VegFest 2020 Is Going to be a Blast!
Co-Founders Bill and Tracey Soucy at last year's Central Coast VegFest.
Central Coast VegFest is only a few weeks away! Join us on February 15th for a day of celebrating all things vegan. Vegans and non-vegans alike are welcome to explore, taste, and have fun connecting with other compassionate people! It's free to attend, but there will be lots of snacks and merch for sale!


What to Expect at VegFest:
-20 food and beverage booths (we are drooling already!)
-Live cooking demos and nutrition education
-Animal-friendly shopping
-Passionate and informative speeches, including our very own Co-founder Tracey speaking about the future of Loving Farm Animal Sanctuary!

Saturday, February 15th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
SLO United Methodist Church, 1515 Fredericks Street
San Luis Obispo, California

Loving Farm is a sponsor of VegFest and will have a booth. Come say hello and be the first to get our
limited edition Luna t-shirts! 
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A Working Mini-Vacation at
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Best Friends Co-Founder Faith Maloney and Tracey at the gates of Angels Rest at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
Mentorship and friendship from a world-renowned animal sanctuary
This month our Co-Founder, Tracey, had the opportunity to re-visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in the Red Rock country of Utah. One of the Founders of this world-renowned sanctuary is our dear friend, and Tracey’s mentor, Faith Maloney. Faith is also one of our much appreciated Loving Farm Advisory Board Members. Faith has been inspiring and advising us ever since Tracey attended the Best Friends workshop 'How To Start And Run An Animal Sanctuary' several years ago. We aspire to be a “mini” Best Friends by setting an example of responsible and loving animal care and by creating a peaceful and healthy environment for humans and non-humans alike.

The Best Friends Founders, who have generously given us their support, time and attention, continue to advise us on ways to insure the future of Loving Farm Animal Sanctuary. Our beloved sanctuary, the animals we save, and the people we touch, is our legacy.
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The Costs of Care
Click the video to hear a medical update from Tracey and Bill.
Doing the right thing is rarely easy, and it's rarely cheap!
January has been a big month for vet bills. Everyone is fine, but we made several visits to our “small animal" vet and we had numerous on-site visits from our “large animal” vet.

The following family members needed medical care: Jack Sparrow (rooster), Hana and Maui (kitties), Dan Mustang and Levi (horses), Emma (goat), and Zachary (piggy.) We also filled prescriptions for Bella, Shorty, Gracie and Dan.

Please consider donating to our Medical Fund so we are always prepared for wellness appointments and any emergencies.

Artist of the Month
Portrait of our beautiful Bella.
Our friend Melisa Beveridge is a very talented artist who generously shares her skills with animal sanctuaries like ours. You can view her work on Instagram at @woollybeartravels. Melisa will also have her art on display at VegFest, including this original painting of Bella, so be sure to find her booth! 
A Chicken Mystery
Some of our chickens and Awesome Jack Sparrow enjoying their day.
While the human world is dealing with the latest coronavirus, we had a bad scare with our chickens and turkeys this month. Sadly, one of our neighbors found 6 of her chickens dead for no apparent reason. Because there was no blood, and no obvious signs of trauma, we offered to send some of the chickens for necropsies. 

As a responsible sanctuary, we needed to find out if our neighbor's birds died of a contagious disease such as Newcastle or Avian Flu. The results of the necropsies showed the chickens were killed by a predator. This is terribly sad, and we would never want anyone to die this way, but at least it means our own chickens and turkeys have not been exposed to these terrible diseases. 

The Animal Ag industry does not make public that many birds sent to slaughter are infected with diseases. We strongly suggest you do your own research, especially if you still eat animals, or their secretions. It is worth mentioning that the deadly coronavirus in China started because people consumed infected animal products. 

It reminds us that a plant-based diet is the healthiest way to live...for the animals, for the environment, for our own health.
Try A Vegan Recipe
Try this stew with some crusty bread and your favorite vegan non-dairy cheese!
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