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Explore the World, One Class at a Time

Spring is the season of fresh air and new beginnings. As we hit the two year mark of the pandemic, it seems like everyone could use some inspiration and new possibilities.

Each class is like going on a little adventure, a pathway to a new opportunity. Explore a wide variety of topics, from language & travel, to art, science, technology, job skills, photography, and many more, to experience more of this amazing world.

Most classes are online and begin in April. Boatingwoodworking and a few others will be meeting in person, so be sure to check details for each class. 

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New & Seasonal Classes

Travel Photography

Create spectacular photos with good preparation and creative thinking on your next trip -- even if it's just around the block.

Yoga Teacher Training - 200 Hour Certification

Deepen your own practice and get certified to teach others! This rewarding intensive yoga teacher training program is online. 

How to Build Habitable Planets

As we stand on the verge of discovering habitable worlds elsewhere in the galaxy, learn how planets become capable of hosting living ecosystems. 

Accelerated Project Management Certificate

Gain experience using a practical approach to project management that can be applied immediately to your workplace. 

Building a Product Based Business

Ready to be your own boss? Workshop your business idea and develop the basic tools of starting a business plan in this hands-on class.

Indoor Farming Basics & Intermediate

Learn how to grow fresh food indoors at home (or for your business) with hydroponics, with a low-cost DIY system or a fancy high-tech setup. 

Translation & Interpretation

Bilingual? Put your language expertise to work! Learn how to become a professional translator or interpreter. Find out more: FREE Info Session on April 4.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Learn how to capture, analyze and display geographic data. Topics include urban growth, forest planning, construction, food security, real estate, and more. 

120 Years of Dance in The Movies

Enjoy watching spectacular dances in old and new movies, and explore the fascinating ideas that are reflected about society.

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