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May 11, 2020

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Links to Expand the Mind

1. Live Music. There's nothing like the experience of enjoying a band you love perform live. It's not just dozens or hundreds or thousands of people watching a band. There's something deeper. The music, the crowd, the band, at a certain point in the night they all start becoming one thing. Everyone hits the same frequency and they're riding the same wave. There's a spirit to those nights.

Passing Thoughts & Ideas

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1. I am playing nobody’s game except my own. I’m also prone to forgetting this.

2. I'm recognizing that many of my subconscious actions and patterns of thought are intended to make amends for the wrongs that I've watched people commit throughout my life.

I unconsciously foresee and try to fix situations before they happen so that I don't leave the same impressions that they have left on me. It's an ongoing process to deeply understand that we are not responsible for the sins and mistakes that we haven't made. We are responsible for not duplicating them.

I am a living exercise in error correction.

3. To paint one's attitude with the thought that authentic expression is an unwanted imposition on others is a weakness of character. It's hidden behind a rationalized veil that meekness is a virtue. In reality, the person is scared of judgement or rejection. I've been this person.

We want to be shown examples of individual expression. We learn from them. We are guided by them, and they give us permission to express ourselves as well. It is healthy to act things out. The risk of action is the required sacrifice for becoming a guide or a leader to others.

You have the opportunity to instill people with a sense of awe and raise the collective standards when you stop hiding the best parts of yourself. I wish I had been shown this from an earlier age.

To show others through action is leaving your mark on them. It's becoming a guide, a leader without permission. You entice others to live to the standard you demonstrate. I've also been this person.

4. If you can get things moving, they begin to become malleable. As they become malleable, you can begin to shape and guide them. True for your body, your mind, and relationships. Dynamism is how you negotiate with your reality.

5. The ideas that make up “you” emerge first as the images, feelings, and associations that relate to your family. Often they are your earliest thoughts you have had. Not the thoughts you have about your family, it’s the structure of thoughts you have in relation to your family.

6. What are you? How do you answer that question without being completely reductionist or vapidly detached? I used to think I had the answer. What you are rests in your foundational values.

You are the principles and values you live by. They form your foundation and a life is built upon that foundation. But then the foundation began to fracture. 

Not in a traumatic way. On the contrary. When I sensed the foundation fracturing, it was revealed that my foundation of values and principles are modern structures. Below the crack in the foundation resides something deeper. Like the catacombs resting under a modern city, there is a complex and sophisticated world underneath my foundation that I am just beginning to sort through.

Down through the foundation I go, into the vault that sits below it. I don’t know how expansive this place is yet, though I understand it to be a living capsule of memories, experiences, traumas, and elations that are parts of me. It is a place where the myths that make up my psyche reside. This place carries all the things that a soul collects over the years, including the images and feelings and states of being that words have not been given to. It is the place is where my Titans reside. The things here are primordial, having no personality.

Learning to communicate with the Titans of the soul is how we add definition to the archetypal relationships as they relate to our lives. The relationships you have to archetypal models are subconsciously explored, and only emerge in the conscious mind as a photo negative. The task is to invert the negatives that are produced while communicating with the Titans of the soul. By making the inversion, the accurate image of the individual myth comes to life and can be juxtaposed against archetypal ideals.

Once able to see in this manner, I realized that the events and experiences of my life does not always match with the archetypes that have been imprinted in my psyche. These individual deficiencies or misalignments between our lives and the archetypal ideals cause our unconscious minds to become fixated, resulting in the thoughts of conscious mind to be colored by these blind ruminations. Our operating reality becomes saturated by the areas of our experience that are misaligned to the proper archetypal models.

The points of fixation or misalignment are not a defect of life, but provide us with a task and a purpose (maybe one of many). The purpose is to sacrifice ourselves to these misalignments and begin the process of correcting them. How we do this defines our myth. It becomes the story of our life. We are meant to hold up our end of the bargain with the Titans of the soul: Correct the areas of our lives that are not coinciding with the healthy archetypal models that the legacy of humanity has imprinted on us.

What are you? Right now, I am the torch bearer.

7. You gain freedom as you become comfortable separating the way you are from the need to explain yourself. A person that knows their place, is comfortable, and approaches their lives with humility does not need to explain their actions. As if the explanation would be accurate or even make sense to others.

People do battle within themselves, stirring up unconscious conflict that ripples through their conscious lives as anxiety or anger or resentment. Their conscious mind is searching for a reason, an explanation of why things are the way they are. Instead, people should be exploring. “Meditators” understand the first step of this process, but stop too soon. They search for peace thru silence and stillness. Yes these are important, but can also cause you to become numb.

Stillness is an important state to attain, but only in that it allows you to bridge the mind from your conscious stream of thoughts into the subconscious environment that influences your thoughts and actions. Exploration is deeper than meditation. Intimations of your subconscious environment percolate into the active mind’s eye. It’s here that ‘you-the active observer’ have access to ‘you-the soul in your body’. Inside this window, reason, judgement, explanation or understanding are unnecessary, perhaps even futile. It’s like trying to explain a dream while you’re in it.

This is a place to explore and find the things you are made of. You can observe the areas that need attention or correction. Here is the catch. You cannot correct things while playing inside your mind. If you attempt it, the correction instantaneously becomes a rationalization. That’s not to say that your areas of internal conflict cannot be corrected. The correction must be made in reality. You have to act it out. Your actions will determine how you deal with the friction in your mind.

Freedom is an alignment of how you are with what you do. If you haven’t placed yourself internally in the myth of your own life, then your actions can seem like a scattershot. It’s not bad, but there’s a higher level of integration that you still have the potential to realize.

Potent Quotes

1. "Strength is paradoxical. I am not strong because I can force others to do what I wish as a result of my play with them, but because I can allow them to do what they wish in the course of my play with them." — James Carse

2. "The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." — Joseph Campbell

Questions that Liberate

How do you find the way without a guide? You must become the guide.

Are there any ideas that have been thematic to your life and wouldn’t translate well to many others?

Offering for the Rock Gods

Rock and Roll may be down, but it's not out. Here are some offerings to the Rock Gods in the hopes that this profound art makes a strong resurgence:

Reckoner (Live) by Radiohead

My Hero by Foo Fighters

Sour Girl by Stone Temple Pilots

The Piano Has Been Drinking by Tom Waits

Have A Cigar by Pink Floyd
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