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Come to the October Community Meeting - 10/14/18 - 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Saddle Ridge Event Center - 1530 NJ-179, Lambertville, NJ 08530

VOTE on (or before) November 6:
What’s At Stake

Maybe we don’t have to give you more reasons to vote, but maybe we can encourage you to step up your efforts to get your family, friends and community to increase their efforts to GOTV. As of this writing, polls are saying that Republicans are narrowing the gap in the number of voters planning to head to the polls - so much so that the Blue Wave may not happen after all. Right now, all of our civil rights are being attacked and eroded.

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Artwork by Sarah Bush
Out and About - Adventures From the GOTV Road

Many of our members have been canvassing door-to-door in support of our endorsed candidates. Sometimes, however, the road to voter turnout is a little rocky, albeit rewarding in opportunity to connect with potential voters and make a difference. Here a few stories from the trenches -- quite literally:

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It’s not enough to just tell people to vote to ensure they get to the polls or fill out a ballot. Ask them to make a plan and tell you what it is, and let them know there will be follow-up.

Say this: I got a mail-in ballot (absentee ballot) because I knew I’d be travelling on Tuesday, November 6. What is your plan to vote? [Make a plan to vote]
Not this: If you don’t vote, it’s your own damn problem.
Not this: I implore you to fulfill your citizenship responsibility.
Not this: Express your rage by voting.

Say this: Since you’ve made a promise to vote, will it be OK with you if I ask you how it went when we run into each other in the neighborhood? [Suggest there will be follow-up]
Not this: No one will know if you voted, but you’ll regret it if you don’t.
Not this: Research shows that our voting machines can be hacked, but vote anyway.
Not this: Set your phone to beep a reminder on election day, but turn it off if it annoys you.

Get OnBoard -
Upcoming GOTV Opportunities


Don’t wake up with regrets on November 7 - Do all you can to help GOTV NOW! Find a time, date and location and sign up directly with the following campaigns:

Additional Opportunities:

Voter registration tables in Lambertville, Stockton and Flemington, Saturdays 9-12 through November. Contact MJ Legere

ILNH Postcard Parties on 10/10, 10/12, 10/19 - contact Olga Vannucci for time and location.

Bucks Together ISSUES Based Campaign (see below for more info) - Canvass dates: Thurs 10/11, Sun 10/21, Thurs 11/01. Also opportunities for phone banking and text banking. Send email, cell phone and preferences to

“Defending LGBTQ Rights - an Evening with Steve Santarsiero,” Tuesday, October 16 - 6:30-8:30 pm The Raven, New Hope, PA. RSVP requested.
  • In 1984 there were 14,400 banks in the U.S.  In 2018, there are 4,800.
  • The banking industry got a boost from the Republican tax law, with the corporate tax rate falling from 35% to 21%.  Bank of America's bill to Uncle Sam in the first quarter of 2018 plunged by 26%, even though the No. 2 US bank earned 30% more.

  • The tax law boosted bank profits by about $6.7 billion for the first quarter of 2018.  Yet banks would still have made record profits of $49.4 billion without the tax cuts.

  • Bank of America is worth $293,600,000,000.  

  • The median net worth of Americans is $68,800, including home equity. The median net worth excluding home equity is $16,900.

What’s in Your Wallet?

Minding the Gap: Beginning to understand the economy and its effects on our quality of life


What’s wrong with the economy? It’s an interesting and yet a complex question that most of us are unable to answer. One reason is that we do not have a working knowledge of our economic health and the national policies that affect our economic health. Questions such as who contributes to the economy and who prospers from economic growth have been shrouded in a hegomonic* haze as part of our political economic culture.

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Your Thinning Wallet: 
Banks at Large = Democracy at Risk 


Whether our government be Democrat, Republican, or Trumpist, the big banks continue to play an overriding role in policies that serve their economic needs at the expense of the general good. Indeed, a review of Secretaries appointed to manage the U.S. Treasury, which collects our tax dollars and prints money, shows that they tend to be veterans of the leading investment banks, chiefly Goldman Sachs...

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Your Wallet at Risk:
The (Un) Protected Consumer


Since the beginning of this current administration, consumers are losing their ability to recoup their losses from corporations and businesses who nefariously cheat consumers out of hard earned dollars. In other words, consumers are losing protections that would allow them to take the corporation to court and sue either as individuals or through a class action lawsuit.

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What’s in the ILNH Wallet:
A look at how the money comes and goes from our finance team


Several people have asked what do we do with our donations and perhaps even wondered what does it take financially for organization to function. Our co-treasurers, Elycia Lerman & Alison Levine, are providing some insight from behind the scenes.

ILNH is currently a registered, non-profit organization in the state of New Jersey and will shortly register itself as a 501c4, either independently or as part of Indivisible national.  

In 2017, our first year of action, ILNH received approximately $17,600 in total revenue from cash includes donations, merchandise sales and in-kind donations*. The breakdown is roughly:

  • $4,500 -- Merchandise sales
  • $11,500 -- Monetary donations
  • $1,600 -- In-kind donations

The Rise & Resist Benefit Concert, a collaborative effort with Planned Parenthood and Rise Up Doylestown, netted about $3,200. In addition, we have a major donor/patron who provides $500 per quarter.  All other donations are from activists like you giving what they could, when they could! Side Note: Our new website has a handy donate button to enable online donations at any time!

Our total expenses for 2017 were approximately $10,600 with the major expenses being following breakdown:  

  • $3,150 -- Facility rentals
  • $3,840 -- Merchandise stock
  • $1,500 -- Liability & Directors/Officers Insurance
  • $1,500 -- Get Out the Vote  

Other expenses included supplies, equipment, printing/paper, postage, etc. These numbers also include the approximately $1,500 we received and passed on to Fisherman’s Mark as part of a partnership with the City of Lambertville to help with the purchase of ID card making equipment to support our immigrant population. We ended the year with $5,400 in the bank.

In 2018 through end of August, we have received $12,000 in total revenue. Donations are approximately $5,800 and merchandise sales $6,200. In June we partnered with Fishmerman's’ Mark for the rally to Stop Separation of Immigrant Families, raising money for them and for ILNH, which enabled us to make a $250 donation to Fisherman’s Mark to continue their good work.

Our expenses through August 2018 were $13,600, with major expenses including Get Out the Vote activities $3,600, merchandise $3,100, insurance $1,500, facility rentals $1,300, and strategic planning $1,000. Other expenses included equipment/technology, tax, supplies, and postage. We also supported student bus scholarships to the Washington DC March for Our Lives, organized by the late Kate McGinnity.

If you have any questions or want to engage help ILNH with financial planning or oversight, please reach out to Elycia or Alison at

*In-kind donations are donations of goods and services, for example providing graphic design services, donation of merchandise for sale, or donation of food for an event.  We don’t capture all in-kind donations in our financial accounting.

Save the Date! November Community Meeting - 11/11/18 - 3:00 pm-4:30 pm - Location TBD

Contributors: Diane Abatemarco, Paige Barnett, Lisa Bergson, Shara Durkee, Elaine Clisham, Allison Levine, Olga Vannucci, Elizabeth Watson, Amara Wiley, Cynthia Zenkus, Deb Kline

Indivisible Lambertville / New Hope Leadership Team

Admin/Tech Team – Elaine Clisham & Karen Mitchell
Communications – Deb Kline
Creative Progressive Reframing – Liza Watson
Events – Olga Vannucci
Finance – Elycia Lerman and Alison Levine
ILNH Leader – Cindi Sternfeld 
Issue Group Support – Maddy Berlin, Sarah Gold & Susan Shapiro
Membership - Nancy Boelter
Social Media – Nancy Boelter and Leila Rice
Voter Mobilization – NJ: Liz Glynn & PA: Open
Worker Bees – Zoe Langdon

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