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Welcome to the Midsummer newsletter for June. In this issue, you will find the next two upcoming journey classes (Advanced classes are back!), and the most recent Earth Day online healing ceremony. Please scroll all the way to the bottom to ensure you've read the information!

Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp, YouTube, and other social media websites are drastically changing how they populate my Event information and blog updates. As I continue to navigate this very weird world of online marketing/advertising, in the hopes that my information regarding shamanic workshops and ceremonies reaches all of you, I am asking for your help. If you have a Facebook account, and are comfortable doing so, please leave a review of my work with you on my Page here. That plays into Facebook's wacky, constantly-changing algorithms (of which I have zero control). And as Facebook controls many of the other social media sites, it will hopefully have an effect on ensuring that my educational info reaches everyone!

As those of us in the MidAtlantic areas get a wee break from the overpowering humidity and scorching weather, it's time to prepare for some emotionally painful astrological weather coming up in July. We will have two eclipses, a solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd, and a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th. Here are some excellent words to help you prepare:
  • "Eclipses reveal what we need to heal within ourselves. Highly transformative, if we take it up on its offer, Eclipse Season marks a time where we renew our relationship to our life’s purpose. It marks a moment where we gain clarity about what we need to put a stop to. These eclipses, in particular, demand our finest efforts, making clear the conflict we have to work through. They encourage us to purge the emotional, psychological, and interpersonal toxins from our lives."
    • - Chani Nicholas
If you need any support with the difficult-but-overall-empowering energies of July coming up, please email me for an individual, couples, and/or family ceremony appointment. Together we can address these energies within my new healing temple space in Wheaton-Silver Spring, MD.

Many blessings on your month!

Monika Healing Coyote
Join me for the next (Sunday, June 23rd) Open Journey class of 2019 located in Wheaton-Silver Spring, Maryland! This group is open to anyone who has interest in learning how to work with the Spirits for personal growth, self-healing, and connection with the Otherworlds. Beginners to experienced Journeyers are welcome and the address is 2902 Weisman Road, Wheaton Maryland, 20902 (this workshop is local to the Red Line Metro Stations of Wheaton and Glenmont). There is open parking on the street, and please let me know if you have any cat allergies (Skwigi likes to join us).

Our topic changes each month to allow for inspiration via the spirits, planetary movements/pressures, world events, etc. The topic for June will be on New/Updated forms of Protection & Shielding in this modern world. Many folks are awakening to new communications with the Spirits, and are having trouble trying to remain strong in their energies. Come and learn some updated techniques with our Spirits, and the importance of effective practice!

Our workshop is set up as follows:
  1. Payment, attendance, introductions, announcements
  2. Small lecture on the philosophy, occult technology, and background information of the monthly topic
  3. Short restroom break
  4. First journey meditation & sharing of stories
  5. Short snack & restroom break
  6. Second journey meditation & sharing of stories
  7. Thank yous to the Spirits
The cost is $30 (payable via cash, check, or PayPal at the time of class). You don't need prior experience in journey techniques in order to attend! I will provided direct instructions during both Journeys, to help newer folks. For those who have never Journeyed before, or interacted with Spirits, or have figured out a Helping Spirit to work with (animal, plant, deity, etc.), here are a few supports that may help: (guided meditaiton journey)
2019: Working as Co-Healers of our American Culture/microcosm & macrocosm

Are you paralyzed by increasing financial responsibilities, catastrophic climate trauma, and limited healthcare? Are you enraged by fascism, the loss of bodily autonomy, and the reduction in personal sovereignty? Do you want to combine your skills with the techniques needed to protect your home, family, friends, and employment? Are you ready to perceive the long-term patterns of change in our country, and work with the Spirits in order to adapt?

Our Nation is in need, and this working group is designed to help Answer The Call from our Spirits. We will meet together to Journey to our Helping Spirits, to hear Their words, and to creatively work together to forge strong bonds of power and healing. We will also problem-solve ideas for preparing for drastic change, knowing that together we will ENDURE. Our first meeting is set for Sunday, June 30th.

This working group is open to the public, but you must contact the facilitator, Monika Healing Coyote, to ensure that you meet the pre-requisites (see below), and to receive the address. The cost of the working group is $20, payable via cash, check, Google Wallet, and/or PayPal.

PREREQ: In order to be effectively prepared for this type of work, students must have at least six months of Journey work/active meditation experience as well as a strong relationship with at least one Helping Spirit. Clairvoyance (i.e., psychic visualization skills) is not needed as the primary form of communication within the Otherworlds, but students should feel somewhat confident in their ability to discern the difference between Ego Projection and Divine Inspiration.
For those that missed the Earth Day healing on Facebook Live this past April, here is the recording at my YouTube Channel! You are welcome to watch this at any time, and the ceremony is set up so that the Spirits will join you while you view it. STAY TUNED for the next online healing ceremony in July!
Interested in more Monika Healing Coyote events? Her Facebook Page has the most up-to-date listing of each month's events (and you can access it without a Facebook account). Click on the image, bookmark the website, and check on it often!
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