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We have recieved a lot of positive response and a lot of questions. Those questions we hope to answer in this email. Hopefully sparking more questions and ideas. The latter we need. The first we want. We apologize for the long read, we want to be a clear as possible.

When can I buy shares?

When will you be able to buy shares? Soon, as soon as the company is officially up and all security measures are in place. Within 4 weeks we hope to be able to inform you on how to buy shares.

How long do shares last?

As long you want them to. There is no limit on time, once bought they are yours. Unless you sell or trade them, they will remain in your balance.

How much do shares pay out?

Since there is no EUR-NLG to compare to, we can only guess. Based on Bittrex numbers and expected growth of Gulden we expect Return On Investment to be within 4 to 5 years.

If and when we add more currencies, the ROI will be shorter. Please note that ROI is based on the initial value of the share + 100% profit.

When do shares get paid out?

As soon as there is enough fee to be paid out, a payment will be done. At first that might take a week or a month, when trading picks up we would like to see fees paid out every day and even every hour. The payout will be added to your balance.

What happens if I trade a share?

You get NLG in return. If you trade a share, you cannot get paid out in the next payout round, so make sure you trade a share right after payout.

What happens if you don't sell any shares?

The exchange will be delayed but will go live. There is no end to our determination to make this exchange a success. We believe in Gulden and it’s potential.

What happens to fees?

All fees are divided equally under the 100,000 shares. The revenue from the 90,000 shares we own are used to run the exchange. The other 10,000 shares are owned by you. Those shares get 10% of all fees.

What happens to the other 90k shares?

Those are used to pay for running an exchange. Running one is hard work, security is not cheap and absolutely necessary. If there is enough interest, there might be a second a third tranch of 10,000 shares around the first and second anniversary.

Will you create more shares?

No, there will be 100,000 shares. No more, no less.

Are other cryptocurrencies added?

That is the plan. When or which currencies we don’t know yet, that is up to the shareholders, us, and how interesting a currency is. Shares are meant to make revenue, so adding a currency is based on the amount of trade and profitability.

Who are you/we

I am Rogier Bruggeman, on slack know as RogierB. My linkedin profile you can find at, and yes it needs updating!

As for the term 'we', I hire professionals to assist, teach and correct me. My wife is my backup and we have a trusted friend as an advisor.

How can I help

We can't be a successful exchange without the input of our shareholder, our traders and other Gulden enthusiasts. You can help us:

  • By buying shares

  • By promoting Gulden

  • By promoting the exchange

  • By asking questions

  • By giving your opinion

  • By handing in your ideas

  • By helping test the exchange

  • By being supportive

  • By being an absolute $@*!-te and make us think twice


Do you want to help, have questions, an idea or just want to connect? Please contact us at or connect on linkedin.

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