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April 20, 2020

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Links to Expand the Mind

1. Builders Wanted. The opinions are divided on this article, but I don't think that matters much. The idea that we need to start building our new future has been injected into the collective unconscious. People are remembering their agency, and this article woke them up to the task of building their vision.

2. Self-Autonomy & Reciprocity. It's not the American style to sit back and take orders from authority. We are an autonomous citizenry and it's time we start acting that way. I'm not talking about coronavirus, there is a larger shift that needs to occur. Let's start with the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Let's start there and build our process from that foundation.

Passing Thoughts & Ideas

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1. We slowly, without notice, drift toward criticism. Things that need correction stand out. The bad takes, blind spots, poor thinking, the signals of intelligence and virtue. Always a battle to win in an arbitrary war of effectiveness or whatever truth currently inhabits your mind.

Criticism is needed. Faults must be known. This is how we correct against undue pain. We must be careful about how we wield criticism. It becomes corrosive to the individual that criticizes without building something better.

For those that are too egotistical or closed or stupid to accept criticism and build from it, pay no attention to their actions and ideas. Stagnation does not deserve audience. If they change and move toward acceptance, engage fruitfully.

As our cognition drifts toward the comfort of criticism we simultaneously forget that we are meant to be builders and makers. We are meant to be a better example of how to live, act, and think than that which we criticize.

2. It's a curious thing that when you ask questions of yourself, with genuine interest, the answers emerge, as if from nowhere. It's easy to be distracted by rhetoric, but when done seriously, you can peel away defenses layer by layer. You must be willing to hear what comes.

3. There's an idea that colors my thoughts. The idea of completeness. That some day the project will be done and there is no obligation to do anything except what comes by natural choice. It is the point where all obligation has been fulfilled and nothing comes to enter the queue.

In truth, the idea of completeness is a deception that I have not been able to part ways with. My initial thought is that 'nothing is ever complete', but I now believe this to be a shallow way of thinking of completeness.

Completeness is an idea embedded in our minds by the context, or society that we exist in. The default mode of thinking will have us believe: 'The collective strives for progress and we should reflect that as individuals.'

We are conditioned to seek growth and accumulation, as if we were reduced to an economic equivalency. There is always a better place to be, a way of being more complete, and if you can get to that place faster than others, you win the "prize" and get to lord it over the rest.

No, this is a deception. Not because things can never be complete, but because the individual has always been complete. Or rather, the potential to be complete has always been available to the individual at anytime.

It is our context that forces the mask over our faces instead of remembering who we are. The things we strive for, and the notion of striving are not intrinsically corrupt. We need homes and livelihoods and relationships. But the collective is not you. The context is not you.

Completeness will never arrive if we seek it from every angle outside ourselves. You and I are already complete, and that is the place from which we should act from. Remembering that our birthright of individuality is paramount. All that we do flows outward from that place.

Potent Quotes

1. “... as though “the Truth” were such an innocent and incompetent creature as to require protectors.” — Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

2. "Unresolved thoughts, prematurely pushed out of the mind, pile up in an internal landfill - which eventually pokes out of the subconscious and manifests as chronic, nonspecific anxiety." — Naval Ravikant

3. “These people don’t see that if you encourage totalitarian methods, the time may come when they will be used against you instead of for you.” ― George Orwell

4. "We know what we are, but not what we may be." — William Shakespeare

Questions that Liberate

What future are you building?

Offering for the Rock Gods

Rock and Roll may be down, but it's not out. Here are some offerings to the Rock Gods in the hopes that this profound art makes a strong resurgence:

I Contain Multitudes by Bob Dylan

River Cross by Pearl Jam

You Don't Know How It Feels by Tom Petty

Don't Look Now by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Drive by Incubus
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