Apirl 14th, 2020  

Frenetik Void: 
Post-human Surrealism

Issue No. 5

Each week we focus on a different theme, aesthetic, artist or collection to bring you a dose of inspiration, and a moment to pause and reflect.

The work of Frenetik Void unfolds in a science-fiction environment, a post-human universe inhabited by mutating beings, hybrids in which limits are vanished. The suspended bodies in liquid natures build scenes of surrealistic airs. But if there is something that remains as a constant, it is the presence of humanoids that, as symbolic figures, represent multiple behaviors.

Franco Verrascina (aka Frenetik Void) was born in 1994, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he works and resides. He has been connected to digital technology since his childhood due to his father's relationship with software development. Frenetik Void was born as a result of his artistic exploration in digital art. His works have been shown at many exhibitions including The Wrong Digital Art Biennale, Iconic Biennale and received international awards. 

"As digital technologies change the definition of what it means to be human, the relationship between physical presence, virtual identity and digital corporeality becomes more diffuse."


The sensation of that other "you / someone" controlling your consciousness.
It's taking a breath and separating yourself from yourself.  Who am I? Are we in control? Am I? - I? 


I work with strong emotions driven by emptiness, my 'frenetic void'. I can't really express with words. The creation out of 'frenetic void' is my language and my way of communicating with others. I consider it as a “diary” of my emotional life, bringing daily emotions and putting them out there as I can. Sharing them helps me a lot, I feel very relieved once I 'finish' each piece.”

Humano, racional

The total madness and irrationality of decisions. I was at a time where I saw all the paths intertwined. I felt a hole in my head. Again, this little "me" was "deciding" where to go. "Forging my own destiny". 

“My creative process is to sit down at the computer when I'm feeling that empty something in my body (inspiration?), open 3ds max, load a previous file and start deconstructing and building up something new with what I'm feeling at that moment. It changes every second. I don't know when it is going to end, or how. Knowing would be boring."

The Clairvoyant's tragedy

'Apollo, in love with Cassandra, had promised to teach her to guess the future if she agreed to surrender to him. Kassandra accepted the pact but, once instructed, she refused. Then Apollo spat into her mouth: Kassandra would keep the gift of prophecy, but no one would believe her. '

The virtual humanoids and their body parts were my “first tools” to get to what I was trying to communicate. It was easy for me to feel attached to these empty virtual bodies, filling them up with my own emotions. In most cases I relate these parts to actual pains in the body or some kind of energy I felt there in reality. Each piece makes me remember something, moments when my brain clicked.”


Que me diga Beso

Scene of a dream I had. The fantasy of being accepted. 

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Incómodo (no existo)

Beauty drags the edge of the shadow. Second piece from "The manual for the masochist" series 2019 - (2/2)

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“The fact that the piece becomes unique changes the whole perspective of interaction. We artists all want to live for and from our art, and now it turns out it's possible. There’s a new flavor in creating and collecting that adds purpose."

The white fish

I watched myself crumble down, torn apart. Great pain from rejection. Sometimes you inevitably put yourself through harsh crude pain to move on. Something has to die inside you and leave space for transformation.

SuperRare's community and support are great. I see them constantly pushing forward and evolving. Recent change on royalties sets an example in the whole cryptoart scene where the SuperRare team is clearly hearing and caring about the artists. That's why I put some of my favorite pieces here.”

Torture of the jealous


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