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Join Indivisible Lambertville / New Hope and Bucks Together for an Endorsement Celebration with Special Guest Ezra Levin, co-founder of Indivisible! It’s going to be a Big Blue Wave event!

Cornerstone Event Center/Eagle Firehouse, 46 N. Sugan Road, New Hope
September 16, 2018 - 3:00-4:30 pm
Indivisible Lambertville/New Hope Candidate Endorsements - The Results Are In!

> Learn More About The Candidates Here... 

New Jersey

Robert Menendez for U.S. Senate for New Jersey
“For anyone who has struggled with a chronic condition like high blood pressure or depression, the ability to afford your medication is not just a matter of health. It’s a matter of wealth. It’s about being able to support your family, do your job, succeed in school, and achieve your dreams.”

Tom Malinowski for U.S. House of Representatives, NJ CD 7
“My life as an immigrant to America and an advocate for our values around the world has taught me that democracy is not a spectator sport -- the norms and values we hold dear are fragile and must constantly be defended.”

Verlina Reynolds-Jackson for NJ State Assembly, Legislative Dis.15
“I know the challenges facing our state and its communities. I plan to bring fresh and creative approaches to the issues that impact urban, suburban and rural New Jersey, and I'm excited to listen to and learn from constituents, colleagues, advocates and all the voices that contribute to our democracy."

Cullen McAuliffe for Hunterdon County Freeholder
“People who live in Hunterdon County have a unique perspective on what they want from government. We understand that perspective, and we will make sure we consistently listen to voters and conduct ourselves ethically, and with full transparency, if we are privileged enough to earn their vote in November.”

Lynne McClintock for Hunterdon County Freeholder
“We are truly humbled by the support we received in the primary process, and now we are looking forward to highlighting the common beliefs that we all share as Hunterdon County citizens. Our campaign will show that with a fresh perspective and an open mind, county government can improve our daily lives without raising taxes."


Bob Casey for re-election to the US Senate in Pennsylvania
“People with pre-existing conditions should never have to worry about being denied health care. Every elected official refusing to fight this move owes them an explanation."

Scott Wallace for U.S. House of Representatives, PA-01
“I firmly believe that a constant dialogue between representative and the voters is key to making democracy work. With the rampant corruption going on in Washington, it is imperative that we have more transparency in Congress and that means transparency between me and my constituents."

Tom Wolf for Governor of Pennsylvania
“I have fought to change Harrisburg by prioritizing the issues important to Pennsylvania families, such as restoring Harrisburg Republicans' billion dollar education cuts, expanding Medicaid, signing a Clean Slate bill, and expanding protections from discrimination for the LGBTQ community."

John Fetterman for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania
“As a small-town mayor, I can only help so many people. I want to be able to do more, not only for my community, but for my commonwealth. I’m running for Lieutenant Governor to be a champion for every community and person in this state, especially those that have been left out or left behind."

Tina Davis for Pennsylvania State Senate, 6th District 
“I will fight for better wages for our middle class and working class families. For years income growth for the middle class has been stagnant while the income levels of the ultra-wealthy continues to soar to record heights. As a working mom who raised three children I know the challenges families today face and I will work to stand up for those families in Harrisburg."

Steve Santarsiero for Pennsylvania State Senate, 10th District
“I know there are Democrats, Independents and Republicans… throughout Bucks County who just want to see a return to sanity. They want to see people who are going to go to Harrisburg and to Washington not to shout at each other, but to reach across to each other and get things done, find common ground where we can move our community, our state, and ultimately our country, forward."

Andrew Dixon for Pennsylvania State Rep., 29th Legislative District
“I will serve our community by listening to constituents so I can bring their concerns directly to Harrisburg, starting by working with Governor Wolf and my fellow representatives to get sensible budgets passed in a timely manner so the government of Pennsylvania can move on to the important work of making Pennsylvania a great place to live and work for working families."

Meredith Buck for Pennsylvania State Rep., 144th Legislative District
“As a nurse, attorney and mother who runs a small business, I understand the issues facing our Commonwealth. During my 20 years in Chalfont, I have been privileged to talk with many of you about your concerns and your hopes. If elected, I promise to continue to listen – and do everything I can to give you a voice in Harrisburg."

Helen Tai for Pennsylvania State Rep., 178th Legislative District
“There were so many terrible things happening, and I thought, ‘I’ve been going to these protests, I’ve been calling Pat Toomey with no response,’ and it was so frustrating. I thought, ‘I can do something actually positive, instead of protesting and complaining. There’s more that we can do."

Wendy Ullman for Pennsylvania State Rep., 143rd Legislative District
“I define myself as a feminist, an environmentalist, a social progressive, and a fiscal realist. As a legislator I intend to actively support measures that will ensure the well-being of our families, our communities and our shared future."

> Learn More About The Candidates Here... 
  • In the House of Representatives, there are now 236 Republicans, 193 Democrats and 6 vacant seats.  All these seats are up for election this year, on November 6th.

  • In the Senate, there are 51 Republicans, 47 Democrats and 2 Independents.  In November of 2018, only 9 of the Republican senators are up for election, compared to 24 of the Democrats, and both of the Independents.

  • Nationwide, there are 7,383 state legislative seats, and 6,066 of them will be on the ballot this November.

  • Since 2009, Democrats have lost 968 seats in statehouses across the country, giving Republicans control of the legislature in 32 states, 25 of which are also led by a Republican governor.

Sources: and and

It’s GO Time Volunteers!

Over the past several months, Indivisible Lambertville New Hope has focused on encouraging, inspiring and engaging our community of activists to raise our voices for the protection and strengthening of our Democracy. We’ve seen - and are seeing - the outcome of complacency, or thinking that we are powerless to effect change, or believing that ‘someone should do SOMETHING’ but not taking the role of the doer.

Some exercise guru once said, “If you don’t like what you see, change it” to encourage individuals to take responsibility for shaping their bodies. The analogy is obvious: We must actively engage in our personal health to be in as good shape as possible; likewise, we must actively engage in our Democracy to shape a nation that reflects our values.

Engagement comes in all shapes and sizes. If you have an hour or two, an afternoon or evening, you can stuff packets, register voters, send text messages, phone bank, canvass or bake cookies for volunteers. Write a letter to the editor, host a meet and greet, ask your neighbor if they have a plan to vote or need a vote by mail application. There is a place for you and you are needed.

To date, hundreds - if not thousands - of hours have been spent by members of the ILNH community to create a Democracy in which we can believe - one that has been outlined and underscored in the greatest documents and speeches of our country. A government outlined in the Declaration of Independence, guaranteed in the Constitution and carved into the walls of the Lincoln Memorial. We are a crew team - We the People - rowing in the direction of government By and For the People.

It’s GO Time, Volunteers! Time to Get Out The Vote and save our Democracy!

Bring voting into as many conversations as you can, when you’re canvassing, at a book club meeting, a play group or park with other adults. There are four elements that will encourage people to vote: They recognize everybody’s doing it (part of a group); personal identity (I’m a voter); they’ve been asked if they’ve made a plan to vote, and it’s suggested that there will be follow-up. Here are a few conversation helpers:

Say this:  I vote because it’s who I am, a voter. It’s part of my identity, like loving animals – it’s who I am fundamentally.

Not this:  Feeling discouraged won’t win elections.

Say this:  My circle of family and friends vote in every election, so I’d feel odd if I skipped voting.

Not this:  The others hope you won’t forget to vote on November 6th.

Say this:  I looked at my calendar for November 6th and realized I’d have to vote before I go in to work. What’s your plan?

Not this:  On election day I end up running to the polls way later than I planned and almost missed my opportunity. What do you think?

Say this:  My friend and I promised each other we’d vote November 6th, and call each other to see how it went that day.  Shall we make that promise, too?

Not this:  Even if it’s inconvenient, and no one will notice if you don’t, you should still vote.

Opportunities to GOTV with ILNH and Campaigns

New Jersey

  • Voter registration tables in Lambertville, Stockton and Flemington, Saturdays 9-12 through November. Contact MJ Legere
  • Host homes needed for out of area GOTV volunteers! Contact Meagan Warner
  • Phone banking and canvassing for Tom Malinowski for Congress, Hunterdon Freeholders McClintock and McAuliffe and local races. Also, phone banking in Lambertville every Thursday night until November. Contact Caroline Armstrong, to get on her mailing list of upcoming dates and locations sign up for volunteer activities.  
  • Hunterdon County Democrats volunteer sign up for hosting, fundraising, campaign work, writing, etc. 


  • Phone Banking and canvassing for Helen Tai, in coordination with Scott Wallace. Contact Kristin Donnelly
  • To volunteer for Scott Wallace, please click here  
  • Bucks Together ISSUES Based Campaign (see below for more info) - Canvass dates: Thurs 9/20, Sat 9/29, Thurs 10/11, Sun 10/21, Thurs 11/01. Also opportunities for phone banking and text banking. Send email, cell phone and preferences to
  • Voter registration at Organnon’s Natural Foods, Newtown, September 15 & 16, contact Lisa Bergson
  • Bucks Democrats volunteer sign up page here 

Hosting or coordinating an event or GOTV activity? Let us know any to include in the next newsletter going out October 8, 2018.

Pennsylvania GOTV: Bucks Together Issues Based Campaign

The combined Bucks County Indivisible groups want to complement the official GOTV campaign efforts of the candidates by contacting two specific sets of voters and talking with them about local issues and candidates who can best represent their concerns regarding those issues.

First, an analysis of 2016 voting in the PA-01 district revealed a cluster of precincts that had unusually high numbers of people who chose to vote for both Hillary Clinton and Brian Fitzpatrick. Some of these voters are certainly Independents, Other and Non-affiliated voters - ones who are not a part of a party's typical contact plans.  

The effort is based on the belief that those who voted for both Clinton and Fitzpatrick implies a discomfort with then-candidate Trump that in all likelihood has increased across his tenure in office. It may also represent voters with a progressive mindset who might have been taken in by positive associations with the Fitzpatrick name. Either of these rationales can be useful to identify people to be included in outreach efforts. 

Second, with the redrawing of the districts earlier this year, a whole new cluster of voters in Montgomery County - Lansdale, Montgomeryville and parts of Horsham - have been added to the PA-01 Congressional district. These voters have never had Fitzpatrick as a representative and have no preconceived notions about him. This outreach effort will help ensure that these voters get a friendly and informed welcome to the politics of PA-01.

In addition to isolating these two target groups and working with American Votes Table to ensure that there is minimal to no overlap in canvassing coverage, a list of local issues and concerns precinct by precinct will be available to use for canvassing, phone banking and text campaigns help refine efforts. 

The initiative is to remind Indivisible members, volunteers and voters that to see progress on issues that concern us all - including healthcare, protection of immigrants and climate change, we need to FLIP THE HOUSE! 

Canvass dates for Bucks Together Issues Based Campaign: September 20, September 29, October 20/21, November 1.

FACT: Four dozen ILNHers have already spent well over 600 hours on GOTV activities such as canvassing and phone banking, and sent nearly half a million text messages to other voters. Imagine what the full force of our community could do!

The pinnacle of fashion for GOTV activists is modeled by the lovely Elycia Lerman, co-treasurer for ILNH. These shirts are selling like hotcakes - so much so that we’re on our second order to stock some of the larger sizes since the shirts tend to run small. Both women’s V-neck and men’s crew neck. Reserve one in your size by contacting Diane Cadman or picking one up at the Community Gathering. $25/each or $40 for two.

Stories and writers needed -  For the October edition of Take A Stand, we’re looking for your stories, anecdotes, quotes, epiphanies experienced while working on GOTV activities. In addition, we welcome your expertise in covering a particular subject that will inform and enlighten readers. If you like to write and need ideas, join the Communications/PR team. Send to Deb Kline

Save the Date:
October Community Gathering on
Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018. 3:00-4:30 pm.



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