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August 31, 2020

New ideas and perspectives

This weeks Ideas:

1. Cain killed Abel, and mankind descended from the murderous brother who made insufficient sacrifices. However, in killing his brother, Cain infused the memory of Abel’s ideal into mankind. Perhaps Abel’s death forced his life into an abstraction that we carry with us.

2. An important attribute of the future is that it is intrinsically connected to the time preceding it. If you are observant of the present, you can recognize the primordial future because it exists now.

3. And one day it will go away. But reality will already have been touched by it, and that’s a very tough pill to swallow.

4. Many people are not familiar with how it feels to talk freely. And some that are remain unfamiliar with the tact required to navigate the freedom. This has nothing to do with rights, but rather the permissions and responsibilities we allow ourselves.

5. Isn’t it something to be able to spin a tale over the course of a few sentences? To lift the listener gingerly from their resting place, aloft, and place them back down, right where you found them, leaving no trace of movement except the fractional jolt the mind defects as it breaks from a trance.

The listener will enjoy the warmth of a moment that is felt when one thinks “wasn’t that a nice little ride I was on?”

A daydream induction catalyzed by the rhythm of spoken word, strung in such a way that it were not apparent the listener were on a miniature quest, and realized only once he had the presence of mind to connect the dots looking backward.

6. I see communication as a tool for connection and exploration. Others view it as a tool for profit or gain. I can’t say that either is better, and there are other uses I am missing here, but that seems like the end to which I am pulled toward. 

It may be a matter of expansion and compression. I’m inclined to believe that words are more suited to be and expansive method of expression. Others may feel that they are more well suited toward compression, defining, pulling the concrete from the nebulous.

7. Unmotivated.

The concept of motivation to action is a clever tactic of the mind that extends the likelihood that you will remain at rest. It’s a ploy from your subconscious to conserve energy. Motivation is the comfortable lie of an anxious, rationalizing, thinking mind. Feeling unmotivated or requiring motivation is often a signal that you are mentally or physically anxious. We would rather not associate with that anxiety so instead we opt for lack of motivation as our reason for inaction.

Motivation is used as a false concept. What we truly need is to move on thoughts or ideas as they enter our minds. Our minds are generating options for us constantly, but we ignore them or ruminate, or wait for motivation because we’d rather anxiously conserve our energy. The solution is to act on a thought immediately, before the thinking mind has a chance to rationalize you into a state of energy conservation.

Writers and musicians are familiar with this type of practice. When the idea catches them, they rush to write it down and record it immediately, or else it will be lost. (If not lost, very hard to retrace) These people aren’t looking for motivation. Motivation doesn’t even register. It goes right from mind to action, from abstract to physical, from imagined to real.

Motivation should not be the thing we focus on to take action. Instead we should focus on being an interactive audience to our mind. Notice the thought to take action, to make something better, to try something new and start on it immediately. Birth it from your mind into reality. Make it real.


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