Today we celebrate Winter Solstice. It is the shortest and darkest day of 2020, and yet it is a day to celebrate a new solar cycle, a new beginning if you can allow for it. We have all experienced a year of unexpected shifts~ a combination of grief and also growth. It is a time to reflect on what you are releasing, and also a time to plant seeds for what you hope to see grow as we transition into a new year, and eventually into Spring.

Winter is a time to go inside… to look at what lies within your shadows, and to set healthy boundaries for yourself as you prepare to emerge into Spring. Reflect on the past year and choose to plant the seeds that will help you to grow and move forward towards a direction that is desired.

I am excited to share more virtual offerings with you as we move into Winter, and have many in-person offerings in the works for when the time comes. Thank you all so much for your continued support, love, and positivity! You all make my life so very rich, and I am hugely grateful for our community.

With so much LOVE & GRATITUDE,


January 10th - January 20th

10 days of connection, reflection, mindfulness, & clarity.

Kelliann & Molly invite you to join them for 10 powerful days of personal and communal connection. We suggest it as a reset. We suggest it as an opportunity to detox from the challenges faced in 2020. Commit to 10 days of mindfulness surrounded by a community of support. This is an opportunity to go inward- to grieve what has been lost and then celebrate what has been gained. Begin 2021 with clarity, purpose, and strength.

Cost: $100 ~ This is only $10/day!

Each day includes:

  • An Affirmation or Mantra

  • Writing prompts to help you explore the both the challenges/obstacles & the growth/opportunities presented to you in 2020. Our vision is to help you develop a map to move forward with intention in 2021.

  • Animal Medicine to integrate into your daily life

  • Healthy Recipes & ideas for how to integrate a more healthy lifestyle with ease!

  • Self Care Rituals to support your physical & emotional body, as well as for your home and/or work space.

  • Chakra Alignment & Exploration

  • Virtual Support Group ~ we will ALL be going through the same retreat individually and will support each other as we go through the process via shared perspectives and experiences

  • We will be offering Opening & Closing ceremony, as well as a mid week check-in, which will include but not be limited to yoga led by Molly & Kelliann.

Interested in learning more of signing up? EMAIL us to schedule a phone call or simply ask questions or click the link below to register today!


All Classes are by DONATION! We teach to support our community, and understand that we are all able to give differently. The winter months are more difficult for us as we are unable to offer classes outdoors. Please donate, every bit helps us to survive and we are forever grateful! All large donations are split between us. Feel free to donate by class, or to send weekly or monthly donations.

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Morning Forrest Flow
Wake up and move with us!
All-level Forrest Inspired Vinyasa

Friday w/ Danielle
Tuesday/Thursday w/ Kelliann
8AM - 60 minute - All-Level
Meeting ID: 838 611 251

Afternoon Delight
The perfect afternoon pick me up!
All-Level Forrest Inspired Vinyasa

Monday/Wednesday w/ Kelliann
4:30PM - 60 minute - All-Level
Meeting ID: 907 323 566

Weekend Jam
Sleep in, you deserve it! Then meet us on your mat!
All-Level Forest Inspired Vinyasa

Sunday w/ Danielle
11AM - 60 minute - All-Level
Meeting ID: 737 9859 1453

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