Winter card and giveaway / Veggienale Berlin
January 2020

Dear illustration enthusiasts,

There was no newsletter in December, and this January issue will be very brief as well. Right now, my iofe is way more stressful and shorter on time than usual. In times like these, I pretty much shut down my online presence, and I also create hardly any persoal artwork at all. I've got two tidbits to announce though, and I hope they'll bring you (and me) some good thoughts.



Winter card and giveaway

As every year, I painted a winter picture, even though it had to spend almost three weeks on my desk until it could finally be finished.
As every year, I've had postcards made of it,
And as every year (apart from last) I'm giving some of them away!

If you want to receive this postcard in the mail,
with a stamp and a postmark and a text from me, then please do the following:
Send me a postcard as well!
- one for which you created the artwork yourself OR
- one with animal rights or animal protection imagery on it (because this makes me happy ;))

Just send an e-mail to (or just answer this e-mail) with your address, I'll give you mine in return and each of us will get some mail, hooray!
I'll be sending out my cards in the beginning of February. The last day for sending me messages regarding this giveaway is 5 February.


Veggienale, 25 & 26 January, Berlin

This weekend, I'll be an exhibitor at a vegan fair which comes to Berlin for the first time. As usual, I'll take posters, postcards, prints and a few books, probably my sickers will make it there as well.
If you're interested in the event, you can send me an e-mail and I'll give you a coupon code with which you don't have to pay the full admission.

Event: Veggienale & Fairgoods, Messe für pflanzlichen Lebensstil & ökologische Nachhaltigkeit, 25 & 26 January 2020
Venue: Loewe Saal, Wiebestraße 42, 10553 Berlin
(U9 to Turmstraße or U7 to Mierendorffplatz, then Bus M27 to „Wiebestr./Huttenstr.“)
Opening hours: Saturday & Sunday 10 am - 6 pm
More info: website, Facebook event
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