November 11, 2020

Hasn’t this weather been extraordinary? 

Like the world is trying to apologize for all the crap it's put us through this past year. Well, I say, sorry. Too little, too late!

But, despite the weather’s sleight of hand, we are entering the winter holiday season, also known as gift giving season which quickly morphs into panic buying time.

Thanks to my pushy friend Lisa, I have created options for just these times!


I still have original gouaches available, priced at $135 or less.


I have prints of selected gouaches, in multiple sizes, starting at $30.


And I have notecards of my Evanston themed gouaches, priced at $3 for a single card and $15 for a set of six. And the Evanston cards don’t “scream” Evanston or anything so feel free to give them to your beach loving friends in California or your lighthouse aficionados on the Cape.

You can find the Evanston themed art in The Evanston Made Art Shop

This is the link for my personal page on The Art Shop: KATHY HALPER

Evanston Made is a nonprofit in which I serve as co-director. Our mission is to connect Evanston arts with the public so we produce events, promote the hell out of everything our 300 members do, feature their art on dedicated website pages, sell their work on our Art Store and more. We basically do what government arts offices used to do back when there was money for them to do those things.

A portion of sales goes back to support the org, while the majority goes directly to the artist. I encourage you to take a look at The Art Shop for gift ideas when you get a chance. And then, of course, only buy from me...Kidding! No, really. 

In my alter ego as an embroidery artist, I recently finished a wonderful commission.

What a perfect pandemic activity! I encourage everyone to find a scruffy dog to stare at and embroider over the upcoming cold winter months! It will keep you warm and smiling!

Hero, here (see what I did there?), is a beloved pup from the west coast and I’m a sucker for little scamps like him. My clients were both appreciative and exacting, which is actually kinda perfect! I really love to create the density of the fur in my portraits so for fluffy dogs like Hero, I stitch with multiple blended threads at a time and then go over the top with single threads to add highlights and nuance. Short or smooth haired dogs might require a different approach.

On I've added "Paris Rooftops" to the "New Work" section.

Like many, I have a love for Paris. I was lucky enough to live there for 6 months my junior year of college. I lived in the 16th arrondissement on the 5th floor of a fancy flat with a family that had lost their wealth and took in students to maintain their former status. They hated having us in their space and because my French was poor they spoke to me only in English. My roommate was an unbalanced boy-crazy young woman who was fluent in the language and would subject me to sleeping in the room with her while she had sex with her boyfriends. And yet, everyone of those less than perfect moments blend together into the richest most perfect memory I could possibly have. I struggled and thrived. I learned to explore a city by myself. I met one of my best friends of the past 40 years. I traveled throughout Europe. I grew.

And nothing says Paris more to me than these grey/blue rain soaked rooftops.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know it may not be like holidays of past years. But if I can find some peace and good food, in the company of some loved ones, it'll be a pretty good day.

Please reach out with any questions about commissions or gift ideas. It would give me immeasurable joy to be part of your holidays.

As always, thanks for reading.

Copyright © 2020 Kathy Halper Art & Embroidery, All rights reserved.

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