THE OMD BEET   |   News you can't beet from One Meal a Day   |  Feb. 2020
And still, 
After all this time, 
The sun has never said 
To the Earth, ‘You Owe Me.’ 
Look what happens 
With love like that. 
It lights up the sky.

Jalal Ad-Din Rumi
News from OMD
We have to be honest with you, it wasn’t easy for us to write this month’s OMD Beet. 

Climate chaos’ latest casualty, Australia’s wildfires, razed an area the size of South Korea and killed more than a billion animals. No surprise, the World Economic Forum highlighted climate crisis-related concerns as the Top 5 global risks to our society. 

Last month we told you “this is our year.” But on this journey, we know this is true: not every day is a step forward. Our OMD team feels serious frustration and grief at times. We get tired. Our work feels like an uphill battle. And it’s important to feel the frustration, the anger, the sadness — so we can stay connected and stay human, in relationship with each other, ourselves and the Earth.

But there are good days, too. Whether that looks like eating two plant-based meals instead of one, or calling your local elected officials to speak up about something you care about, every action makes a difference. The power to rewrite our story is in all of our hands.

And here’s one other reminder we think you all may need too: it’s okay to take a day off. We can’t all be on all the time. That's why we have this community (and people like Patricia Devaney). OMD is 100K+ agents of change strong, and we’re here to support each other. So when you need a break, maybe to make a romantic meal with a loved one on Valentine’s Day (and we’ve got some ideas on that below), know that the rest of us are here continuing to do the work, excited to have you join us again tomorrow.

Your family in action,
Team OMD
Consider This
Show Some Love for the Earth
You’ll see us send some love to our friends at Earth Day Network in the next few months (they’re celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day this year!), and the love-fest starts in this month’s OMD Beet. We thought their blog post on a climate-friendly Valentine’s Day was worth a read.
Make This
Making Love Starts in the Kitchen
Forget the fancy steak dinner and red velvet cake this year, and use some of these plant-based recipes to impress your special someone. Just remember, these’ll help you bring some romance to the dinner table for sure, but what happens next is up to you...😉
Dig This
Men: Eat Plant-Based. Increase Vitality and Endurance.
Hot sex? What’s that, you say? We all want a playful, spicy, joyful frolick but sometimes ahem… we can’t rise to the occasion. Learn more from our interview with urologist and author of The Penis Book, Dr. Spitz, where he breaks down how plant-based eating can perk you up in the bedroom and how to have mindful, supportive conversations with men experiencing erectile dysfunction.
Do This
Webinar: How to Advocate for Healthy Lunches in Local and Federal Legislature
Our next webinar is coming this March! Here, we’ll walk through how to actively participate in ongoing federal, state and local legislative initiatives to stand up for climate-friendly meals in schools. Become a leader for healthy school lunches in your community and develop your advocacy, networking, leadership and strategic thinking skills at the same time. Register today to harness our collective power. Stay tuned — more details to come!
Free Download: How to Talk to People About Plant-Based Eating
Being connected to our food, and learning to eat more plant-based, is a journey. And talking about it can be emotionally loaded. Whether you’re concerned about a loved one’s health, or you’re passionate about the impact food has on our beautiful planet, having an open heart and meeting people where they’re at is the way to go.
On Our Radar
Well That Could Have Gone Better
We cringed, we laughed, we cried. We hope your Valentine’s Day goes a lot better than it did for these folks.
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