Small Myths / Making of Monstrous Families
October 2019

Dear illustration enthusiasts,

What nice things did you do in September? Go demonstrate? Enjoy the last days of summer? Put up a squirrel feeding house in front of your home? Me, too. I also did lots of work for my Super Secret Project. Which I can't show yet. Taddaa! In order for you to see at least a few new images in this mail, I'll just introduce you to my new little series before the rest of the internet.
Go take what autumn has to offer (much rain and pumpkin dishes?) until we read again next month,



Small Myths

Actually not "just finished", but at least not presented to the internet yet. This little series in coloured ink was first shown to the public at Eurofurence in August. I've got another hand full of sketches of small mythological creatures prepared for this set, which will most probably add to the series soon.

Making of Monstrous Families

Step by step towards the final monster posters. Because this series got created entirely digitally, I can't give too much enlightening info about its painting process, but I think the images speak well for themselves. I almost always start out very rough and then work my way towards the details … and in this case finalizing them took a loooong time.
posters in the shop


The Super Secret Project

Still secret and still only on Patreon, but it's coming along very well. I think by the end of the year I can finally give away what this is all about.



No public events are planned right now.
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