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MAY 3, 2019 The leftists in the Arizona push even further left, mocking the National Day of Prayer, responsible stewardship of personal resources and legislation to safeguard of students in public schools.  

- Rep. Mark Finchem, Chairman of the House Federal Relations Committee. 
With typical style the Democrat Caucus once again mocked the House published order of business. Rep. Kirsten Engel (D-LD10) chose to mock the first order of business, which is “Prayer” with what she introduced as a “poem.” It has become a regular occurrence that many in the Democrat caucus choose to ignore prayer, and substitute tributes to man as opposed to showing reverence for our higher authority, God. The Legislative Prayer Caucus stands in respectful opposition to those who mock members who value faith in something other than fallible man.
Rep. Finchem was a YEA vote on the SB-1349, a bill that provides for tuition savings accounts with tax benefits. The Democrat opposition was highly critical of the bill, instead, calling for all money to go to the state so that everyone can benefit from a college education.
The flaws in the argument are many, but the most glaring is that
some people seek to take their destiny into their own hands and save money to do it.  They don't want to rely on the government -taxpayers- to provide for them. Another prominent argument is that not everyone wants to go to college, some people want to engage in a trade.  Rep. Isela Blanc (D-LD25), a hardcore socialist, railed against private savings paying for higher education. Go figure.

While Rep. Isela Blanc (D-LD 26) vilified SB-1349  the “Family College Savings Program” for bing a program for the rich and privileged, and calling for the money to go to the state for all children, Speaker of the House Russell Bowers (R-LD 25) observed, “The Marxist Dialectic is at work here.” Under that political world view, the money you earn is not yours, it belongs to the State, how dare you use your own money, saved responsibly for a college education that you pay for, without relying on the State to pay for the higher education of your child. The world view of Rep. Blanc represents the socialist output of our major State Universities, which leaves us asking, “Why are we funding such absurdity? What we are seeing play out in Venezuela is the inevitable result of the Marxist socialist world view. 

This is the leadership and policies that will come to Arizona if we continue to elect representatives with these kinds or morals and values.  The Republicans hold a very slight majority of the Arizona House of Representatives and Senate.  We are closer then ever before of having a Democrat controlled legislature.  We need to do everything in our power to make sure that doesn't happen in the next election cycle.
Have you noticed that none of our enlightened thinkers here in America that fawn over the idea that socialism would surely work in such a wealthy nation forget, the current individual national debt stands at $67,664 (at 3:57 PM, Tuesday April 30, 2019). We are not a wealthy nation, but we live like we are, we have elected officials who have literally borrowed us into oblivion. 
Today, prominent Democrats try selling a newer and better socialism to the American people. But there is no such thing. All socialism ends the same way, and it ends badly. We can’t just pretend the 20th century didn’t happen. We can’t pretend the current chaos in South America isn’t happening.
 This has to stop, and that is what you elected Rep. Mark Finchem to do.  He will stop it where he can.

No budget yet, stay tuned…

According to data released today by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Arizona’s real gross domestic product (GDP) increased by four percent in 2018, the fourth fastest growth rate in the nation. Arizona’s GDP growth outpaced that of 46 other states including California (3.5%), Florida (3.5%), and Texas (3.2%). Sectors including manufacturing, real estate and rental leasing, and construction contributed the most to Arizona’s GDP growth over the last year.

“A growing economy means more job opportunities, bigger paychecks for Arizonans and more investments in the things that matter, like education, child safety and public safety,” said Governor Ducey. “Our growth continues to be driven by Arizona’s hardworking employees, job creators and innovators. We remain focused on creating the best economic environment and ensuring sustainable, responsible growth.”

Not only is Arizona’s economy growing at one of the fastest rates in the nation, Arizona's median household incomes recently reached a record high of $61,125. Arizona also recently ranked 
third in the U.S. for economic momentum [1], fourth for population growth [2] and fifth for personal income growth [3]. Maricopa County, Arizona’s largest county, led the nation with the largest population increase [4] of any county in the nation in 2018.

Over 298,000 new jobs have been added in Arizona since 2015, and the state is projected to add [5] another 165,000 new jobs by 2020.

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Border Security is National Security, and it is directly related to Arizona security and our capacity to educate our children and care for Americans in a state of poverty. The flood of asylum seekers is a direct result of the success of socialism, and should be a lesson to those in Arizona, and all across the United States, that socialism inevitably fails. Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley unleashed on Congresswoman Omar for a false narrative attempting to justify socialism saying, "noting that under Maduro’s brutal regime the people of Venezuela are starving, the children are suffering, and families are enduring untold pain.”   See UN Ambassador Nikki Haley's comments here.


Rep Finchem voted YEA on the bill requiring reporting and fair notice of violent children in the K-12 public school system.  It's unbelievable that anyone would be against a bill that's meant to increase safety in our schools.  Every single Dem in the AZ House of Representatives voted "nay" on this bill.
While Democrats are busy demonizing the reporting of violent kids in schools as a “school to prison pipeline,” the Republican caucus voted to support this bill that helps to end the “school to hospital pipeline,” as Rep. Kavanaugh put it in his floor remarks.  

Rep Finchem voted YEA on this bill to move the date of Primary Elections to the first Tuesday of August. The bill states that the primary election is to be held on the first Tuesday in August in any year in which a general election or special election is held and at which candidates for public office are to be elected. This provides more time between the Primary and General elections for voters to consider their choices.  For more information about this bill, you can read it here.

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