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July 27, 2020

New ideas and perspectives

This weeks Ideas:

1. The Catastrophe of Willful Blindness

There has always been a flood coming. It’s impossible to see or predict. The right thing to do is to keep yourself healthy across all the different aspects of your life. Become the person that can weather the storm.

Even that may not be enough, but it’s better than being the type of person that loses themselves at the first sign of difficultly.

Why should you stay fit, eat right, have savings, work through emotions, and consult with your own thoughts? Because they leave you less vulnerable than you would be otherwise. Health, self-reliance, and faith are not badges to display. They are a means to fortifying oneself.

People think they know the flood that’s coming. They think they are “tuned in” to the future. The opposite is true, it will come from your blind spots. Something you weren’t even aware of. Or more aptly put, something you were willfully blind to.

2. You can cycle thru diets, exercise programs, and trainers, but they are short term modifications to your life. They work, but become a crutch. The alternative is to integrate food and movement to a deeper part of your mind and become reliant on yourself for long term health.

It’s almost counter intuitive, but the approach that resonates with me most is to follow intuitive curiosity instead of treating your body as a problem to solve.

We stay fit so we can be useful to ourselves first and others second. An able body facilitates an able mind. We can subconsciously remove a level of wholistic doubt from our lives when we know our bodies and minds are dependable.

3. Honoring Our Old Stories

The modern culture of people seeking their own answers about health seem to still be at a very early level of understanding. That's not to say this level of understanding isn't complex or that following conventional methods is better. These are the types of things this culture of people are learning:

  • Breathing

  • Walking

  • Eating/diet/chewing

  • Movement

  • Being in nature/sunlight

I am one of these people, and it feels like I am infant fumbling around with learning these things. It's as if we understand there is a complexity to these things, but we are collectively just starting to rediscover the methods that will ultimately bring us to higher levels of expression. We are uncovering ancient wisdom and relearning how to implement it. It feels like we are at the stage of a child that has found his grandfather's old journal after he has passed and now we are learning to decipher it without his guidance.

What potential do we unlock collectively when people have a deep understanding of breathing and movement and food? What is the next layer that sits on top of these fundamental areas of being human?

I think it’s undeniable that we’re moving into a new era. It’s been creeping into the common conscious for years, but now it’s apparent. The world we are living in is not like it was. Too much has changed. New stories are pushing out the old at an accelerating pace. It’s a bit like moving thru Willy Wonka’s tunnel of terror. But there are a significant number of people interested in keeping the Old Stories alive. I mean very old stories.

We continue to explore things like the breathe, walking, food, sunlight, and movement because these old stories are foundational. Any new stories built without the foundation of the old stories are bound to be twisted and false. We’re reforming the way people live. We’re acting out the prologue of the new story. But in order for us to move forward we must look backward and make sure our new constructions are compatible with the foundations we are building on.

4. Coming Off Auto-Pilot

I’ve been on autopilot for too long. It’s time to shape the path and not be shaped by it. Even knowing this, I still feel resistance.

Had a good chat with a couple friends about a week or so ago. They were helping me work thru some thoughts and had some good insights that were also true. I noticed something about myself in that each time an uncomfortable truth was suggested my gut reaction was to negate it. I had to actively resist my impulse to deflect so that I could listen to truly helpful perspectives.

The most blaring truth that I didn’t want to be right: I lack concrete vision.

I’ve spent a lot of time building an arsenal to contend with the world, but no larger vision on how to lead a path with it. It’s funny that resistance doesn’t feel like resistance until you’re aware of it. Until you notice how automatic your own avoidance was, or still is, it simply feels natural.

Talking things out is important even if you have to fumble around without a central point for a while. Eventually you get to the source of tension or resistance, but you may have to “Trojan horse” your way there. You may even still avoid areas of resistance or tension, but once you see them you can’t unsee them. It’s good because now you know. It’s bad because... well, know you know. And you know you have to do something about it.

5. Suspend Enlightenment to Save the West.

Perhaps we're not in a time that needs focused sense making, but rather a time that opens us up to optimistic speculation. Enlightenment values like reason and logic lend themselves to sense making. These values sit at the core of our scientific perspective which has been one of the most powerful forces of the western ethos.

The scientific mode of thinking has been so powerful for so long that it is engrained into how society thinks. We force a model of explanation and prediction onto our apparatus for experiencing the world. Reason and logic become ubiquitous and also fatigued from overuse. Reason and logic applied in their fatigued state become rationalization. Explanations without substance.

What do you do when one of the most powerful tools you have as a civilization (science & scientific thinking) stagnates? I'm going to make a radical suggestion: What if in order to save Enlightenment values we must be willing to part with them for a short time? What if we embraced an ethos in which we did not try to ground our actions in rational, logical explanation, and instead set our sights on painting elevated new visions?

To move forward we may have to leave our most powerful tools at the wayside and free our stagnated outlooks. It's a leap of faith.

6. What a gift it is to know people that are open to honest conversation. You don’t have to worry about saying the right thing or positioning yourself against a comeback. Everyone accepts a high level of vulnerability and demonstrates competent strength by not being exploitive.

7. It’s been trying to make a comeback for years, but I think we will see the second wave of energy flowing into a narrative about our place in the heavens.

It’ll return in the form of rocketry (which has become obvious), but also about planetary myth, the nature of space, affects on humanity. We’re looking for a new mystical omnipotence, and space checks the boxes if it can expand beyond the scientific association.

“Awe” is what we need.

8. There is phrase which I think are very important without a reason why. When you hear it you know:

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

9. There are times when you want to sternly tell someone that their focus on the superficial narrative is damaging. Their natural response might be “well, what should I be focusing on?” And therein lies the problem. Grown adults should not have to be told what matters.

10. On the Level.

Keeping a group dynamic "on the level" is an outstanding feat, and one of those things that you feel special to have in your life. I feel like most people are dealing with egos, politics, hierarchy, and disengagement when part of a group, even among friends.

To navigate a group activity without those traps of human nature is something special. It's not something that happens by accident, but by carefully communicating, adding tempered stress, coaxing, and guiding attitudes away from negative thoughts.

I love doing it and I love being a part of it. I wish more people could experience the encouragement one gets from a group with the right mentality.


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