Coy Mermaids / Magazine illustration
November 2019

Dear illustration enthusiasts,

This edition of the newsletter is not only a little late, it's also pretty short. The reason is that I spent my last month as a very busy shut-in, working on my Super Secret Project, and really not creating a lot of artwork outside of the project. I hope to be able to create a little more seperate art next month.

Until then, have yourselves a nice autumn, go to the climate strike on the 29th and we'll read again in December.


Coy Mermaid

This green mermaid is the third in a series I've been painting for my grandpa in the past years. They were actually meant to form a triptych, but I'm not happy with how this last lady sits next to the other two. Maybe I'll just add another one next year, or I'll paint her again in different colours. We'll see.

Magazine illustration

I created this drawing for an article in the newest issue of T.O.F.U. Magazine, which is filled with critical thoughts on capitalism. Here are the links to their website and shop.


The Super Secret Project

I'm still busily busying myself with this one and am making very good progress.
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I'm much happier right now being creative than strolling around at events, so there are no plans for any at the moment.
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