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Spring 2017
A Note from Our Directors
President Donald Trump has publicly lambasted the media as the “enemy of the American people.” He has taken steps to limit press freedom, and his administration has barred journalists from press briefings. These attacks on the media go beyond the United States, and the impacts are being seen globally. In light of recent events, the Global Reporting Centre is more committed than ever to upholding the values and principles of an independent and open press.

As anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim sentiment are on the rise in North America and Europe, we continue to report on racism and xenophobia through “Strangers at Home.” Another project, “Hidden Costs,” brings together reporters to investigate global commerce, against the backdrop of changing trade agreements and regulations. “Democracy in Crisis” looks at countries around the world that are moving away from basic tenets of democracy. And in May we are co-hosting the IRE Cross-Border Workshop, to support journalists reporting across the northern and southern borders of the United States.

Our staff, collaborators and advisory board members remain committed to speaking out against press restrictions, and we remain vigilant in our efforts to support journalists from around the world in their efforts to investigate, research and report on important neglected stories.
Peter W. Klein
Executive Director
David Rummel
Executive Editor
Britney Dennison
Deputy Director
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GRC/Reveal podcast on e-waste featured in Wired as a must-listen
In 2015, the Chinese government said it would no longer allow e-waste from other countries into Guiyu, a small Chinese town which was once a graveyard for much of America’s old electronics. But did the government stick to its word? The Global Reporting Centre's Allison Griner travels to Guiyu to find out. The podcast made the Wired's top 10 must-listen podcasts.  Listen here
New project on global Rh disease
Why do 100,000 newborns die from Rh disease every year if there is an easy treatment available? The GRC has partnered with award-winning journalist Jennifer Yang to profile how developing countries are fighting Rh disease, examine the reasons this problem persists, and explore why it has been overlooked by global health bodies like the WHO. Learn more
Hidden Costs of Global Supply Chains conference
To launch a new reporting series on the environmental and human rights costs of global commerce, we brought together world-class journalists and scholars for a workshop. This new project focuses on studying and reporting on the little-known issues behind supply chains worldwide. Learn more
GRC to co-host IRE Cross-Border Investigative Reporting workshop
The current political climate has made cross-border reporting in North America especially challenging. On May 20-21, the GRC, along with Veritas, will co-host a workshop in Vancouver for investigative reporters from across the continent, to discuss cross-border reporting and explore ways of developing international collaborations. Learn more
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