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To the Data-driven Agronomy CoP

Dear Members,

Allow me to personally welcome you to our community of practice, and thank you for joining our news list. 

This is the first of many updates detailing what the data-driven agronomy community of practice is working on and the progress we are making.

For this first newsletter, we would like to use this opportunity to tell you more about our vision for the community and to also hear from our members about why this community is important.

We hope you are as enthusiastic as we are for what is in store, as we work together to find data-driven solutions to tackle an array of agricultural challenges.

Daniel Jimenez
CoP Leader

A vision for our community
 "Good data science is about collaboration."

Community of practice leader, Daniel Jimenez, tells about how his chance meeting with a Colombian coffee farmer and influenced his motivation and vision for data-driven agronomy.

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Our strategy
In the underlying picture we depicted the strategy of our community of practice (CoP). Through Joining Forces, Sharing Knowledge and Joint Ventures, we aim to reach our long-term vision. In the next newsletters we will introduce how we will be sharing knowledge and what projects we will be working on, but for now, we will just focus on Part 1: Joining Forces!
Download the full strategy

Part 1: Joining Forces

The CoP is made up of 280 members from the CGIAR and other research institutes, NGOs, the academic, public and private sector. This diversity allows us to create a complete understanding of gaps, priorities, and leverage points for advances in data-driven agronomy. We asked a couple of members from different sectors to share their view of the importance of the CoP here.
A word from our members: Why do we need this CoP?
Manuel J. Oliva 
 Acting Director | Development Resources and Disaster Assistance Division | USDA-FAS 

"The role of the public sector is to advance policies and programs, for the benefit of the public.  With data-driven agronomy, there is the potential to drastically alter how public sector policies and programs are crafted.  A Community of Practice (CoP) addressing data-driven agronomy issues will help ensure that the public sector can meet its diversity of opinion and transparency requirements, as well as develop policies and programs that have greater potential for success.  The CoP,  in turn, will benefit from greater understanding of the challenges faced by the public sector to implement agricultural policies and programs while balancing the broader needs of the public."
Jehiel Oliver 
Founder & CEO | Hello Tractor
"There is no doubt advanced data analytics and precision approaches will have an impact on smallholder farmers' efficiency. The magnitude of that impact – and how quickly technologies can benefit society – will largely depend on the private sector, government, and the public working together.
The data-driven agronomy community of practice marks a significant step toward bringing this positive impact to smallholder farmers. This alliance of thought leaders has the potential to help disconnected communities of farmers access more affordable, dependable, and transparent inputs and services, that will make a real difference in shaping the future of agriculture."
Zia Mehrabi
The UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs  |  University of British Columbia

"All academics want to have impact with their work, so there are three clear reasons to join this COP. 
  1. Developing analysis, algorithms, and data are academics bread and butter, but we don’t do well at scaling our ideas. This COP offers strategic linking with organizations who have the capacity to run with your ideas on the ground.
  2. Academics are creativity machines but have difficulty matching this creativity to relevant questions. This COP brings together diverse stakeholders to set research agendas for maximum impact and is creating maps of potential partners so you know who to engage in participatory design and where.
  3. Academics are paid to think about social and environmental ramifications of social change, while others might not always have time to think deeply about these impacts.
This COP offers the opportunity for academics to help ensure technology in agriculture used for the greater good. So, there you have it, three good reasons to join the COP.  I’m in."
Please let us know if you have any additions or comments!
The importance of this CoP for the Platform
Brain King  |  Coordinator of the Platform for Big Data in Agriculture 

"Integration of data to provide localized, timely support is possible—in fact there have been several such successes across CGIAR and our partners—yet the truly functional end-to-end, learning system remains elusive.  Open innovation and competitive processes have a role in bringing in new perspectives on the problem, but it is increasingly clear that there is also a role for collaboration among researchers, farmers, and firms with deep domain expertise to deliver on the promise of data-driven farming for small holders.  The CoP for Data-Driven Agronomy will fill that void."
Recent joint publications 

Smallholders need access to big-data agronomy too.
Zia Mehrabi, Daniel Jimenez & Andy Jarvis. Nature. 1 Mar 2018

Data-driven farming proves fertile ground for O.R.:
Ramirez-Villegas, Julian, Jiménez, Daniel, Lougee, Robin. 2018. ORMS Today. 20-23 p.

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Upcoming events

CoP session at the
Tech4Dev 2018

27-29 June,  Switzerland
          Platform for Big Data in Agriculture Convention 2018
3-5 Oct ,  Nairobi, Kenya
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Daniel Jimenez
Community of Practice Leader


Wietske Kropff
Community of Practice Coordinator


Maria Camilla Gomez
Community of Practice Administration

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