Ink flowers // Secret stuff
March 2020

Dear illustration enthusiasts,

The newsletter was paused in February, simply because I did not have a lot of finished pictures to show for. There was also too much going on in my life, so I couldn't concentrate on making more art in my free time. Even my Super Secret Project, forever bubbling in the background, had to take a break, along with my Patreon. Now I'm picking up all the threads again and hope to be able to show a little more in the next months.

Have a nice beginning of spring,


Ink flowers

All three flowers were gifts, painted in coloured ink and only as big as a postcard. The rose and wild chicory have glittery petals in the original painting, but for the mallow I did away with that.
The glitter effect was in fact there, but it wasn't as convincing as I had hoped. The dark background is very shiny and comes to the fore so much that the glitter particles hardly get recognised next to it. But I won't give up my gold and silver ink yet - one day I'll find the right application for them!


Secret stuff

At the moment I'm working on private commissions and will soon start with a new book for a publisher, but can't show anything from both of these things yet.
And even if it starts to get monotonous: My Super Secret Project is still running, still in secret and still making nice progress. It's just very big and takes some time.
more about the Project on Patreon



For this year, I can already announce a few events. They aren't many and all of them are in my town, but I'm sure they will be very nice:
  • One exhibition in Berlin, starting at the end of May (everything I'll show there has already been published), as well as
  • two August events in Berlin which I frequent regularly: Veganes Sommerfest and Eurofurence.
Let's hope that big events will get allowed again in summer. The exhibition of course has a much smaller scope and will definitely take place.
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