Volume 1, Issue 2 - March 21, 2017
"Getting to the Core"
Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

I was reading this week about the importance of the earth's outer core. Apparently, it provides a magnetic field which extends several thousands of miles outward.  This field provides a protective bubble around the earth which deflects solar winds produced by our sun.  Without the core, these winds would erode the atmosphere rendering our planet lifeless.

Recently, we voted on a vision statement, motto, and four core values: prayer, discipleship, outreach, and multiplication.  
The main purpose of our core values is to protect us from the erosive "solar winds" which the enemy, Satan, strategically attempts to place in our midst.  He desires to render our souls, families, and church lifeless. But as we strive to be a praying church committed to growing in faith together, we can be assured of the promise of God's protection as found in Nahum 1:7, "The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and he knows those who trust in Him."

This week we will begin a new sermon series at Lincoln Amazing Grace.  It is entitled, Getting to the Core! In this series, we will be exploring our four principle core values and their intersection with our faith community.  

The message for this week is entitled, If My People Pray.  This message will not only serve as the first in a series but also as a prelude to our quarterly "Day of Prayer and Fasting" on Sabbath, April 1.  I would invite you to read the short article below written by our Prayer Coordinator, Shenalyn Page for more detailed information. 

May God guide us and bless us as we anxiously await the return of our Lord!

In His Service,

Gresford Thomas
Pastor, Lincoln Amazing Grace Seventh-day Adventist church

text/call: 707-326-2806

New Worship Service
by Shenalyn Page 

Hungry for more of the presence of God? Join us Sabbath, March 25, for our newly revamped worship service. Our worship committee has been prayerfully seeking ways to tweak our service to allow us all to focus more on God and His goodness. You won't want to miss our Sabbath School Bible study time beginning at 9:15 am. Our new Church Family Time will begin at 10:45 a.m. with an exciting video about ways each of us can be involved in serving God. Pastor Gresford will be speaking for the Divine Service starting at 11 a.m. 
Vegan Breakfast/Brunch Cooking Class
by Shenalyn Page 

This Sunday, March 26, dietician and health educator, Kaya Teh, MPH, RDN, CDE (pictured below), will lead a FREE one day cooking seminar.  This seminar will focus on the preparation of healthy vegan meals for breakfast and/or brunch.  The seminar will be held at the Lincoln Better Living Center at 600 McBean Park Drive in Lincoln from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm. For more details and to register, please contact the Center health director, Jennifer Higgins, at 603-498-3278 or  More information about the instructor can be found on her website at

3 Reasons You Should Participate in April 1's Day of Intercessory Prayer and Fasting 
by Shenalyn Page 

On April 1, 2017 our church will be joining Seventh-day Adventists around the world in a day of intercessory prayer and fasting. Our focus is on praying for our fellow church members. Here's why YOU should plan now to participate: 

1. Be part of a miracle! Your prayers for our church members touch heaven and allow God to work in individuals lives in ways that could never happen otherwise. Intercessory prayer is the most amazing, life-changing gift you can give.

2. Be inspired! Our guest speaker, Gregg Stutchman, head elder of the St. Helena SDA church, has a long history as a prayer warrior and could write books on stories of answered prayer. He is a highly praised forensic analyst dedicating to exposing truth. Gregg prays intensely over each case he handles and often sees miracles in answer to his prayers. You'll be encouraged and inspired to make prayer an intimate part of your daily life too.

3. Have a profound experience with God! Fasting (even partial fasting) gives us laser-focus on God and our need for Him. Spending a day praying and fasting will clear your mind and body, help you hone in on God's priorities, and bring you closer to Him. As you seek Him with your whole heart, you will be profoundly blessed by God's grace. 

Details of the Day: We will share a light potluck (bring bread or fruit if you'd like to eat) after the church service. From 1:30-3:30 p.m. we will pray together for each church member, and friends of the church, by name. We will also be writing personal notes to let these individuals/families know we prayed for them today.
New Communication Team
by Barb Lammerding

(Shown above from left to right are: Will Froelich, Monique Donati, Donnie Donati, Barb Lammerding, Pastor Gresford Thomas, Elliot Haas, and Shenalyn Page)

The Lincoln Amazing Grace Seventh-day Adventist church now has a Communication Team. The purpose of the Team is to improve the communication to our church family and encourage our members to share the Word of God and support the vision and mission of our church. Short newsletters will be sent out often to all members, non-attending and shut-in members with reminders to visit the church website weekly ( if possible. You will be receiving a telephone call to ask how you would like to receive the short newsletters: by email, by website or by regular mail. If you have information to be included in the newsletter, contact one of the Team members: Shenalyn Page, Pastor Thomas, Monique or Donnie Donati, Will Froleich, Barb Lammerding, Kristine or Isaak Brunkow, Michelle or Elliot Haas.
Children Help Promote Diabetes Seminar
by Shenalyn Page

On Wednesday, March 8, four of our Lincoln children took to the streets to pass out flyers for the Diabetes seminar and upcoming Financial Peace class. The children spent about an hour taking flyers to homes on and near 1st Street. They also left posters and flyers at several businesses on 1st Street. L to R the children are: Sean Page, Daniel Page, Daniel Cooper and Sonya Page
Reversing Diabetes Seminar Brings Hope to Attendees
by Jennifer Higgins

The Health Ministries Department held its first event of 2017- the Reversing Diabetes Naturally Seminar on Sunday, March 12 from 12-5pm. A vegan buffet lunch consisting of homemade soups, salad and bread was provided and recipes were available for the guests to take home There were approximately 40 in attendance with half of the guests being from the community and surrounding towns. Dr. Clarence Ing offered carotid artery ultrasound testing for $20 to anyone who wanted to check their risk for heart disease. Nurses offered free glucose testing that about half of the participants took advantage of. During the break many participants joined on a power walk around the city block. Mrs. May Ing spoke on nutrition and the brain. The seminar wrapped up with a Q&A period with Dr. Ing where many questions were asked. Door prizes including Amazing Health facts magazines, books on diabetes, and a Newstart cook book were given to guests.
David Ramsey's Financial Peace University
(April 4-May 30)
by Shenalyn Page

Learn God's way of handling money in this life-changing class. You'll learn practical ways to beat debt, take control of your money, build wealth, give generously and secure your family's future. Average financial turnaround for a family is $8000 in just 3 months! Free introductory class on April 4 at 7 p.m. Nine classes in total, Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Full course costs $100. Textbook only is $50. Click below to register online. Space is limited to 20 participants so click below or call the Lincoln Better Living Center at (916) 408-4408.
Register Online
A Merry Heart Does Good Like Medicine...
submitted by Barb Lammerding

Shirley & Marcy
    A mother was concerned about her kindergarten son walking to school. He didn't want his mother to walk with him. She wanted to give him the feeling that he had some independence but yet know that he was safe.
So she had an idea of how to handle it. She asked a neighbour if she would please follow him to school in the mornings, staying at a distance, so he probably wouldn't notice her. She said that since she was up early with her toddler anyway, it would be a good way for them to get some exercise as well, so she agreed.

The next school day, the neighbour and her little girl set out following behind Timmy as he walked to school with another neighbour girl he knew. She did this for the whole week.

As the two kids walked and chatted, kicking stones and twigs, Timmy's little friend noticed the same lady was following them as she seemed to do every day all week. Finally she said to Timmy, 'Have you noticed that lady following us to school all week? Do you know her?'

Timmy nonchalantly replied, 'Yeah, I know who she is.'

The little girl said, 'Well, who is she?'

'That's just Shirley Goodnest, 'Timmy replied, 'and her daughter Marcy.'

'Shirley Goodnest? Who is she and why is she following us? 'Well,' Timmy explained, 'every night my Mum makes me say the 23rd Psalm with my prayers, 'cuz she worries about me so much. And in the Psalm, it says, ' Shirley Goodnest and Marcy shall follow me all the days of my life', so I guess I'll just have to get used to it!'        The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you; the Lord lift His countenance upon you, and give you peace. 

May Shirley Goodnest and Marcy be with you today and always

Please pray that Shirley Goodnest & Marcy go with everyone you love!!! 
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