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2020 Issue One
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Mary Rose

I am every definition of the word Medium

And here's why...

Definition of medium

1: something in a middle position
2: a means of effecting or conveying something:
3: a channel or system of communication, information, or entertainment
4: a condition or environment in which something may function or flourish
5: a middle quality or state between two extremes; a reasonable balance

(HA!  Number 5 above cracks me up!)

First, I AM in the center/middle position with my work as I am between you (my ah-mazing client) and (Holy) Spirit; allowing me insight and gathering as much help as allowed.
In this position, I try my very best to convey that help to you and to bring you the Love Spirit sends in it's gentle messages.
I am Blessed to be YOUR channel of communication, information (and hopefully do it with a tad of humor to break up the sad or upsetting emotions, when Spirit guides!).
With all of what our sessions bring, I pray to always leave you with more than "enough" so you may not only function - but you flourish!
And last, I am the state between two extremes ~ This professional field and a personal, private life which includes my children.

#5 above ends with "a reasonable balance".  :)   
I will now explain how I will be doing this, moving forward.


* I am now streamlining ALL virtual sessions (one-on-one AND group) to the ZOOM platform ONLY.  Therefore, I am no longer using FaceTime, Skype or Messenger.  Only Zoom

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communication with an easy, reliable platform for video and audio conferencing, chat and webinars across mobile and desktop systems.  It's easy for you (my wonderful clients) to use!  You do not need to download anything!  Simply request your session appointment as usual and I will take care of the rest. :) 

After your Zoom Session request is accepted, I will forward you a "Meeting ID" right to your email inbox.  When it's time for your appointment with me, you simply click that link and we meet, face-to-face online!  If you choose not to meet "face-to-face", you have the option to hold your session thru audio only.  Your choice! 

Ready for The BEST PART?  It can be RECORDED!!!!  Yes, if you choose to record your personal or group session, within minutes of our closing, you will be emailed your own personal link to view, share and download your session.  (Note:  I do not share your specific link with anyone but you!  Very private).  Please note; regular phone sessions are never recorded.

**Another step I have taken to make our communication more effective - and my professional life more organized - is I have disabled my Instagram DMs as well as my MR Facebook Page messaging system.  Please, if you need to update me or reach out for ANY reason (I love when you do!!!!), send me an email to

I am SO GRATEFUL to receive updates from you!!!!  I am also sensitive to responding to your booking and other questions in a timely manner.  However, outside of normal work hours (and sometimes even during the 15 minutes in-between sessions I reserve to allow myself to 'reboot', wipe my tears, grab some water, etc), I found myself trying so hard to answer all of you - but it became overwhelming with so many means; Texts beeping, FB dinging, Insta ringing, and more.  LOL  I pray I have finally responded to you all!  But to be advantageous, I am streamlining all communication one ~ Email.    

I will check that email twice a day - once before daily sessions begin (11am EST) and once at the end of each session day (varies; approx. 7pm).  

On that note - real quick - I am currently transferring my work phone number to a specific business line.  Many text me with updates and questions.  I don't want to miss you!!!  So again, feel free to email me at any time.  You have my promise to receive a reply within the aforementioned time-frame.  

Thank you for understanding! 
My family also appreciates your love, respect
and understanding!  

*** Now that I'm truly taking time to organize, I have opened each day of the week up to be available for you!  During this unprecedented time, I am honored and humbled - more than ever - to seek guidance with you - helping you to heal on every level possible.  

You can check my NEW availability thru my website when looking to book your Session. 
If booking a group (Zoom minimum participants is 3.  In-person minimum participants is 5), please email me for available dates and times specific to your group's need. 

More information pertaining to my YOUTUBE Channel (so exciting to get started!!), The Mystical Moon and reviewing current testimonials / penning your own are located within this newsletter.  

Phew!!  THAT.  was a lot.
I know!  
But hey - we did it!  :)

@Mary Rose, Medium

I am very excited to announce my first YouTube Channel is now up and running!

Please click here to view and subscribe - and EnJoY!

This media platform is going to be a little different than the rest.  
I plan on uploading videos that are far more personal - and fun!

A casual space where I plan to share more testimony as well as describe my insanely wonderful life as a Medium, a mom, and entertainer.  

Locations in Fort Myers and Bonita Springs, Florida

I am truly looking forward to being back at 'The Moon very soon!  Once we receive the official "OPEN for Business" welcome-back, I will be holding, once more, in-person sessions at both locations:
Bonita Springs.  Tuesdays, 11-6pm EST
Fort Myers.  Wednesdays, 11-5pm EST
Fort Myers.  Fridays, 11-3pm. EST

**Please call the individual store to book your session**
**You can not make in-person appointments thru my website.** 

Book with MR Now

Your Quiet Point
I pray you are reading this with a smile and a healthy body.  

Please remember to care for your mind, also!  Negative thoughts and spending time within dramatic conditions will actually LOWER your immunity - causing you to be particularly susceptible to anything, for that matter. 

Notwithstanding those who have suffered or have had a family member suffer with this pandemic, Spirit asks you to Enjoy.  A simple word that is sometimes very difficult to play out.

I heard someone on Instagram repeatedly state that "COVID-19 is RUINING our LIVES"!!   Welp.  Yep.  It is.  And if it isn't, well - it should be.  Here's why:
We should be better than we were before.  We should be taking time to reflect on what matters the most to us.  We should come out of this as a new person with a renewed sense of life.  We need to start anew - and that requires a death to the old.  In ruins, yes.

What a GIFT to spend time with our little children, or perhaps with a partner (or both!), and with ourselves!  A little extra sleep-in time or coffee time each day.   Time to pray and to reflect.  Opportunities to clean our closets or to take that first step in beginning our businesses.  To pen that letter of resignation or even to refresh our professional resume.

To cook more, to bake more - to eat more, God-willing!

To catch-up on our favourite series or to have time to read the latest book!

To ENJOY this time.  
We're not alone.
The world is at one.
Find peace now.  And enjoy it.

Pray for one another.  Continue to find the most creative ways possible to lift each other up!  My daughter and I have used side-walk chalk to write inspirational words on the drive into and out of our community.  I've found myself chatting in the isle of my local grocery store to those beautiful people working to keep us all together.  I've ENJOYED hearing the stories of so many...

So enjoy. 
- to stay healthy. xo



Testimonials (reviews) not only help me uderstanding my Gifts better but they also help others with their decision to book a session of their own.  You need not leave your name or personal information, unless compelled to do so.  I thank you all for taking the time to grant me these updates.  It means more to me than you know.  Thank you!  ~Mar.

To read thru current testimonials or to pen your own, please click here.  :)  

Thanks for Subscribing

The team at Mary Rose, Medium wants to extend a hearty 'thank you' to all of our wonderful readers. You continue to fill our hearts with gratitude and we pray we translate properly who Mary Rose is as a person, beyond Gifted Medium.  If you're not a regular just yet, get to know MR via her LIVE FB segments or check out her Blog section.  And please, feel free to comment and ask questions!  Blessings sent! 
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