We can do this if we all pitch in -- this is a team effort! 
Indivisible Evanston Events & Important Dates
  • 7: IE Book Group, TBD
  • 20: IE Monthly Meeting, 7-9 pm, Evanston Civic Center 
  • Women’s March Chicago: March to the Polls: date TBD
  • 3: GENERAL ELECTION!!!  🌊🌊🌊
  • 17: IE Monthly Meeting, 7-9 pm, Evanston Civic Center
SEE LISTINGS ABOVE FOR MORE DETAILS & to sign up for specific events. 


CDC guidelines
City of Evanston Coronavirus Information 
IL Department of Public Health
Evanston area COVID-19 community support Facebook group

Coronavirus Preparedness Guidelines from NYT
CDC Guidelines on Wearing Cloth Masks

COVID-19 Resources from State Rep. Robin Gabel

For our most up to date news & daily actions, like our page on Facebook and check in often. Make sure to follow and retweet us on Twitter, follow us on Instagram, and add us to your email contacts!

Indivisible Evanston Mission Statement

The mission of Indivisible Evanston is to resist Donald Trump, his administration, and like-minded Members of Congress, and to remove them all from office on November 3, 2020, before they replace our democracy with an authoritarian plutocracy. We do not expect our members or allies to agree on all issues, but we invite those who agree that the Trump presidency is harming our country to work together to replace him and his GOP enablers. We seek to be as inclusive and diverse as possible, and we are committed to non-violence in all our actions.
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