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June, 1 2020

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A note to readers: I expect these emails will be less regular over the summer months. I've been exploring many of new things lately that don't necessarily fit this format, and I also want to spend more time actively learning and spending more time with my friends and family. I'll still be on twitter and publishing thoughts to my site. If you ever want to get deeper into anything I've shared, I welcome your conversation. 

Links to Expand the Mind

1. Risk Lives with Us. We are finite, residing somewhere on the timeline between birth and death. We can never know where exactly we sit, or where the ones we love sit. Chaos breeds uncertainty, and until recently chaos seems to be quelled. But we are learning that it has been with us the whole time, we just chose to not see it. Now is a time to live. Live and enjoy, for we know not when the light will be extinguished.

Passing Thoughts & Ideas

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1. If your body is not prepared to accept the direction of the mind, action will not be sustained. Likewise, if your mind is not ready to accept signals from the body, progress will be stunted.

2. I enjoy seeing people get better at things and doing things they didn’t know they could do. We should celebrate this. I’m here to facilitate more of this.

Vision rarely comes to us as a grand plan. More commonly we have small intimations of how things can be better. Vision is playfulness and encouragement for adults.

It's not something to be explained, or necessarily focused on. It's letting go, and acting it out. It's looking only one step ahead of you and taking the leap without reservation. Continuously linking these small leaps together without looking down to see where they land.

I've seen friends fall out of time, playing music that they hadn't known they could create. The vision happens without force.

How do you assist people to do things they didn't know they could? Entrance them. Work them from a material state to a spiritual state. Not as a manipulation, but as an elevation. Music entrances, singing entrances, movement entrances. Then, give the space and freedom to play.

We're so afraid of letting the influence of others take up residence in our minds that we forget that this is part of our humanity. Amazing things can happen when you allow yourself to move with the spirit of a benevolent group.

Of course there is the dark side to this. The mob. The angry, bitter, vengeful masses. The disintegrated spirit is to be avoided.

3. All the explanations about how we’ve out-thought the straw men and jockeyed our own perspectives to the top of the heap are becoming dull. I used to like reading these ideas because they buttress an intellectual scaffolding. They now seem petty. Perhaps I’ve changed.

There are many ways to revel in our experiences and words, while crucial, can’t open the world beyond linguistics. Or maybe we’ve linked words too close to our thoughts. Words can create worlds beyond rationalization. 

I think I’ve stopped trying to get somewhere, at least for the time being. It feels like I’m enriching the territory I’ve claimed.

4. What a loss it is to engage in the frames that are not your own. Agency is sacrificed to make a point. Although, the Call may beckon you to an arena you’d rather not be a part of. How does one know which call to answer? It’s a matter of knowing what most personally pains you.

5. Motivation is only required for the things you are not truly interested in doing. Motivation is a temporary trick played on our mind.

6. Reason and rationality used to be my best friends. I could wield them with a quick whit any they’d be potent. While still useful, I no longer find myself inclined toward them. I’ve grown comfortable without having to explain things. I’ve gotten more keen on the energy and feel.

People are naturally irrational, and are conditioned to rationalize. I’ve gotten better at accepting, even embracing irrationally and inconsistency. Most people are okay with not having proof explaining why they do and think the things they do, but deceive themselves into believing otherwise. They have to prove themselves logical to others. It’s seems like an ingroup thing.

But it’s a rather boring way to exist. To constantly explain yourself to yourself and then again to others. People give credence to the reason, as a way to hedge the belief. The belief is actually the thing that matters.

7. At the heart of great communication is natural reaction. Natural reaction doesn't equate to a knee jerk reaction or a jump to conclusion, but rather a reaction that is tempered and appropriate to the situation. What flows with the natural order of things.

Think of natural reaction as the response we express to progress the drama of the conversation. It moves the plot forward. To understand and implement natural reaction, one must be familiar with different strata of communication that simultaneously occur in a conversation: Context, meaning, energy, negotiation. 

By getting a read on these elements you can form a model for the appropriate trajectory of the conversation. Ask, where is this trying to get to? You will know instinctively before verbally. But having a model for the trajectory is not enough. One must also be listening to the conversation on two fronts. The first is listening to what is being said externally, the second is listening to the thoughts that come to you internally.

Natural reaction is built upon your ability to read the trajectory of the conversation while taking in the information of the conversation and then articulating the thoughts that come to you as close to their original form as possible.

8. One of the most important things I've learned over the last few years is how to get read on what is truly happening in conversations. "Why is this interaction occurring?". I've learned that people want to be heard and seen. The actual words matter very little.

9. There’s a universal principle that applies to the way our minds think and our bodies move. I think it has to do with patterns and resonance. Just as massage will help a frozen muscle to learn to move again, conversations can help a loosen your atrophied perspectives.

Mind and body will both move and resonate with the patterns they have been conditioned to. Improvement happens when new, beneficial patterns are introduced, but it’s rarely immediate.

Improvement cannot be forced in either domain. Telling yourself to “think positively” is about as useful as telling yourself to touch your toes without having attempted it for years.

Improvement doesn’t happen by decree, it happens by practice. Some will attempt to introduce a practice by willpower and discipline alone. While this works, I think it is a weak method. (Although externally it comes across as strong)

Lasting adoption of new patterns comes to us from a lower level on consciousness. Suggestion while under a trance is a powerful method for this to occur.

If we get ourselves in motion, whether it be with their mind or body or both simultaneously, we can play around with the introduction of new patterns. When done regularly we bring ourselves to resonate with those patterns.

Potent Quotes

1. "In the course of all the brooding and whining and demanding and blaming, all the lethargy and fantasy and denial and grievance, much of my mysterious, rich and only life had gone by without me noticing it."  — Michael Foley

2. “The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.” — GK Chesterton

3. "When was the last time you had a great conversation? A conversation that wasn't just two intersecting monologues, but when you overheard yourself saying things you never knew you knew, that you heard yourself receiving from somebody words that found places within you that you thought you had lost, and the sense of an eventive conversation that brought the two of you into a different plain and then forthly, a conversation that continued to sing afterwords for weeks in your mind? Conversations like that are food and drink for the soul." — John O'Donohue

Questions that Liberate

What is the thing that you avoid? What is most uncomfortable thing to face?

Offering for the Rock Gods

Rock and Roll may be down, but it's not out. Here are some offerings to the Rock Gods in the hopes that this profound art makes a strong resurgence:

May This Be Love by Jimi Hendrix

Mother Nature's Son by The Beatles

Father and Son by Cat Stevens

County Fair by Bruce Springsteen

Long Time Comin' by Bruce Springsteen
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