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Hi there!

How's the test preparation going? In case you missed any of the things I posted this week, here's a quick round-up.

We did 2 Reading Test practices  - you can get them on the website:

The History of Glass


Johnson's Dictionary 

Which one did you prefer?! 

This week I also posted key IELTS topics and vocabulary you need to know:

1) Free public transport in Estonia

There was some great vocab here that would be useful for your Writing. (Oh and by the way, there is a video about how to improve each of these aspects in the Members Academy !!)

Language of Cause and Effect - it 'fosters + noun' and 'encourages people to + verb'. 'as a result'

Language of EMPHASIS - 'it was WALKERS who...'

NOUN forms - 'Making it easy..fosters commercial activity'  'car use/public transport use' 

ARTICLES - 'the old, the young, the unemployed' (for groups of people)

LANGUAGE OF CHANGE - 'marginally decreased' 'increased dramatically' 'dropped by a staggering 40%'

Linking words - 'WHILE car use decreased, distance travelled went up' 'as well as those on a low income'

Formal, academic language: 'However, there is no indication that employment opportunities improved as a result, according to the study'.

 'it’s good for cities because making it easy for people to move around FOSTERS commercial activity.'

'it also ENCOURAGES higher income groups to spend money in local restaurants, cafes and shops.'

 'it didn’t really encourage many people to stop driving.'

'it was walkers who hopped on buses, as the number of trips made on foot dropped by a staggering 40%.'

 'WHILE the share of car use MARGINALLY decreased, the average distance travelled by car actually went up.'

'Public transport use increased dramatically AMONG the old and the young, and those on a very low income, AS WELL AS those out of employment and education.

'However, there is no indication that employment opportunities improved as a result, according to the study.'

2) Keeping the same doctor reduces your risk of death

This article has lots of examples of 'hedging' - the language of caution. (I also have a lesson on this in the Members Academy!!!) Here are some expressions you could use  e.g.

 ‘Seeing the same doctor MIGHT reduce your risk of death’ 
 ‘ A link APPEARS TO exist between...’
 ’... suggesting the bond MAY be more important than previously thought.
 ‘Research SUGGESTS that LINKED to a number of benefits, including...’

3) The war on plastic 

4) The problem of electronic waste

And if you want to practice your writing, this was the Academic Task 2 question in Asia this week (thank you to Arshad for sharing it with us!):

Some people think that in order to improve road safety, speed limits should be lowered. However some people believe that other precautions and measures should be taken in order to improve road safety.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Follow the podcast to hear me help you through the Readings and explain the answers on and many other places like Apple Podcasts and Castbox.

I also put lots more IELTS Topics links on Facebook, and you can find them below or on my Vocabulary Resources Page on my website.

You can find the Vocabulary Resources Page here and all the resources are also on Instagram and Facebook.

Meanwhile in the UK - there's a heatwave! It hasn't rained for 6 weeks!

Is it too hot to study where you are? 

Hope you have a great week!

All the best,

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