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FEBRUARY 22, 2019-   This was a contentious week at the Capitol. From the sources, uses and conservation of water, to the consideration of a New York style bill that would have rolled back Arizona protections for babies born after a failed abortion attempt, Legislators were engaged in robust debate over rights of prior appropriation, and beneficial use of water, to the civil rights of children, both unborn and born.”

- Rep. Mark Finchem, Chairman of the House Federal Relations Committee. 


The obsession with killing unborn children continues. HB-2696 was introduced by House Democrats Terán, Andrade, Blanc, Bolding, Cano, Fernandez, Friese, Gabaldón, Hernandez D, Jermaine, Longdon, Powers Hannley, Rodriguez, Salman, Shah, Teller, Tsosie.


The bill would have repealed the requirement for humane care of children born after a botched abortion. HB-2696 would have removed the language from A.R.S. 36-2161 Sec. A.19-20, “19. Whether a fetus or embryo was delivered alive as defined in section 36-2301 during or immediately after an attempted abortion and the efforts made to promote, preserve and maintain the life of the fetus or embryo pursuant to section 36-2301,” and “20. Statements by the physician and all clinical staff who observed the fetus or embryo during or immediately after the abortion certifying under penalty of perjury that, to the best of their knowledge, the aborted fetus or embryo was not delivered alive as defined in section 36-2301.”

The National Institutes of Health are engaged in gathering more information on how to treat unborn-children for brain related afflictions by comparing, “differences in brain development in premature and full-term babies; the effects of alcohol, drug use, or stress during pregnancy; or if there are any prenatal differences in babies that go on to develop neurodevelopmental disorders like autism,” (Seshamani et al, 2018).

By the grace of God the Capitol was flooded with child-advocates, and HB-2696 failed in the Judiciary Committee on a party line-vote. The radical bill would have permitted the withholding of care to babies at birth on the discretion of the physician.

I urge everyone to register for the Request To Speak system at either the State Capitol (1700 W. Washington, Phoenix) or the State Office Complex (400 W. Congress, Tucson) so that you can enter your opposition or support for this and other perversions of people’s civil rights.

Reference: Seshamani S, Blazejewska AI, Mckown S, Caucutt J, Dighe M, Gatenby C, Studholme C. (2016). New technology reveals fetal brain activity. National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering.


Arizona State House Representative Mark Finchem (R-LD11) explains his NO vote on HB2696-The repeal of medical care of infants born alive after a botched abortion.


Pima Community College has been acknowledged as a leader in turning out high quality avionics, air-frame and power-plant aviation mechanics with a 100% job placement record. Aviation employers say that they need twice as many qualified aviation mechanics as are being turned out each year. The Legislature plans to allocate an additional $20 Million to the school to double the capacity in the next fiscal year. This is targeted investment of education funding. The Governor has committed to his signature on a budget that includes funding support for this targeted need. We have been heavy on university funding, but under-weight on technical skills training. When asked about how to fund this change in focus Representative Finchem answered, “We are graduating kids from university with degrees that they can’t find a job with, but we have 64,000 jobs open that we cannot fill because we don’t have qualified candidates with necessary skills."  It's time to re-balance our focus.

This week, the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity released a report projecting Arizona will add 165,691 jobs over a two-year period. From the third quarter of 2018 through the second quarter of 2020, Arizona’s employment is expected to increase from 3,015,242 to 3,180,933, representing an annualized growth rate of 2.7 percent — an increase from last year’s projection of 2.4 percent and more evidence of Arizona’s continued acceleration over the last 12 months.

Arizona is projected to see the highest job growth rates in Construction (5.8 percent) and Manufacturing (3.6 percent). The largest job gains are expected in the Education and Health Services (37,126 jobs) and the Professional and Business Services (26,177 jobs) sectors, although gains are projected across all 11 of Arizona’s top industries.

In addition to the projected job growth, Arizona also saw positive gains in its median household income from 2016 to 2017, according to data from the United States Census Bureau. Arizona’s median household income rose 4.8 percent —more than double the national growth rate of 1.8 percent. According to the data, Arizona’s median household income reached $61,125, a record high.


“While in Hobbs, New Mexico, Acting Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt announced that Interior Bureau of Land Management (BLM) state offices generated $1.1 Billion from oil and gas lease sales in calendar year 2018, an amount nearly equal to the BLM’s budget for Fiscal Year 2018.” Even more justification for HB-2547.  This bill has Arizona manage its BLM lands and keeps the revenue generated in our state to fund education and infrastructure. Representative Finchem explains, “People want to know why Arizona does not pay teachers more and why our infrastructure is in such poor condition, it is because we are seeing revenue that other states get to use for those purposes, taken from our state and sent to Washington DC.”

District 11 Legislators Announce Patriot Academy Scholarship
STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Representatives Mark Finchem (R-11) and Bret Roberts (R11), and Senator Vince Leach (R-11), all who serve in the Arizona Legislature are sponsoring three privately-funded scholarships to this years Patriot Academy, which is scheduled for June 19-21, 2019 at the State Capitol. To be eligible for the session, students must be 16-25 years old; age exceptions may be allowed under special circumstances.

This year interested students must submit a 1,000 word paper analyzing Federalist Paper No. 45 and what the writer observes as the intent of the Framers of the U.S. Constitution concerning the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. Papers must be submitted to Mark Finchem at PO Box 69344, Oro Valley, AZ 85737 and postmarket no later than April 15, 2019. Scholarship recipients will be notified by May 1, 2019.

“We are pleased to offer this opportunity to future community leaders in Legislative District 11. We will be an active part of the Academy because we believe in making personal investments early in the process of civic skills development and believe in the importance of ethical governance.”- Representative Mark Finchem.

For more information please see the full press release
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If you are interested in entering the world of politics, we need you!  In Arizona, a precinct committeeman is the most important elected official to our Republican Party – the dedicated men and women who hold this position constitute the foundation of our party in all fifteen counties. A precinct committeeman is a party worker at the grassroots level. Precinct committeemen are elected by voters in their precinct at the time of the Primary election, during general election years. If there is not an elected committeeman, the county chairman can appoint a committeeman to fill a vacancy. Whether you live in Legislative District 11 or in another "LD" you and your talents are needed.   For more information about what it means to be a PC click here.  Click the button below to learn more about where meetings are held, what PC's do and how you can join the team.
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