Little animal portraits // Outcome of the postcard swap // An old experiment // Easter posters
April 2020

Dear illustration enthusiasts,

I hope you're all keeping your heads up in these weird times, do not have to worry and are staying healthy. My work is being impacted by the Corona measures as weill. Some events and jobs are being cancelled, others go slower tha usual. But other people are being hit harder, and as I'm used to working from home, quarantine measures do not worry me that much.
Here is this month's newsletter which will hopefully provide you with a few nice thoughts.



Little animal portraits

These two tiny portraits show animals who lived with me until recently. Although the first one isn't quite that: It's an attempt to paint one of my long-time flatmates, former lab rabbit Hamlet. But I'm not happy with the likeness in the picture. I always wanted to paint all of my animals in little portraits, but monochrome ink seems not to be the right medium to do that. Maybe I will be able to decide on another medium at some point.

The blind cat is Tari, whom I took in to foster on short notice. It was nice to have her here and I learned a lot from her, but it's even nicer that by now, she has found a new forever home.

Outcome of the postcard swap

The second picture is the entire flood of postcards that reached me as answers to my hedgehog postcard swap. The third picture is a number of additional cards kind people sent me throughout winter, and I found it sort of unfair to not show them as well. The majority have been designed by the senders themselves, most of the rest are animal protection or animal rights cards. A few people earned bonus points for even combining the two, bravo!
Behind these links you'll find the names and profiles of most of the senders, if you want to find out more about the artists:
Instagram artists
Twitter artists
Facebook artists

An old experiment

A strange pattern experiment from 2015 I found on my computer. I never showed it online, but I thought a few of the variants might fit a little with the current zeitgeist.

Easter posters

Big Easter celebrations might be cancelled for this year, but the event still remains a terrible thing for all sorts of animals. Here are my Easter posters from past years and links to their files. Feel free to share them in your circles. I do not have English language versions of the bunny posters yet, though. (If you need some, please tell me.)
This Easter
Ich bin ein Lebewesen (I am a living being)
Stubenarrest (House arrest)


More invisible things

For this month, I'm planning work on several cookbooks (let's hope it stays that way, this spring is full of insecurities), finished a private commission and start into a new, exciting phase of my Super Secret Project.
Unfortunately without being able to show any pictures of these processes in the newsletter. They will be seen later.
All about the Super Secret Project on Patreon


Well ...

After I was so confident in the last newsletter that my exhibition at the end of May would most certainly take place, right now there's of course no telling what will happen to any of my summer events. Like everyone, I'm hoping normality will return to the event scene (and all others) very soon.
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