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August 3, 2020

New ideas and perspectives

This weeks Ideas:

1. A mind void of thought can feel full. I've talked with people void of any true thoughts. All they do is recount and remember what has entered their head. An endless loop of absorb and regurgitate. They function fine, but are not adding their will to their own experience.

2. If you offer any presence to the day it reveals natural demarcations that span an earthy rotation. Morning stillness with the rising sun, dogged toil at noon, late afternoon rest, early evening frenzy, and late night mystical delusion. Daily energy bears these states naturally.

They’re not something to be remembered. Rather something to be lived in, experienced. Be full with these states, but not necessarily mindful.

3. There is a vast swath of people that are terrible at integrating their emotions in a healthy way. It’s an issue across age, political stance, etc. and underlies so much of the issues in public discourse. An over-rational mind has trouble with our non-rational experiences.

4. Spiritual strength is most acutely grasped through movement.

5. Bountiful Reflective Spirit

As summer wanes the fall harvest begins to propagate my mind. What is the metaphorical yield of the last few months? I’ve come to notice that I’ve been lax on tuning into my own thoughts. A practice that I had previously become accustomed to, but haven’t been consistent with. I had shifted to reading and riffing on thoughts from external sources. Recognizing this shift, I find myself being pulled back to more familiar grounds, my individual cognitive landscape. Some months ago I was in search of a breakthrough in thinking, and now it feels that I am more prepared for a transcendence along the path of individual sophistication.

Looking inward again, I came back to a familiar thought to many: I am grateful for the people in my life. Family, friends, coworkers, etc. I’m grateful for all of the obvious reasons that anyone would be. But more than that I am grateful that they act as a reflection for who I am. I often feel that I am blind to the outward interpretation that people have regarding the inner thoughts that I share openly. The person that I become when writing and publishing ideas inhabits a different state of mind from the person I am in a less isolated environment, and so I cannot always get a good “read” on how the ideas will come across.

It has taken me a while to realize, but the people around me are excellent indicators of the energy and vibe that I emanate outward through the reflection of their energy back onto me. I share my health with them, and they share their’s with me. I share my openness with them, and them with me. I acknowledge them and they acknowledge me.

I fear that some of the things I share will miss the mark. I’ve watched the story of arrogance play out and I worry that it may creep in under my nose when I’m not paying attention. This fear comes from a place of insecurity that almost everyone experiences. I contend with that feeling often, and I am thankful to find myself pulling past it more consistently over the last couple years.

Beyond that fear and insecurity stands a great bounty. The mutual acknowledgement of energy and mentality, a great spirit, strengthens the tribe that surrounds each individual. It gives me faith that I am doing good in my small corner of the world. That’s a reason to be grateful.

The questions that nags me as I simultaneously avoid it is: Can my experience of benevolent, reflective spirit be expanded? If there is one thing lacking on a collective scale it is the strength of individual spirit that comes from acceptance, contribution, and acknowledgement. Too many lack the benevolent spirit that exists from these healthy, reflective relationships.

What is the message that might expand this experience and have others share this individualized version of spiritual bounty?

Do Good things for yourself and the people around you will reflect it back onto you. My emphasis is on Good in the truest sense of the word. Honor yourself as a noble human being by staying away from toxicity, self-defeatism, sabotage, and dismal people. When adopting this message, the decisions that you have to make about your life will become clearer, but are often more difficult to carry out. I know they are for me. Aim high and lead others as they will also lead you.


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