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APRIL 26, 2019 Resolving tax policy at the ballot box is never a good idea.  Such is the case with the 4/10ths of a cent sales tax.  Future Legislatures will be bound by law that is made and the unintended consequences will  be many. I do not support the regressive tax increase.  
- Rep. Mark Finchem, Chairman of the House Federal Relations Committee. 
Catherine Barrett is a courageous master school teacher who was duped by the Red4Ed movement.  She has witnessed first hand the out of control political advocacy in classrooms and the hallways where she teaches. Sick of the unethical, and frankly illegal, activity, Catherine filed the "Classroom Code of Ethics" voter initiative yesterday.  We will need to gather 275,000 signatures after Legislative Council reviews the proposition for form and constitutionality.  If you want to help collect signatures on the required petition, send an email at Rep Finchem endorses this move and will be helping her over the next year.
NO ON SCR 1001 AND HCR 2024 
 In a press conference on April 24th, Dr. Kelli Ward, Chairman of the Arizona GOP, came out in support for SCR 1001 and HCR 2024 and called on Republicans legislators for their support of these bills.  SCR 1001 and HCR 2024 would result in over $1 billion of voter-protected, permanent, annual funding directly to our K-12 school districts.  Many Republicans feel blindsided by the chairman of their party coming out in support of higher taxes. 
According to a press release from the Arizona State House of Representatives, K-12 Education funding is nearing is constitutional cap or aggregate expenditure limit (AEL).  “While there’s a false narrative that the state is underfunding K-12 education, the numbers tell a much different story,” said Representative Warren Petersen, Arizona House of Representatives House Majority Leader. “The state has invested so much funding in K-12 education that the Legislature may have to override the cap on district school spending, which has only been done three times before. The difference between then and now is that we are enjoying surpluses instead of deficits.” 
Currently, school districts are only $317 million below the AEL.  Once Gov. Ducey's 20x2020 plan is fully implemented there is a possibility that the AEL will be exceeded.  See the full press release here. 

What does that mean for SCR 1001 and HCR 2024? It begs the questions: What's the money really for? 
Why is Kelli Ward advocating for more taxes imposed on the people when the RNC clearly states, "We condemn any level of government to seize the power of the purse from the people’s elected representatives?" (Republican platform, 2016)   1 billion of your hard earned tax dollars are set to be collected under the guise of education, but will end up being spent elsewhere.

Please call or email your representatives and tell them that you do not support these bills.  Call/Email State Senator Sylvia Allen  602-926-5409 and State Representative Michelle Udall 602-926-4856 who have sponsored these bills and tell them that this is not what republicans stand for.  We do not want any more taxes!
Border Security is National Security
For those who doubt that border security is a government responsibility at all levels, you are wrong. The drugs that flood -not trickle- across our border end up on our streets and in our schools. With great regularity, we read of homicides that are drug and gang-related. Arizona law enforcement agencies from city Police Departments to Sheriff's Offices, State DPS and the Arizona National Guard interact with those who engage in destabilizing activities along our southern border. Operation Stonegarden is just one way that the Federal government partners with Local and State agencies. Ask San Diego city leaders, they will tell you that improved border security equates to improved safety and consequently, improved quality of life.

Last year the Pima County Board of Supervisors was the only county to not accept the Operation Stonegarden funds stating the reason for rejection was because of who is in the White House.  Before 2018, they accepted the funds every year that the grant was available.  It's time for Pima County to stop the childish games and accept the Operation Stonegarden funds as they have in the past.  Operation Stonegarden is essential to help the Pima County Sheriff's Office keep us safe.

If you agree that Pima County NEEDS these funds, please contact the Pima County Board of Supervisors.   
Ramon Valdez (520) 724-8126
Sharon Bronson (520) 724-8051
Richard Slias (520) 724-8126
Ally Miller (520) 724-2738
Steve Chrsty (520) 724-8094

Planned Parenthood and their allies recently challenged a set of three Arizona laws that protect women and their unborn babies. They're not happy that their clinics are closing, fewer medical doctors are willing to perform abortions, and that women are choosing life for their children. "The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution limit the power of the federal and state governments to discriminate. The Fifth Amendment has an explicit requirement that the federal government not deprive individuals of "life, liberty, or property" without due process of the law. It also contains an implicit guarantee that each person receive equal protection of the laws," (Cornell, 2019, Pa. 2).
Personage has already been established under Arizona law, so a serious challenge to the civil rights of the unborn child is likely to be heard next year.

You may recall a few weeks ago a small group of students disrupted a meeting where the U.S. Border Patrol had been invited to present information about their agency and the mission they have been assigned under Federal law. In a press release earlier this week, Rep Finchem and a few other Republicans  in the Legislature voiced their support for President Robbins and the teachable moment that he has provided for students and staff. Our University system is under the rule of law, and President Robbins has pursued a path to ensure that every student has the opportunity to learn in an environment that is civil and conducive to learning. The Pima County Prosecutor, to nobody's surprise, has opted not to approve the charges for Trespass, filed by the U of A police chief.  Rep Finchem has asked the Arizona Attorney General to review the case for jurisdiction. 
In an interview with KVOA, Rep Finchem told the interviewer, "It is not your place to hijack a university of higher education for a political agenda. [Students] are there to learn, not there to tell people what [they] think."  Watch the news story from KVOA

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