April EIHOA Newsletter
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Exotic Isle Newsletter: April

Howdy, neighbors. 

Spring is here, and the birds and toads know it. So far, the majority of mosquitoes haven't gotten the news, so you should come down and enjoy the lovely weather before they figure it out. 

Meet the Juhl's 

Jimmy and Penny Juhl are the newest additions to Exotic Isle and own the house between the Arnim's and the Dorr's.

Penny works for Memorial Hall School and Jimmy works for Gulfcoast Pavers in Houston. Jimmy was a pitcher for the A&M Baseball Team and graduated in '74. He's well known in the Sporting Clays World for his National and International accomplishments. The Juhl's have been married 20 years and have 5 boys and 5 grandchildren between them. 

Welcome to this lovely family that comes down often and loves to boat. Glad you've joined us, Jimmy and Penny!
The Pool

Pool is looking great and is ready to go! You should take advantage of the crystal clear water and beautiful weather. 

 If you see anything regarding the pool that needs to be addressed, please tell Laine about it (713-229-9898). Please do not make any adjustments or add chemicals to the pool on your own.

The Tram

Laine will be changing the tram codes in the next month and will contact each of you with regard to your new code. Until you have been contacted personally, your existing code will work. 

First Exotic Isle Fish Story: How big was it, Garrett? 

Garrett Lynch is a senior at Rice University graduating in May with a degree in Geophysics. He caught his first fish on the Porter's dock about 21 years ago and it was "thiiiiiiiiis big!"  
photo courtesy of Skip and Biddie Porter

I'd love to feature a fish story or two every month. Send me yours at or you'll be forced to look at my kids' fish stories every month from now on. 
Spotted on the Island

Moths, More Moths, and A Soon to be Moth! 

One of the most spectacular things about living on the island is the large variety of wildlife--in the water, in the air, in the trees (and sadly, sometimes in my walls. Boo, mice). 

This Luna Moth was hanging out on the side of the house. This gorgeous creature only lives as a moth for a week and doesn't eat after the larval stage (It has no mouth parts. Yikes). It was over four inches across. More can be found here:

This Tersa Sphinx Moth was clinging to my upstairs deck screen. He was super hairy in person with a lovely white face. Yes, I just described a bug as lovely. More here:

Check out this cool Io Moth. Love the eyespots used to confuse predators. "I'm big, I'm bad. And I'm lookin' at ya." It had fabulous, intricate antennae. More here:

This was the all-time winner of the creepy crawly contest. This fat guy morphs into a yellow and purple Imperial Moth. Really, it does. The picture doesn't convey how gigantic it is... and heavy. There are several varieties of Imperial Moths. More here:

Side note: These amazing creatures are why I don't use any insecticides or mosquito fog in our yard. We sprayed our trees once, and there were dead moths everywhere the next morning. Dead birds the following day from eating the poisoned insects. I'll slather myself in Deep Woods Off and live with the bagworms in the trees and swarming mosquitos, thank you. I know, "preachy," but I can't help it. I love dem bugs. 

Send me your pics! Please send me some cool Exotic Isle wildlife photos you have for future newsletters. Am particularly interested in featuring the peacocks that were here fifteen or so years ago. 

Send Me News! 

I would love to share fish stories and announce member news monthly (births, graduations, family stuff). If you have any interesting, important, or amusing news, please email me using the mail button at the bottom of the page, or send to and I'll put it in the next newsletter. I would also love photographs, both new and old taken on the island to share. 

Please notice the three buttons below. EIHOA has a brand new Facebook page (far left button) that needs some likes. The button in the middle links to the Exotic Isle Website. The password is 2013Isle to view  member only content.

I can be contacted through the email button on the far right, which is the Exotic Isle official email address (, or you can use my personal email,

Hoping all of you have a lovely April. 

Mary Lindsey
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