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Hey everyone! If you haven't had a chance to sign up for this free online summit that starts this Sunday, 13 October, please do so! My lecture will be LIVE on Thursday 17 October, and I would love any support that you can give!

Here are a few words from the organizers of the event, Gina Sager, MD, and Jocelyn Mercado:

"We are all at some level disempowered by the western medical model. We have, both consciously and unconsciously, given up our power to the “experts”, forgetting to trust our body and intuition to stay well. Western medicine has made miraculous advances in many areas, but remains somewhat lacking in honoring the role of unrecognized and unprocessed trauma and emotions in dis-ease, dealing with “mystery illnesses” such as chronic fatigue, lyme, other serious immune system diseases including cancer, and especially in recognizing the power of the mind and heart, the whole of the person and their unique life circumstances and ancestry, to affect healing."

"Chronic stress can take a toll on our capacity to meet the challenges of daily life, and yet we often fail to offer ourselves respite from that stress by honoring ourselves when we clearly needs to do NOTHING, to rest and restore instead of adding 1 more thing to our to-do lists. We have become profoundly out of balance. Balance is a dynamic, organic thing, as is health. It is not a place you arrive at and stay. It requires your moment-to-moment attention to detail and your willingness to hear and honor the subtle, or not so subtle messages of your body, mind and spirit."

"In this healing summit, you’ll learn how to become an empowered advocate for your own life.This is not instead of western medicine, but in addition to, as a partnership, enhancing your healing experience by realizing that you have more power to heal that you can ever imagine."

"The imagery of Western medicine alone is that of pruning a tree-treating symptoms rather than causes, which may be very elusive! But ancient ways teach us to look for the cause, the very root of our Dis-Ease, whether of mind, body, heart or spirit."
"What if the Root cause of our modern dis-ease is dis-connection from heart, from true self, from nature, from whatever you consider source? How then, do we reconnect to all that we need to heal?"

Join us in this FREE online Summit,

Getting to the Root of Modern Dis-Ease:

Merging Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science to Remember Wholeness

October 13-18, 2019

Click here to learn more & register

"This is NOT not a prescriptive event, offering “alternatives” to treat whatever ails you, but a unique opportunity to remember the power that you already possess to affect your own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being by judiciously creating the conditions that allow optimal healing to occur-starting right now."

"Join me, and 26 other visionaries, physicians, scientists, ancient wisdom keepers, energy medicine practitioners, healers from many different traditions, and experienced wise ones as we share our enlightening wisdom, inviting you to shift your view of health and healing into a new paradigm, one that embraces the wholeness that is always present beneath our superficial stories of “brokenness”.

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