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September 2019

Dear illustration enthusiasts,

First, a warm welcome to all new subscribers, so glad you're here!
As for news: My last month was very stressful, with two big events and a lot of last-minute prep and finishing of much new artwork. Sadly, the following weeks were rather a lot of emotional drama instead of relaxation, that's also why this newsletter is a bit late, Phew.
I'll spend the rest of September with my dearly beloved Super Secret Project, which happily helps me to relax in major ways. And I'll go back into the art cave right now, I think
Have a nice rest of the month,


Giant poster

I gave a workshop at Veganes Sommerfest Berlin, for which I prepared a giant colouring-book page, which then got painted in collaboratively by the participants. It was great fun and a delight to see that we actually managed to fill the entire canvas with paint in just one single hour. The poster was on display for three days at the festival and spread some good thoughts. It might return next year.

Monstrous Families

This is my newest poster series, which I've been planning on painting for a few years now. It doesn't look exactly like envisioned, but I'll most probably add some more images to the series to try and match my original vision better. Nevertheless, I'm pretty proud of them, because each of them took an enormous amount of time, which I'm not used to spending on single images. This took quite a lot out of me, but, yeah. PROUD.
There are posters and wonderfully huge giant posters of these available in my shop.
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Another small series

Which I won't show just yet :) Next month, folks!

Eurofurence commissions

On my trip into the weird, but very friendly world of furries at Eurofurence, I drew some quick sketch commissions, just like in the two years before. I rarely offer sketch commissions at conventions, because I'm usually too busy behind my table, but as this event is longer than most and pretty relaxed, I make an exceotion here. The four images on top are some of the commissions I did at Eurofurence in 2018 and the five below are some from this year. My favourite among them was a free interpretation of a song lyric line.


The Super Secret Project

Finally back on the Super Secret Project, yay! I'm hoping to be able to finish pre-production this autumn and go into production when winter starts, then I'll also announce what exactly this project is. If you're curious to know about it now however, please have a look at my Patreon and consider supporting me there.
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Global Climate Strike

Not an art event, but art about an event:

If it passed you by: Tomorrow, Friday 20 September, people everywhere in the world will leave their workplaces and lunch breaks for a Global Climate Strike with probably historical proportions, demanding their governments to finally tackle the climate crisis as determinately as they can. Please come join us on the streets, this concerns absolutely everybody and it needs absolutely everybody. If you can't make it on Friday, there will be more events during the following week.

Here's some related activism art. There will most probably be more to come in the future.
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