Loving Farm Co-Founder Tracey with Fabulous Fauna and Flora
Dear Friend,
2019 was our second year on our 16 acre Paso Robles property and it’s been a wonderful year! We have given a forever home to the following new family members:
2 more precious pigs
8 more beautiful hens
2 more lovely sheep
3 more delightful cats

All of our animals were saved from slaughter or they were at high risk of being euthanized.

Loving Farm now has 49 residents…not counting us..the 2 humans! We are honored to provide these family members with everything they need. Bill and I live on property and are available 24/7 keeping them fed, clean, healthy, happy, sheltered and safe.

Thank you to our loyal core volunteers: Vicky, Meredith, Concetta, Moorea, Marion and Jay. And thank you to our "Millenial Friend" Lauren and all of the other kind volunteers who gave their time and talent this year helping with projects, farm chores, and socializing with our animals.

Also, a huge thank you to the Kravette family. These remarkable humans are renting our Cottage for at least 6 months and they have been a big help with farm chores and fundraising. Such a wonderful family comprised of 3 generations of vegans!

Besides giving lifetime care and safety to our LFAS family members 
we educate about the importance of being vegans. Our sanctuary is located (by our choice) in a part of California that is dominated by cattle ranches, the County Fair, and FFA and 4H school programs that teach children animals are “products” and not sentient beings who deserve to live their lives without being harmed. We feel we are needed here to raise awareness about the suffering of farmed animals and ALL animals.

We are also committed to educating about the connection between plant based living and protecting the environment. Going vegan is the simplest and best way to help our planet recover and thrive.
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This Year and Next Year
Loving Farm Co-Founder Bill with Awesome Jack Sparrow
We held 3 vegan meal fundraisers prepared by the incomparable Debi Chew. These fundraisers included a tour of the sanctuary and animals. Thank you to both Debi and Mike Chew for all of the support you give to Loving Farm all year long!
We held numerous group tours so folks could meet our animals and see the sanctuary. We have received feedback from several people that their experience at Loving Farm was the catalyst to them going vegan.  This is so very important!

We gave several pre-arranged private tours where folks generously donated $200 or more for the VIP experience!

We were a sponsor at the 2019 Central Coast VegFest and we will do it again on February 15, 2020, in San Luis Obispo. Come to our booth and say hi!

Our Co-Founder, Tracey, will also be one of the speakers at VegFest on February 15th so be sure to come hear her talk about the animals, events and programs at Loving Farm.

We are committed to protecting the environment and encouraging the use of alternative energy so we installed solar panels in 2018. One day we plan to be completely “off grid.” In 2019 we added 2 walls to this innovative structure so it also serves as a run-in shed for our larger animals.

We added a barn roof extension that serves several purposes. It keeps the stalls from flooding in heavy rains and it provides additional shelter from rain, wind and sun for our sheep when our very unique and opinionated goat, Lucas, won’t let them into his “man cave.” Anyone who knows Lucas knows what we mean!

With the help of a teenage hero named Catherine we saved our Luna Piggy from the FFA program in a public high school in Southern California. We recently learned, because of Catherine, her high school is re-thinking their involvement in FFA and that school is no longer allowing animals to be slaughtered on campus. This is gigantically important! Thank you Catherine!

We built a turkey house and large fenced yard for our Five Fabulous Friends.

We built our youngest pigs, Luna and Zachary, a stall inside our storage building and fenced an attached paddock for them.

We installed numerous gates, added lots of sturdy fencing, and bought a galvanized standing horse feeder.

This year we almost lost Luna Piggy (reaction to anesthesia) and Sammy Kitty (toxoplasmosis) but they have both made a full recovery and they are thriving! Thank you to everyone who helped with their medical bills!

Our 4 youngest pigs, Amelia, Luna, Winston, and Zachary have grown enough to start integrating them with our “Big Pigs.” We need to build a large 3 sided run-in shed costing about $10,000 for them. This is a great Naming Opportunity for anyone with the wherewithal to donate the full amount for this “Piggy Palace."

In early January we are starting a large fencing project, and the construction of a cow-size run-in shed, so that we are positioned to adopt some dairy cows.
With so many dairies going out of business we want to be ready to adopt some cows before they are sent to slaughter! 

Support the Dairy Cow Project
Never to be Forgotten
We are sad to report we experienced loss as well this year. Three of our family members died in 2019. Sunny, Lily and Zoe were hens rescued from battery cages at a factory farm. All of them died from cancer and/or complications in their reproductive systems. Sadly, these factory farm egg hens are bred to lay so many eggs they live shortened lives and usually die from complications in their reproductive systems.

We are thankful we could give Sunny, Lily and Zoe a life of happiness during the years they were with us. They were perpetually cheerful and active and it made our hearts sing to see them thrive. We will always love and remember each of them. They were important individuals we call “Ambassadors” and during their lives they helped us raise awareness about hens suffering so badly in the egg industry.

Please don’t buy eggs from the grocery store! And please educate yourself about the health risks of eating eggs at all. We don’t believe in exploiting animals for their by-products so we do not use, sell, or give away the eggs of our hens. We feed the eggs back to them. Their eggs “belong” to them and they need the nutrients.
Thank You For Being Here
Overall, it’s been a very happy and successful year for Loving Farm. We thank everyone who is supporting us! We can't do this alone! For us to continue to sustain our high standard of animal care, and the infrastructure of our sanctuary, we need your help. The daily cost alone of feeding all of our residents is enormous and large medical bills are always a possibility. 
We need your help to grow into the future so we can save even more animals.

Loving Farm Animal Sanctuary is more than a place. It is our dream and the legacy we intend to leave behind.

For those of you who are thinking about that last 100% tax deductible donation of 2019 please go on our
Website, our Facebook page, or mail us a check (address below). As long as your check is postmarked on or before December 31st, 2019, you will get the tax write-off. 

Our animals THANK YOU and we THANK YOU! 
Loving Farm Animal Sanctuary will continue to fight for ALL animals, and the environment, by encouraging veganism, rescuing as many lives as we can, and educating about the billions of animals still trapped in the Animal Agribusiness Industry. Please join us by making a year-end donation and in 2020 come take a tour!

With gratitude,

Tracey and Bill Soucy

P.S. Just in case you were wondering…here are the totals of our family members by species:

9 Pigs
4 Sheep
2 Goats
5 Turkeys
16 Hens
1 Rooster
2 Horses
6 Dogs
4 Cats

And 2 grateful humans…
for a total of…

51 Loving Farm Family Members!
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