The Community of Practice on Data-Driven Agronomy presents:

'Origin of Asymmetry:
A webinar on the need for standards in
data-driven services for agriculture'
The Community of Practice (CoP) on data-driven agronomy, in collaboration with TechChange is excited to announce that the webinar “Origin of Asymmetry: A webinar on the need for standards in data-driven services for agriculture” will be held November 23rd, at 8.00AM  EST (UTC-5). For more information please read further see below or click here.
We would very much appreciate your attendance and we are looking forward to hearing from you how you think we, as a community, can work on this topic. 
Background information

Origin of Asymmetry: A webinar on the need for standards in data-driven services for agriculture

The nascent industry of data-driven agronomy services is flourishing. Many start-ups are launching services to support farmers with data capture, storing and analysis tools, promising gains in yield, reduced input costs, and increased profits. However, it remains difficult for farmers and their advisors to compare these services and to evaluate how reliable and valuable they are for their activities/business. Indeed, very few Data Driven Agronomy tools provide objective evidence for their claims, and those that do use different methods and indicators, which makes services difficult to compare. Thus, this leaves farmers and their advisory groups with little information to make informed decisions on which tools to use and why.

One solution to this problem may be to introduce validation standards in this nascent industry, seeking such benefits as:
  • Proof that data-driven agronomy tools work and can achieve significant gains in yields, profits, and other important farming outcomes to increase adoption.
  • Fostering competition between the providers to accelerate the innovation and improvements of the tools in terms of accuracy and precision.
  • Increasing trust and adoption by making the DDA service markets more readable, transparent and fair to end users.
The CGIAR community of practice on Data-driven Agronomy wants to invite stakeholders to engage with this topic and debate. Questions to think about include: What are the costs and benefits of validation, and to who? What components of tools need validating most (e.g. data quality, the predictive ability of algorithms)? Are user satisfaction forums (e.g. trust and product review websites) enough to benchmark services and tools, or do we need set industry standards? 

In this first webinar, we want to reveal the need for such standards by exploring the complexity of digital services, getting inspired by similar initiatives in the heal and insurances sectors. The goal of our community of practice is to initiate a rich debate on this issue. This is why the webinar will be highly interactive and with a Q&A session to our three keynote speakers at the end.

Please click here to register for the webinar.

Daniel Jimenez
Community of Practice Leader

Wietske Kropff

Community of Practice Coordinator

Maria Camilla Gomez
Community of Practice Administration
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