2018 Spring Mid Year Report

We are sending love and healing thoughts to all of our friends and community of Montecito.  While there are great challenges and feelings of loss and sadness there is also a very strong feeling of neighbor to neighbor caring and support. And in March we will come together to discuss how we, GNF, can contribute.   

We would like to share some very exciting news from Liberia.  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has been awarded a $5 Million Dollar Leadership Prize for relinquishing power after elections becoming the first in several years deemed worthy of the prize.  Billionaire Mohammed Ibrahim launched the award in 2007 to promote democratic transfers of power on the continent.

“Ellen Johnson Sirleaf took the helm, of Liberia when it was completely destroyed by civil war and led a process of reconciliation that focused on building a nation and its democratic institutions,” said the head of the prize committee.

Please continue to check out our website for new postings and updates.  

Sandra & Connie

Save the Date

March 21, 2018 • 12:30pm
for lunch at Sandra Tyler's home, 2190 Alisos Dr. 
Let’s gather, enjoy lunch and discuss how we can best support our Neighborhoods at home and around the globe.  

UNFPA - Teen Pregnancy Prevention Project

With support from GNF the UNFPA Liberia County Office provided technical and financial assistance to Planned Parenthood of Liberia to implement life-skills based sexuality education and services to both in-school and out of school teens in two communities.  Programming focused on school retention through interventions including school clubs, production and distribution of behavior change communication materials and distribution of sanitary kits to prevent school absence.  Both mentors and teens had access to the UNFPA supported Youth- Friendly-Center which provided for continuous access to reproductive health services.
  • A total of 4,609 youth ages 10-24 received Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) information and services.
  • Among the the participants 3,352 were female and 1,257 were males.  Of the females 100 benefitted from the UNFPA supported mentorship program.  543 school going girls received sanitary kits (selected on the basis of need.)
  • At each of the selected schools girls met weekly to discuss around a variety of topics on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

THINK Touching Humanity in Need of Kindness

THINK has worked toward a transition from Founder Rosana Schaack to the leadership of a transition team headed by Esther Williams.  Representative Schaak has committed to presenting a bill on gender responsive budgeting so that neglected social welfare issues (SBVG, vulnerable children, people living with disabilities, mentally challenged and elderly) can receive allocation in the National Budget.
  • THINK Safe Home provided services to 15 survivors of sexually based violence snd the Juvenile Shelter to 13 children from July to December.  
  • Funding was used for rent for the shelters and costs for victim support, fuel and maintenance of 2 project vehicles
  • Two children with severe medical problems will receive critical medical intervention
  • Follow up visits were made on 37 children affected by Ebola
  • Tuition was paid for three young women attending Teacher Training, School of Agriculture and Community College (nursing)
  • Challenges have presented around the computers as they need Microsoft Office which is $75-100 US and there is unstable electricity requiring the replacement of chargers which cost $150 US.  6 were given to the visually impaired, two to college students and Rosana is using one as her computer was stolen.

FACE Africa

In November 2017 FACE Africa entered a historic new partnership with The Last Well with a mission to reach ALL of Liberia with clean water.  FACE Africa as implementing partner will be using multiple water-provision techniques.  At this time the focus in in Rivercess County.  
  • Drilled wells in large communities accessible by road
  • Hand dug well for larger communities that cannot be reached by drilling rigs, abd
  • Safe Water infiltration systems for individual households in remote hard to reach areas
  • A county wide assessment was conducted and identified all functioning water points, broken water points and required new well projects and was uploaded to Last Well’s system
  • FACE will construct 17 new wells (2 completed) 27 rehabilitated wells (5 completed) and distribute 6,500 household water filters (800) distributed 

Last Mile Health

Over the past year Liberia’s National Community Health Assistant Program has grown to nearly 3,000. It far exceeds the targets for the year and positions LMH well to continue refining the program and demonstrating impact at a nationwide scale.  
  • LMH has assisted the MOH in scale-up, advancement and training of CHA’s
  • Efforts to refine quality of care and operational management system have been focused, program supervision and the development of a Community Based Information System allows 7 out of 15 counties to report monthly
  • Quality Assurance Officers work to design and test innovative and scalable solutions maximizing care and reporting
Together these efforts have resulted in 2,890 CHA’s 357 clinical supervisors to serve 680,000 people, 19,727 children screened for malnutrition, 77,474 routine household visits and 7,474 pregnancy hole visits, 17,185 cases of malaria, pneumonia or diarrhea treated in children under age 5.  
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