March EIHOA Newsletter
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Exotic Isle Newsletter: March

Howdy, neighbors. It was great to connect with everyone who was able to attend the annual HOA meeting in February. I've posted the minutes to the website, which can be accessed using the link button at the bottom of this newsletter. 

I'll be sending out regular newsletters rather than the group emails we've used in the past for island news including maintenance progress updates and neighbor news. There will still be emails if there is a more urgent communication, like tram or barge maintenance updates that affect homeowner travel plans.

Meet Jerry Bob Morrow

The island has a new caretaker! Jerry Bob Morrow works variable hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Jerry Bob was born in Fort Worth, where he lived most of his life. He's been a permanent resident of Matagorda for three years, but has lived all over, including New Zealand. 

He and his wife, Cindy, have been married for 31 years and have three daughters, nine granddaughters, and one great granddaughter (Wow, that's a lot of girls). To balance that out, he has an adorable male rat terrier-mix named Chuck. 

Jerry Bob has been a truck driver, brick layer, carpenter, electrician, and taxidermist! He's available for small home repairs and handyman jobs during his off hours (no heavy lifting, please). Contact him if you need something handled: 254-224-2184

Garbage Collection

Garbage will be collected on Mondays and Fridays. Put all garbage in critter-proof cans outside your home for collection. Please, do not put your garbage on the road in plastic bags (I'm not speaking on behalf of the raccoons and possums, of course).
The Pool

If you were at the meeting, you know that the pool has been resurfaced, new Kool Deck applied to the surround, and the filter replaced with one appropriately sized for our existing pump, which we were delighted to discover is in fine shape and will not need to be replaced--it just needs some new gaskets.  

The pool is GORGEOUS. Check out that vivid shade of blue! 

Chemicals and Cleaning: 

Laine Lindsey has volunteered to be our resident pool guy and will be taking care of the maintenance of the pool. If you see anything that needs to be addressed, please tell Laine about it (713-229-9898). Please do not make any adjustments or add chemicals to the pool on your own. We have a chlorine injection system now, and Laine skims and checks the chemistry regularly, so we should not have any problems. 


We also have a new Polaris. The plan is to run it at night and remove it during the day, but if it is in the pool, please do not mess with it. I know from first hand experience, a Polaris is a kid favorite which does the gears no favors.  


The Kool Deck surface is fantastic on the feet, but vulnerable to damage and chipping from heavy pool furniture. Please do not drag furniture across the new deck. Pick it up and move it. We're looking into plastic bumpers/covers for the feet of the chairs and loungers. 
The Parking Lot, Barge Slips, and Barge

Huge thank you to Mando Badillo, who has brought in some heavy equipment, scraped the parking lot, and added some material to level it. He has also leveled the lot south of the barge slip and cleared some of the lot to the north.

Mando's men dug out the barge slip on the Selkirk side that had silted in to the point it was unusable. He will be shoring up the pilings on the slip so that the barge once again fits inside it. 

The Barge: As for the barge, the lower unit has been reworked, some welding completed, new wenches installed, running lights added, and the barge is in great working order. If you drive the barge, please drive it slowly. Ripping it into gear to reverse direction is one of the reasons the lower unit needed a rebuild. Laine and Jerry Bob are happy to drive you across. Call Laine to arrange a time. 713-229-9898. 

The Tram

If you've ridden the tram recently, you know that the sheet of metal in the bottom had rusted through. The rusty floor panel has been replaced and a textured, weather-resistant paint applied. 

There's Nothing like an Exotic Isle Sunset! 

No filter or edits on these photos. The sky was on fire: 

Member News

Deepest condolences to the Hughey family on the passing of two-time resident, John Hughey, and to the Groth family on the passing of Kathy Groth. 

Newsletter Email Address Corrections and Additions

If you would like to change the address to which this newsletter is sent or add a second one, please click the link below and fill out the form. It will automatically add the requested address to the list. Magic! 

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Send Me News! 

I would love to announce member news monthly (births, graduations, family stuff). If you have any interesting, important, or amusing news, please email me using the mail button at the bottom of the page, or send to and I'll put it in the next newsletter. I would also love photographs, both new and old taken on the island to share. 

Please notice the three buttons below. EIHOA has a brand new Facebook page (far left button) that needs some likes. The button in the middle links to the Exotic Isle Website. The password is 2013Isle to view  member only content.

I can be contacted through the email button on the far right, which is the Exotic Isle official email address (, or you can use my personal email,

Hoping all of you have a lovely March. 

Mary Lindsey

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