Dearest Yoga Fam,

It's been awhile since I've sent one of these out... I've written several, and yet never quite felt ready to hit the SEND button. As we creep into the final month of 2020, I've got so much to say... and yet putting my thoughts into words has been... well, it's been a challenge.

I'll be honest... I'm growing tired of our new reality. I've been dreaming of retreats, steamy studio classes, live music... I miss seeing people SMILE, and not just imagining their smile that is hidden behind a mask. On that note, I've got quite the mask collection now, and after months and months I've finally found a hand sanitizer I can stand... kind of.

OK, but all jokes aside... the pandemic life has been a challenge. I've been working on finding acceptance for what IS, and really trying to transition gracefully into the uncertainty of what will be. I am super excited to share new offerings as 2021 approaches. I haven't been sending out newsletters, but I have been pouring my heart into how to continue to offer myself to this crazy world. Stay connected my friends... I will have some new styles of virtual options offered in the new year, as well as a few live offerings on stand by.

We've got a month of this year left, let's connect on our mats! Danielle & I are still offering 6 classes weekly on the ZOOM screen-- come practice with us! Schedule and those damn ZOOM links and Meeting ID's are listed below!

Thank you for showing up, for donating, and for walking this path with me.

Forever grateful & always weird,

The good news... Your pets and kids are welcome! 
For now, we will keep the "waiting room" option for classes, rather than a password.
Please sign into class on time, so that we can let you in! 

Donate what you can! Large donations are always shared between us.
Venmo: @yogawithkelliann @danielle-kelleher-5

Share our schedule with friends and help out community grow!


Tuesday& Thursday w/ Kelliann
Friday w/ Danielle
8AM ~ 60 minute ~ All-Level
Meeting ID: 838 611 251
Click HERE to join!

4:30PM ~ 60 minute ~ All-Level
w/ Kelliann
Meeting ID: 907 323 566
Click HERE to join!

11AM ~ 60 minute ~ All-Level
w/ Danielle
Meeting ID: 737 9859 1453
Click HERE to join!
Check out our YouTube!
I am sure most of you remember Joel Gordon, a regular 9AM yogi from the Vibe/Core days... During SIP, he completed a training in Yoga Nidra, and would love to share his offering with all of you! 

Unfamiliar with Yoga Nidra? Read more about it below and if interested head on over to my YouTube page to experience a free 20 minute session led by Joel himself. 

Joel would like to offer regular 35-45 minute Yoga Nidra sessions for the community, and we would love your feedback on the best time to do so. Fill out a quick survey HERE, letting us know your thoughts!

What is Yoga Nidra, How is it Different from Meditation, and What Does It Do?

Yoga nidra is a state of profound, conscious relaxation.  It means yogic sleep – a state of conscious, deep sleep. In meditation, you remain in the waking state of consciousness and focus the mind.  However, in yoga nidra you leave the waking state of consciousness and enter the deep sleep state, while remaining fully awake and alert.

This may seem impossible, yet this is what happens in yoga nidra, where all levels, including the conscious and unconscious mind, are deeply relaxed.  In fact the mind is more relaxed in this state than in typical deep sleep.  

Most of us have experienced the reverie between waking and dreaming sleep states, which has a brainwave frequency known as alpha.  In yoga nidra the brainwave frequency is delta, slower and more subtle than alpha.  In the waking state, our minds are normally active, even if in a relaxed way; likewise in the dreaming sleep state, our minds are still very active.

But in the deep sleep state, the activity of the mind recedes into the silent space from where our thought patterns arise, and where memories are stored. In deep sleep, our senses and our lower mind also recede back into that silent space. Yoga nidra is not only deeply relaxing, it is also an important state for spiritual practices, used by yogis to examine thought patterns in their latent, non-active form. 

These deep habit patterns, known as (samskaras), are the driving force of all our actions, or karma. Yoga nidra is a tool for examining, reducing and eventually eliminating our habitual negative responses and actions that may inhibit our development.

In yoga nidra we sense the awareness that is beyond the activity of our minds.  At first, we may not reach the state of yoga nidra itself.  It doesn’t matter.  The experience of yoga nidra may come soon, it may come later, but it will come with practice.  The nature of our sleep will change and become more conscious when we want it to be thus; on going to sleep, it becomes easier to quickly go into a very deep sleep state. The quality of our sleep will improve, providing deep rest.

Yoga nidra is a state of consciousness, it is not the practices or methods that lead us to this state. Our practice of these methods will gently lead our attention inward, allowing the activity of the mind to still as you approach the state of conscious deep sleep.

In practice you will systematically explore your body, then move through 61 specific points within your body, and then move to breath awareness. Finally your attention comes to the heart center, where attention rests during deep sleep.  You will then be invited to go deep into the stillness and silence, completely letting go of thoughts, words, images and impressions in the mind.  This process of emptying leads to the state of yoga nidra, conscious deep sleep. There will be a period of complete silence as you rest in deep stillness. 

Participants will need only a mat (or even a mattress), a small blanket for under the head and perhaps a bolster for placement under the knees (you get the idea: we’re going for complete, maximum comfort).  This session will be provided at no cost.  

Bear is large, majestic, and, well, let's be real... a little intimidating too. The bear is known as a powerful healer, symbolizing both introspection and intuition. This animal asks us to "go inside" to discover the instinctual wisdom that lies within each of us.

As I reflect on our current state in relation to the bear, I am drawn to the bear's annual hibernation. Bear knows that the effort needed to withstand the winter is just not worth the fight. Instead, retreating away for the winter is what gives the bear the ability to survive, and to see another Spring season.

You see, Bear is wise enough to see the opportunity that hibernation offers... By hibernating, the bear escapes scarcity or death, and instead is able to transform into a more youthful and vibrant creature who is ready to swim in the calmer streams that lie ahead.

Bear reminds us of a choice that we all have: We can fight to hold onto what life was or simply is not, or we can take the time and courage to retreat, and to grow and develop new ways of living and thriving. For Bear, hibernation isn't actually sleep- it is a safe place to dream and to transform. Did you know that bears even give birth during hibernation? Their cubs are born and though the entire family is only semi-conscious, the cubs are able to nurse and grow until Spring when they can all emerge safely. How's that for a power nap?

This year has been filled with change, most of which was entirely unexpected. We have all experienced a level of grief, as much of life as it was, has been lost. I think many of us feel like we have been in "hibernation" since March. As we head into colder months, now is the time to ask yourself both what has happened, and also what can still happen, within your den of dreams...

The bear totem reminds us to go inside, and to recognize times in life where being more reclusive is needed. These are the moments where it is time to hide away, and to give birth to the dreams waiting to be found within you.  

When out of balance the bear is heavy, lethargic, & lazy. Resisting what is, and indulging in what is easy....  When in balance, Bear is strong, and inspired to grow and transform, even amidst rocky paths and unappealing terrain. 

The bear is most powerful in the Spring & Summer, and so as we enter into Fall, we are entering into Bear's more vulnerable months. Though we may feel like we have been hibernating all Spring and Summer long, now is the time to contemplate how we can close our year with integrity, growth, & vision. What will you give birth to come Spring? Bear asks you to set your intentions in the upcoming months, for the dreams you hope to fill your winter with.
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