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July 15, 2019 We are witnessing the greatest concerted effort to disenfranchise American voters of our time. Legal voter status isn’t hard to establish, if one qualifies for a US Passport, you are a US citizen. If not, you aren’t. Counting heads and their demographic group contribution is the purpose of a census, unless of course one seeks to ‘game’ the system, and some people will do whatever it take to seize power.

- Rep. Mark Finchem, Chairman of the House Federal Relations Committee. 

Representation in Congress, and the voice in selecting a President [Electoral College] is heavily influenced by the number of legal citizens in a state because representation changes as citizens move from one place to another within our nation. Every four years we have 50 Presidential Elections, not one as the media would like us all to believe. Those individuals who are not entitled to vote because of their visitor status in our nation, can vote in their own nation and should be counted as present in ours. They should not count for the allocation for Congressional or Electoral College representation. To count non-citizens as though they are legal voting members of our society is nothing more than disenfranchisement of the people who pay the bills. In a Hill-HarrisX poll, 60 percent of registered voters said they would choose to have such a question featured on the upcoming census. Among Republicans, this desire was even more pronounced, with 81 percent saying they were for including the question, even if it meant that less people would willingly participate in the census.
A bit of history helps, the citizenship question was removed after the 1950 census. While many countries do ask the question on their census, U.S. officials have raised concerns about inaccurate results of a census with the question, assuming that many people living in the U.S. would refrain from taking part in the survey altogether for fear their legal status would be revealed. The truth is, they are visitors and if they were not here visiting, they would not be counted. This is about the power to spend TAXPAYER money, and God knows there has been enough of that going on.

Teachers and parents are out gathering signatures to place the Classroom Code Of Ethics on the 2020 ballot. According to the Chairman of the Committee and Phoenix Union Master Teacher, Catherine Barrett, “The effort is going well. People are very receptive when they learn that this is aimed at ending political advocacy in the K-12 classroom. We have to collect 300,000 signatures, and people are motivated by their experiences in today’s school environment.”

The Classroom Code of Ethics voter initiative signature drive is on!!  If you's like to help stop political advocacy in the K-12 classrooms by collecting signatures, please contact  You can also call (520) 955-7695.
Back in April, the Arizona Department of Education sent letters to 7 families whose children were enrolled at Hilltop Christian School ordering them to repay thousands of dollars the state had awarded to these families as part of the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) Program because the school their children attend is technically located in New Mexico.  The school is less than a mile outside of Arizona, but is still located on the Navajo Reservation.  Whistle blowers brought this to the attention of the State Legislature. 

According to Rep. Mark Finchem, "Some of the poorest families in Arizona were recently victimized by the new Superintendent of Public Instruction over ideological objectives. The very reasons why I support school choice were on display in this case. I was one of several members who immediately stepped into the fray to protect these kids from furthering the failing school experience." 

Rep. Mark Finchem along with other Republican State House Representatives took on this situation and quickly resolved the matter by passing SB 1545.  SB 1545 allows any student currently using an Empowerment Scholarship Account voucher at an out-of-state private school within two miles of the state border to continue to do so until July 1, 2020.  It also doesn't require those 7 families to repay any money that was used at Hilltop Christian Christian school in New Mexico.  
Rep. Mark Finchem asks, "If ESA parents are able to choose online school based instruction for their child based anywhere in the US, does it seem reasonable that students be prevented from attending a high performing school less then a mile away from AZ on the same reservation?"

Superintendent of Public Instruction's mission is to destroy school choice
Arizona Navajo families send video messages to the legislators of Arizona for saving their children who faced being removed from their school by the Arizona Department of Education.
What will the next school year bring to Arizona's parents and students? We are told to expect “social justice war” from the Red4Ed folks, that comes from teachers within the organization who now see the so-called movement was more about politics than about teacher pay. Which is precisely the opposite of what AEA Leader Joe Thomas said last year.

Are these the people that we want teaching our kids everyday if they can't control themselves?   Pictured below is a post from a Red4Ed supporter who was arrested at an illegal immigration protest that happened in Downtown Phoenix on Friday July 12.  Take a look at what Red4Ed Leader Kelly Wedland Fisher has to say about it...
Here is more proof of disturbing political action coming out of Red4Ed and their support for illegal immigration.  
On July 11, Congressman Paul Gosar's Amendment #165, the National Defense Authorization Act eliminating American Dependency on critical minerals from China by 2035 passed.  

"The supply of critical minerals are essential to our economy, vital defense systems, and national security. There is no good reason we should rely on the good will of China for materials that are abundantly available in the United States. The passage of my amendment will reduce our reliance on China, bolster our country’s economy and support American manufacturing jobs." -Congressmen Paul Gosar

Thank you Rep. Gosar for your continued fight to keep America strong and bring jobs back home.

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