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May 18, 2020

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Links to Expand the Mind

1. No links this week, but I do pose a challenge to those that are willing to take me up on it. Write about the theme of ideas that have been directing your actions lately. Write for yourself and share only if you feel inclined to do so.

Now question where these ideas came from. Are they yours?

Passing Thoughts & Ideas

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1. Be mindful of the script that has been placed in your hands, for you may not realize that you’ve been reading from it all this time.

2. Even as adults we build imaginary worlds to live in and fill them with all the things we are conditioned to think and care about. As we wrap these worlds around us, the shades are drawn to what is real and we fall enamored with our creations. Where is the humility to object?

3. There’s a world of difference between moving your body with intention and moving to go thru the motions or just get thru a workout.

Let me rephrase this: Your world is different when you move your body with intention than when you move your body to go thru the motions of an exercise. Intention and conviction are ideas that people view with cynicism, but can be applied across your life, and to your benefit.

People are often insecure in trying hard because it shows vulnerability and they risk appearing foolish if things don’t go right.

When you risk foolishness, it opens you to insight, and eventually mastery. You can see someone who is well travelled down that path. Their movements have intelligence. I’ve seen it in musicians, craftsmen, technicians, and martial artists. Their actions are deliberate.

4. Over the past few months I've been watching different types of soft tissue work, massage therapy, chiropractics, mobility exercises, etc; Some traditional methods, some modern. While none are perfect in explaining the human body, there are recognizable patterns:
  1. Past falls, injuries, accidents, and other traumas to the body require attention even after the initial pain and soreness have subsided. The rest of the body has compensated for the weakness so that the pain goes away, but the root of the issue still remains.
  2. The positive effect of exercise and movement is limited if you aren't breathing correctly. Breathing through a movement, or better yet, in resonance with movement will help ensure that blood and oxygen are making their way to the areas of the body that need it.
  3. Knotted, tight muscles need to be moved and relaxed for the body to self-correct. Massage gets blood flowing to the right area around the knot, which should not be treated in isolation. Introducing motion to the area "reminds" the body how to accept the signal from the brain.
  4. The signals to the body start at the head, work their way down the spine and out toward the extremities. To fix a pain in an extremity it will have to be tracked back to the spine. Your body is more connected than you think.
  5. You lose strength and range of motion when the message from the brain to the muscle is lost along the way. Motion must be reintroduced to an area before it becomes strong again. Motion can be reintroduced from manipulation of the weak area.
  6. Your psychology will determine the ability and mobility of your body. Psychological trauma manifests itself in the body. The deep relationship between mind and body allows each to help solve the issues of the other.
  7. You generate and run on the chemical and electrical signals in the body. Mobility, massage therapy, even martial arts are intended to allow the body to react properly to these signals.
5. Conversations start in an area of common knowledge, on some plane where both people share awareness of the topic. If you’re going to introduce a unique perspective you must work the conversation up to it. If everyone is just learning addition you can’t go straight to calculus.

A conversation that starts at the place of common knowledge has a low frequency. To jump the resonance you can introduce something jarring like a fanatical idea or a lucid question, and then work it back down the level just above the frequency you were at previously.

Pique interest, pique curiosity, give allure to the plane of ideas that reside at a higher resonance. People need to be loosened up to the ideas and perspectives that aren’t common, even their own.

I think most people reside in the area of common knowledge their whole life. But what I want to know about people are the things that aren’t common. I want to know the things that work for one individual and can’t be generalized or replicated.

Conversation, when done with the right intent, can give people a kick into the moments where they realize and reveal their n=1 experience. Where is your cultural or psychological mutation? Where is the anti-meme? At what point does the generalized pattern not hold true?

A good question for the conversations we should aim to have: What are the ideas I can explore with you that I wouldn’t be able to with anyone else in the world?

6. We’ve spent time away from one another. We’ve haven’t had to round our rough edges as much. And so we’ve become more of ourselves during this time. The the weight we had given to the opinions and expectations of others has lessened. Lack of obligation has changed you.

Expect internal conflict to pop up as we begin to open up our society. You may have to blunt parts of you that grew sharp.

Potent Quotes

1. “Day after day they use their minds to stir up trouble; they become boastful, sneaky, secretive. They are consumed with anxiety over trivial matters but remain arrogantly oblivious to the things truly worth fearing.” — Zhuangzi

2. "Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else." — Leonardo Da Vinci

Questions that Liberate

What are the ideas I can explore with you that I wouldn’t be able to with anyone else in the world?

Offering for the Rock Gods

Rock and Roll may be down, but it's not out. Here are some offerings to the Rock Gods in the hopes that this profound art makes a strong resurgence:

Yer So Bad by Tom Petty

Hurry Down Doomsday by Elvis Costello

Bad (Live Aid 1985) by U2

Thank You (Cover) by Chris Cornell

Ten Years Gone by Led Zeppelin

Is This Love by Bob Marley
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