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August 30, 2019 It's never a dull moment, whether working on energy resilience and promoting responsible spending on critical transportation infrastructure, or doing battle with the State Superintendent of Public Education over Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA) and pornography for elementary school students packaged as sex education, there is no such thing as a part-time Legislature
- Rep. Mark Finchem, Chairman of the House Federal Relations Committee. 

Last month representative Mark Finchem launched his bid for re-election. This will be his 4th, and last term as your LD-11 State Representative. In Arizona, unlike the Federal government, we have term limits. I have worked diligently to deliver on the 5 commitments I made during the last three elections, which include, 
  • protecting an environment of personal freedom, 
  • promoting economic security, 
  • demanding a debt-free future, 
  • securing safe streets and schools and 
  • funding quality education, voting 5-years in a row for increased general fund appropriations 

Rep. Finchem has sought to hold those who are charged with delivering on the five priorities accountable for how they spend your tax dollars. If you are pleased with the service Rep. Finchem has delivered, please visit the Arizona Secretary of State EQUAL web site and sign his nominating petition today by clicking the link below. 


Proponents of this emotionally driven policy conflate illegal aliens who are 1’s on a "1 to 10" Criminality Scale, with convicted felons who pose a threat to our communities. While the open borders crowd cheers on “The Squad” and their misinformation campaign, the people who live in communities where the cartels do their human trafficking dirty work, and criminals who have ignored their deportation orders, demand safe streets and schools. We can’t have safe streets and schools when drugs flow freely into our communities and violent crime persists. Angel parents have a story to tell that is beyond tragic, their stories were preventable. The LD-11 team of legislators will introduce preemption legislation that requires the cooperation of state and local law enforcement agencies with federal agencies when there is a verifiable deportation detainer issued for convicted criminals. We are not talking about the 1’s on the scale, we are talking about the 10’s on the scale.

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Representative Bret Roberts (R-11) today announced that he will be introducing legislation to strengthen the law against sanctuary cities in Arizona and hold sanctuary cities civilly liable for any harm done by illegal immigrants that are released into the community.
Sanctuary cities are illegal in Arizona, and the penalty for violating the law can range from between $1,000 and $5,000 for every day a city violates the law.
Tucson residents will vote on an initiative in November to officially designate Tucson as a sanctuary city and prohibit city law enforcement from checking immigration status, as required by state law.
“Because one city’s decision to ignore immigration laws could have public safety and fiscal implications for the entire state, there needs to be not only consequences for sanctuary cities in Arizona but also a clear recourse for citizens to seek restitution,” said Representative Roberts. “If its voters decide to make Tucson a sanctuary city, they should be responsible for those costs.”
“Opponents of Tucson’s sanctuary city initiative, both Republicans and Democrats, have pointed to the considerable federal penalties for ignoring immigration laws, which could cost the city millions of dollars every year in federal grants,” said Representative Mark Finchem (R-11). “The penalties at the state level for violating the law need to be just as strong or stronger, and I support Representative Robert’s efforts.”
“The current penalties for sanctuary cities in Arizona don’t reflect the true impact they would have on our state’s education, healthcare, and criminal justice systems,” said Senator Leach (R-11). “In addition to jeopardizing millions of dollars of federal grants and paying for eventual litigation that would result if Tucson decides to declare itself a sanctuary city, stronger state penalties are needed to ensure that taxpayers around the state don’t have to pay for one city’s ill-advised decision. I applaud Representative Roberts for his plans to introduce legislation strengthening our law against sanctuary cities.”
Representative Roberts is still in the process of drafting the legislation, and details have not yet been finalized.

Have you heard the new radio ads?  If you don’t have the iHeart app, you may not hear the advertisement, but it is coming to a radio station near you. The question of civil rights for the not-yet-born babies, in Arizona Revised Statutes “unborn children,” is at the top of the list for many in our state and our nation.  After the attempted infanticide bill that was run last session by our Democrat colleagues, it is clear that we must provide basic protections for our Posterity. We are all, depending on your gestation period, human children when we are born, so are we not human children before we are born?  We will be wrestling with answering the question, when do we receive our civil rights in America?  Clearly we have inalienable rights up to the day we die, but when do they attach to the person?

A lot has been said lately about so called red flag laws, STOP orders and designing a community response to those who are prone to violence before they engage in fatal acts. There are two approaches, emotional and rational. The emotional approach piles even more laws on top of the laws that we already have, hoping that somehow another law will make a difference. This is a favorite of pandering politicians. On the other hand, the rational approach focuses on enforcement elements that we already have in place. In an Op-Ed that Representative Mark Finchem has submitted to the Epoch Times  (an emerging news outlet that refreshingly delivers on investigational journalism, and which Rep. Finchem recommends for unbiased journalism)  he has posed the tough question to Big Tech, if you can use the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify speech from conservatives and block them from a public forum, why not use the technology to identify threatening behavior and profiles; and go the next step of reporting what you know to law enforcement before the threat as opposed to after the threat? Confiscation of property from law abiding citizens will not make any of us safer, but will create a target rich environment for those who do not care about the law or personal rights.

In the next session Representative Finchem will introduce legislation that calls on manufactures of electric vehicle (EV) batteries and solar panels (SP) to begin a life-cycle management program. That means if you make it, you own the decommissioning and safe disposal of it. We are on the front end of what could turn out to be an ecological nightmare if the exotic “renewable” electricity generation equipment is not properly disposed of when it is no longer efficient enough to serve its purpose. None of us wants to be drinking lithium, cadmium, lead or arsenic laced water, so now is the time to design a life-cycle management system for recovering what we can, and making inert what we can’t from SP's and EV batteries. One of the few responsible manufactures of SP’s, First Solar, already has a recycling program. There will be more to come on this in January 2020.
Here is more proof of disturbing political action coming out of Red4Ed and their support for illegal immigration.  

Taxpayers have shelled out big bucks to the so-called “renewable” industry, but what have we actually gotten in exchange for shutting down reliable energy generation stations to make way for much less reliable intermittent generation schemes? Annually, $60 Billion a year has been thrown at jump starting the so-called "renewable revolution."  That's right folks, you are paying twice for the power you get, first in your taxes and then in your power bill!  Take this example as a wake-up call to rational thinkers. Walmart and Amazon are both suing SolarCity, a division of Tesla, for shoddy workmanship and low quality product — solar panels — after 7 of 240 Walmart stores that received subsidies to install solar panels caught fire, causing significant damage to the facilities.

As seen the now deleted tweet pictured above, Superintendent of Public Education, Kathy Hoffman, has not hidden her contempt for school choice. The Superintendent, who has staffed the Department of Education with anti-school choice “Save Our Schools” acolytes, has systematically engaged in administrative deconstruction of the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program, administered by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE). The program serves children who are developmentally disabled, native American and military dependents, in addition to children trapped in one of 45 “F” rated (failing) schools. I have challenged the Superintendent on some of the ridiculous policies that she has implemented to openly dissuade parents from enrolling their children in programs to help their children in a broken system. The latest scheme that has been uncovered is this, when an expenditure is first approved, then later disapproved, and the money sent back to ADE, it is sent back to the state General Fund instead of going back into the student’s ESA bank. In effect, there is a theft of opportunity for the child. Then SOS doesn’t really seem to care about the children and their educational outcome, only protecting the turf of public schools regardless of their performance, good or bad. I am still gathering documentation on this and will provide another update next month.

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