Mermay 2020 // Cookbooks & knights // Solo exhibition!
July 2020

Dear illustration enthusiasts,

Again two months without newsletter … Maybe I should change its title? At least, today and now there's a new issue!
I painted quite a lot for clients these past months, but most of it is still under lock and key. In autumn I will be able to present a few new books though. Apart from that and very much on the side, a complete illustrated story got finished, so read on below.
Stay strong everybody,



Mermay 2020

Mermay is a yearly call-out to artist to create mermaids throughout the month of May. I painted my first mermaid this year in the beinning of the month and decided to tell a little story with her. In the middle of May I had to stop again due to lack of time, and could only finish it in June. The story is nothing grand, but I could use it for some painting experimets. And I'm happy it's finished now.

And something small

Nothing special, just a little brush test.



A small preview for one of the cookbooks I'm working on at the moment :> They will keep me busy for a few more months.

Super Secret Project

My project continues and is making great progress. At the moment still only visible to patrons, by autumn / winter hopefully for the rest of the world, too. I also just finished working on a very deep explanation of my digital painting process which I'll post on Patreon this week.


Solo exhibition:
Ein Tier ist auch nur ein Mensch, Berlin, starting 31  July 2020

Incredible, an event is allowed take place!
It's a solo exhibition of my artwork, and it will run for two months. I will show prints of my series Morph, Monstrous Families, Recipe with no Animal and two other works at Begine in Berlin. You're welcome to join the vernissage on the evening of the 31st, but please do announce yourselves beforehand by sending a message to me or to Begine! Due to the Corona measures, we have to manage the number of people in the room and need to know who will be there beforehand.
There ist a speciality about the pace: It is for women only. (Sorry for all non-women, I do not make the rules there.)

Event: Ausstellung: Julia Beutling - Ein Tier ist auch nur ein Mensch
(Exhibition: Julia Beutling - An animal is just human, after all)
Venue: Begine, Potsdamer Straße 139, 10783 Berlin
Vernissage: Friday, 31 July 2020, 7pm
Exhibition running until: the end of September
Opening hours: Mo – Fr 5pm – 11pm, Sa & Su according to the programme
More info: website Begine, Facebook event
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